Saturday, March 31, 2007


Security of the Home

An Un-gated Townhouse Neighborhood

This community is in the heart of Richmond, Virginia, and it prides itself on its quality of living and the well-appointed homes that line the streets. Most of the homes are in the upscale brackets, from $600 thousand to over $1 million. They are targets for break-ins and opportunistic thieves that find an open back door.

Of the thousand or so homes in the area, at least a third are owned by those who do not keep guns, another third are multi-floor rental units that turn over rapidly, and the remaining third are defensive-minded owners who are well armed, the houses are alarmed, and they have dogs. There used to be a Neighborhood Watch patrol that operated from about 11 pm until 3 am, the period of greatest threat for robbery and assault. The Watch died a natural death as the statistics for crime in the area went down considerably over 2003-2006, from over 3,000 police reports in 03, to just under 1,000 reports in 06. (No one seems to notice that this still amounts to a crime per household per year!)

Last Saturday, two black men jumped out of their car, beat up two students of a group of three, robbed them, and sped away. This was right in front of my home. The students had to be hospitalized for brain injuries. Many years ago, my Mother was mugged in front of the house. My cars have been stolen twice in the seven years we have lived here. The window glass was maliciously broken out several times in my wife’s car. Some nut had it in for SUVs and walked down the street with a hammer breaking glass as he went. We dare not leave anything of value on the seat of our car; that is an invitation for thieves to break in. We have had our share of rapes, a murder, and break-ins on our block.

A few of us have increased our alarm capabilities, and purchased weapons to defend our families and homes from intruders. The problem is, weapons are useless when you are inside your home and are witnessing a crime on the street. You have no right to open fire on robbers that are not on your property and are not threatening you directly. So you call 911, and the expected happens. The police arrive 12 to 15 minutes later, after the criminals have left the scene. (In one case, however, they did arrive in force within a few minutes, and that was when my wife accidentally set off a vacationing neighbor’s alarm when she went to feed the cat at three in the afternoon!)

Our ground floor windows have attractive iron grillwork covering them. All of our windows have storms installed, and alarm sensors as well. Our main doors are double dead-bolted steel to prevent their being kicked down too rapidly for us to react. We have all-night lighting for the front and back of the house, and motion detectors to warn of intruders in the back yard, and inside the house too. So we live in a city in a fortress of sorts, with weapons at hand wherever we are, and two very loud yapping dogs to give the alarm. We do not stay out late at night without setting up additional lighting for the walk to our gate.

All of these steps are merely prudent, as far as I am concerned, as is the loaded 9mm under my pillow. You ask me to trust my fellow man, and I will, but I will also verify that he is trustworthy, prevent him from “accidentally” coming into my home, and take appropriate action if he does.


Friday, March 30, 2007



Their slim majority is not a mandate!

We need to examine the total push of Left-wingers in our Congress. They must be understood in order to tell the larger public why they should not be in office. I believe that many voters have voted Democratic thinking that it is the same old party that they have always supported. It is simply not true. The current Democrats are to the far Left of the old party, coming ever nearer to an open thrust for collectivism, socialism, or even communism. Once this is recognized, and the mask is lifted from the words of the Left, American citizens will vote them out, of this I am sure.

What do they stand for now? Philosophically, the Left is dedicated to several propositions:

1) Moral relativism, which tells them that the religion of a witch doctor is every bit as valid as Christianity, and one man’s licentious behavior is as worthy as another man’s virtue;

2) Atheism, which allows them to attack all aspects of Christianity in schools, public places and even in speeches;

3) Collectivism, which says: what you own should be divided equally between all citizens, thus reducing the wealthy to the lowest common denominator, and to do this by means of taxes on the wealthy;

4) Pacifism, which says that we must not fight wars of any kind, and to ensure this, they want to reduce our forces to the minimum, just as Clinton did by 30% during his tenure. We are suffering now in our necessary conflicts because of this utter stupidity;

5) Buy votes! The latest example of this tactic is the pork thrown congressmen’s way to buy their votes for the pullout from Iraq. But it is far more pervasive than this. They are offering citizens free medical care, free education through college for the poor, free housing for the poor, free meals, and free clothing, including the millions of illegals in the country. This is not altruism at all. They are buying votes in a crass manner;

6) The Democratic elites must run the country. I have not been able to compile a satisfactory list of these elites, but a good start is in my early archives. The average citizen neither knows who these people are, nor do they have a clear idea just how influential they have become, with tons of money and power as the main drivers. Does George Soros ring a bell? He owns the Democratic Party now.

7) The elites must run the world, too! Once they control the US, their idea is to form a world government that they control, perhaps around the shell of the UN. The world economy will then be in their hands, allowing them to become astronomically richer, and the rest of us poorer. The Democrats speak with forked tongue about this aspect of their plan for world domination. They present themselves as the party of the poor, but that is merely the tactic to gain control. Fat Cats like Ted Kennedy, George Soros, and Nancy Pelosi want to keep the poor as far from themselves as possible, especially if they succeed in gaining ultimate power. If you don’t believe this, try finding the Secular Humanist Manifesto 2000 on the net and read it carefully.

8) Attack, Attack, Attack! Use any and every excuse to create an issue that may harm the opposition. Accuse the opposition of lying, cheating, stealing, perfidy, moral degeneration, or whatever comes to mind. The media, which is Left also, will back you up; even when they know what you say is false. The current example is the furor over the firing of Assistant Attorneys for the Justice Department--a pure tempest in a teapot. Remember that Clinton fired 90-odd Attorneys;

9) Offer Nothing but Freebies. Offer no solutions to our major problems, no in-depth analysis of the consequences of what is being championed by the Left, and make no apologies for Leftist mistakes. Cover them up for a few days or weeks, and they will be forgotten, anyway. This way, there are no targets for criticism of the Left, except the one that they do not offer any solutions. Oh, they say, that is for the Administration to do!

10) Total Non-Discrimination. Maintaining a non-discrimination lifestytle is paramount over one's own life! They worship the God of Non-Discrimination, which leads to a reductio ad absurdem that you can't air your suspicions about a potential terrorist; it might hurt his feelings.

Look for these propositions to be set forth in ambiguous language when it comes to real problems, but crystal clear language when it comes to spending your tax dollars. If this is the fate you want for our country, then you are a socialist/communist too, and I want nothing to do with you. The sooner these people are fired out of office the better.


Wednesday, March 28, 2007



Word of the day

Definition: 1. a feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not.

Now where have I experienced this trait in people before? Oh yes! I remember now. Just about every Democratic politician in Congress has demonstrated hypocrisy just this week! Starting with the leaders, and going all the way down, they voted to force the withdrawal from Iraq on a schedule, and thus the surrender of the US effort to the insurgents. Took a RINO to put it over the top in the Senate—Chuck Hegel—I am happy he doesn’t represent my state.

They have swallowed their own stories, and now believe as one, so long as they get their pork out of the bill—some 20 Billion dollars’ worth! Since President Bush will definitely veto the bill, its real effect is delay funding for the armed forces while we are at war. How utterly hypocritical these so-called representatives of the people are.

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Iran in Our Sights

Seems Right to Me!

MOSCOW, March 27 (RIA Novosti) - Russian military intelligence services are reporting a flurry of activity by U.S. Armed Forces near Iran's borders, a high-ranking security source said Tuesday.

"The latest military intelligence data point to heightened U.S. military preparations for both an air and ground operation against Iran," the official said, adding that the Pentagon has probably not yet made a final decision as to when an attack will be launched.

He said the Pentagon is looking for a way to deliver a strike against Iran "that would enable the Americans to bring the country to its knees at minimal cost."

He also said the U.S. Naval presence in the Persian Gulf has for the first time in the past four years reached the level that existed shortly before the invasion of Iraq in March 2003.

Col.-Gen. Leonid Ivashov, vice president of the Academy of Geopolitical Sciences, said last week that the Pentagon is planning to deliver a massive air strike on Iran's military infrastructure in the near future.

A new U.S. carrier battle group has been dispatched to the Gulf.

The USS John C. Stennis, with a crew of 3,200 and around 80 fixed-wing aircraft, including F/A-18 Hornet and Superhornet fighter-bombers, eight support ships and four nuclear submarines are heading for the Gulf, where a similar group led by the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower has been deployed since December 2006.

The U.S. is also sending Patriot anti-missile systems to the region.


Monday, March 26, 2007


Indulgences by Gore

Hypocricy knows no bounds

A "carbon offset" is a pure gimmick. Gore uses his own company to allow him to state that he has bought offsets for his lavish use of carbon. What this means is that he has set the price for his offsets himself, which probably amounts to some boy planting a tree in the Gobi Desert sand for $1.95 per 1,000 “offsets.” This makes Gore pure as crystal for a few bucks? Unbelievable!

Indulgences of the real kind would set Gore back about $100,000 a year. I seriously doubt that he has put out that kind of money for a gimmick.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007


A Few More Idiocies


Demagoguery has reached a new high in America with the crusade of Algore to help place us under an international authority to control carbon emissions, and to drastically cut our domestic output in the name of carbon neutrality. This demented soul, who was once Vice-President of the United States, has become a Farce, Class One. He is to be pitied.

The Iranians

We have 15 Brit sailors captured by the Iranians on the high seas, which in other times would be cause for war. We have attacks on US and Iraqi soldiers from across the Iranian/Iraqi border, followed by Iranian shelling of our disengaging troops for miles inside Iraq. As said earlier here, this summer is shaping up to a confrontation with Iran, about eight months ahead of time, by my guess.

As also predicted, more troops have been asked for, this time about 3,000. Do this for eight months in a row and a whole new division of 24,000 troops will be in Iraq to “support” the 21,000 or so of the initial surge. As the war fever rises, we will pour another 100,000 to 200,000 ground troops into the area over November-February.

There are only a few ways to reduce the strain on our troop levels. The most obvious is a draft, but that would have to be the result of a major Iranian misstep against us. Remember who sits in Congress—a majority of pacifists. Any prudent government would have us on a more sensible war footing now.

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Friday, March 23, 2007


The Existence of God

Three Key Ideas 3/23/07

There are three ideas that lead me to believe in the Prime Mover, the Great Architect, the Intelligent Designer, or, in other words, God. The first idea is that of the origin and existence of the Universe itself. Why the Universe? Why do Man and Life exist in this Universe? How, and especially, why did all of this come about? What is the purpose of it all?

There are at least four choices for man:

1) To ignore these questions as being senseless and unknowable;

2) To seek answers to the origins of our cosmos through the sciences of physics, chemistry, astronomy, and mathematics, among others, with an objective mind, and, most likely, an atheistic heart;

3) To ascribe the origins and welfare of the Universe, and all in it, to God, and be done with mind-boggling, futile intellectual exercises; or,

4) To hedge one’s bets by believing in God, but really waiting around for someone, perhaps God Himself, to verify or deny the proposition by means of a well-demonstrated miracle or two.

I believe that we all have gone through one or more of these choices at one time or another, and finally settled down on a position to live with. The questions still lie there mocking us, however. Can it be otherwise than God the Creator?

The second idea is the concept of information-passing by each of the original elements of the Big Bang to their successors and to the ever heavier elements. By definition, the information passed must have included the laws of physics and chemistry, the things, relationships, and characteristics we observe in the Universe today, and a program to cause the evolutions observed.

There is in this concept the idea of the First Cause, the deterministic act that began the chain of events with the beginning of time and an indescribably vast information, matter, gravity, and energy release into a space for it all, which has resulted eventually, by way of the initial program, in the Universe as we know it.

What a glorious concept, quite worthy of an all-knowing God! Why, He might also diddle with the program from time to time to suit His purposes!

The third idea in this trilogy of God-directed concepts is that of information-passing by intelligent genes. Speciation is a poorly explained concept, especially by Darwinian evolution, however one wishes to “punctuate” it! Were the gene data and procedures to be passed along from the beginning, most likely embedded in the total information package matter was given, we have a theory of Life which is inherent in the elements in space, and which has the capability for re-replication as needed when conditions are correct.

The theory would require that certain physical conditions existed in the environment before life, especially intelligent life, would be triggered and genes would do their thing. It has been observed that there are some 21 very precise physical conditions in the Solar System and on earth that support our kind of life, and that if any one of them were to be changed even slightly, would either prevent our evolution or be our end. Are these the triggers of life? Does this not imply that there is a dominant but perhaps locally weak Universal determinism?

These three ideas--the existence of the Universe, Man and Life, matter as a carrier of the information of how the Universe would be formed and evolved, including the forming of intelligent life under the right conditions--lead me to believe in the existence of God.

How this plays with our Free Will may be simply God’s dispensation to give Man sufficient “elbow room,” which was built into us by God from the beginning. This elbow room allows Man to make most decisions on his own, despite the largely determined progression of the Universe around him.

That we are born with certain knowledge and instinctive behavior, and are not a tabula rasa as some believe, supports the idea of information-passing to the newborn at conception.

Physics and cosmology have seemingly reached a boundary where their theories, while beautiful and comprehensive, are not testable, and appear to me to be crashing against the limits of Man’s ability to verify them.

But then I cannot follow adequately the in-depth arguments of quantum theory, string theory, or the general theory of relativity. I can glean a basic understanding of the new developments in cosmology, but my mathematical skills have long ago atrophied, my inertia is now too great to overcome, and applying midnight oil to the problem no longer works as it did. Perhaps I am simply lazy now, I don’t know. My mind has led me this far, so it is leap of faith time, if I am to make any progress.

God exists for me, because any other answer is ridiculous to contemplate.

....and God said, “let there be light,” and there was light, and it was good.


Tuesday, March 20, 2007



A Hard Look at the definition!

Definition: One obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his own opinions and prejudices.

By this definition from my Webster’s, I must admit to being a bigot! I am obstinately devoted to certain opinions, such as Christianity, America, Conservatism, and a few dozen other propositions I outline in previous posts below.

Am I intolerantly devoted to them? I have a problem understanding this question. These propositions are at the core of my belief system, and I find any other belief propositions to be objectionable for me.

However, I practice a tolerant “live and let live” philosophy towards others until someone threatens to do violence to me and mine, my nation or my way of life by seriously challenging any of my beliefs. So, I am intolerant of those who would pull down or remake our society in their image of goodness (or badness!). I am intolerant of those who would inflict harm on me and mine, or perform a criminal act on us.

I am intolerant of terrorists and terrorism by whatever name you want to use. I am intolerant of “Freedom Fighters” that are fighting to reduce my freedoms. I am intolerant of sexual predators and perverts, and I am intolerant of those who would push their sexual differences in my face. To keep on in this vein, I find that I am intolerant of porn, hip hop, rap, heavy metal, and the whole scene that surrounds these cultural backwaters…or abominable plagues, if you will.

I find this kind of intolerance simply my cultural choices that I am free to make all by myself. I choose not to attend or listen to tripe, and I choose not to allow it in my home, ever.

Call me a bigot for this? OK, I am happy with my cultural choices, and I am obstinately holding onto them!


Friday, March 16, 2007


Guns and Gun Rights—Revisited

References: 2nd Amendment, and “Guns don’t shoot people, people shoot the guns.”

Now that we have a DC court decision recognizing the right of citizens to have and use guns in self-defense, we gun owners have a new protection line. This is welcome, but I am certain that this line of defense will be under massive attack just as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

So now I could live in DC with my small arsenal, and make use of it if the occasion arises. I already have that right here in Virginia, and even the right of concealed carry. It is also true that I can wear a gun visibly while on the street, except in a few locales, such as in the vicinity of a school, in restaurants where the owner has banned the practice, and in certain public buildings. Given that this is about how it should be, what may we do with these rights?

First, I am a strong advocate of gun safety, of keeping guns safe from accidental use by children and others, and of training owners in the use and safety practices they should know and abide by.

But I do have a few other practices I believe in as well, that are not for the newbie gun owner, nor for the family man with children.

Since I am elderly, and afraid of being defenseless when accosted in my home or on the street, I believe in being armed or having a weapon nearby virtually all the time.

A weapon is useless unless it is loaded and ready to shoot in seconds. My weapons are loaded and on safety.

A small caliber weapon is not useful for protection, although it just might scare some thugs away by its very presence. I have noted that in 1998 over three million crimes were thwarted by the victim producing a weapon, at which point the criminals ran. (The Seven Myths of Gun Control by Richard Poe, 2001)

What is needed, however, is something larger than a .32 – a 357, .38, 9 mm, or .45 would be far preferable. I have found the 9mm automatic to be just right for me, and it has considerable knockdown power and number of rounds available (13). I can handle it without discomfort, and I can shoot it reasonably accurately out to about 75-100 feet. (All bets are off after that!)

Then too, my carry weapon is also a 9mm, but smaller, shorter, and holds a few rounds less. This gun is accurate out to 50 feet for me, but my groups are rather wide at that range—about 9 or 10 inches—which is fine by me.

Do not even think about firing a warning shot. You will have lost the advantage by that, and stand to be hit yourself by your adversary. Do not shoot to wound in an arm or leg. You will probably miss, and again hand the initiative over to him. So if you decide to shoot, and that is a difficult decision, shoot at the bulk of the man you are aiming at.

If you keep guns around and intend to use them for defense, you must become totally informed about the laws in your locality and about the proclivities of the prosecutors as well, since many of them bring suit against the gun user on trivial charges, possibly to burnish their political image with the Left. This is a long and involved story that you should be aware of before the fact. It makes it hazardous to use a gun even in the most legal manner.

But, if you need to use your gun in a serious life or death situation, you have little choice.


Thursday, March 15, 2007


The Coming War With Iran

An Opening Shot This Summer?

Solly Ganor writes that his sources predict that Hisbollah will attack Israel again this Summer, as part of the continuing Islamic push to eradicate Israel, and weaken the United States.

There seems to be some slight recognition by the Dems that all is not mythical about the Islamic threat to our security. There is no real movement, however, because it would undermine their move towards power in 2008. Some of the lessening of the vitriol by the Dems can be attributed to a belated recognition of the facts about Islamic ambitions around the world. Facts that George Bush has been aware of and working on for years, but the Dems saw fit to deny in order to castigate the President.

In a perverse way, the Dems may well have caused many of the missteps of our Iraqi effort, by forcing the Administration to go around Robin Hood's Barn to get to the house. This is no way to support American objectives in a shooting war. I am ashamed of the Dems more than anything else!

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Howard Dean and His Ego

In an outrageous piece, Howard Dean has accused George Bush of losing the moral high ground in Iraq with "world leaders". He has been meeting with them, saying that when the power shifts to the dems, they will be ready to have far better relationships with these moral cowards. It figures! Why, it is far better to bury one's head in the sand and let things take their course, than to make a moral and honest attempt to fix the problem of Muslim aggression. This is yet another example of propaganda that daily bombards the nation, and it undoubtedly has a significant effect on those who thirst for a dem win, and on those who do not think for themselves.

The United States took the moral high ground some 4 years ago, and has not let it go. We are still making strides in pacifying Iraq, and trying to build a stable government with as much democracy as can be instilled in an Islamic nation in the short time since the fall of Saddam. We have expended lives and money far beyond what others have spent to rein in the Muslim fanatics, and I resent some punk from Carolina dissing this grandly conceived effort for political gain. It is the "world leaders" that have adopted a do-nothing, morally degenerate position, stemming from their military weakness, and fear of retribution from the millions of Muslims surrounding their principal cities. Eurasia is not a friend of the United States. Europe was.

We are on our own in stopping the Islamic tide.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


A Worldview

Reframing A Worldview -- A Work in Progress—3.14.07

God, Love, Freedom, Ethics and Morals, Human Rights, Family,
The United States of America, and The World. Anti-Worldview Ideas and Actions

God The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
The Ten Commandments, and other Bible Commands and Admonitions
Christian Ethics and Morals
Salvation Through Christ
Traditional Christianity: Faith, Hope, and Charity

Love of God and His Son
Love of Mankind
Love of Family
Love of Country
Love of Environment

Freedom of Worship
Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Assembly
Freedom of Movement
Freedom of Ownership

Ethics and Morals, Moral Imperatives
Traditions, Customs, Morals, Civilized Behavior
Foresight, Self-Exertion, Self-Discipline, Value Sensitiveness, Compassion, Fortitude
Justice: Security, Honesty, Impartiality, Proportionality, Equality
Avoid Evil, Seek the Good
Just Conflicts and Just Wars

Human Rights and the Law
Natural Law
The Law, Justice Under the Law, Trial by Jury
The Home is One’s Castle, Right of Self-defense, Right to Bear Arms
Right of Habeas Corpus, Equality Under the Law
No Discrimination Under the Law
Written Definition of Rights
Limits to Rights: Stop the Generation of "New Rights"

Marriage by a Man and a Woman
Making a Home
Earning a Living
Bringing Children Into the World,
Defending their Future
Raising and Educating Children as Americans (Without Interference From Government, as has been the recent trend)
Honoring the Family, the Extended Family, One’s Ancestors, and Heritage
Personal Responsibility
Duty to God and Country

The United States of America
A Republic under God
The Flag is a Symbol

Declaration of Independence
Pledge of Allegiance
Sovereign States
States' Rights
Representative Government
The Constitution
Bill of Rights
Freedom of Worship
Rule of Law
Property Rights
Free Trade
National Sovereignty
Inviolate Borders
Open Seas
Right of Self-Defense
Security within and without the Country
Strong Defense

The World

(To be developed)

Nation States: Land, Peoples, Resources, Climate, Levels of Development
Forms of Government: Free, Democratic, or Leftist, Despotic Nation States
Friendly Nation States, Enemy Nation States, Muslim Nation States, Conflicts, War
Anti-World Governance, Anti-UN, Treaty Organizations, Sovereignty of Nations, Foreign Aid Treaties, Conflict Resolution, Self Defense, Trade, World Health, Environment, Globalization


Anti-Worldview Trends

Relaxation of Moral Discipline
Daily Life: Foul Language, Pornography, Impolite Behavior, Aggression
Sexual Permissiveness, Early Exposure, Abortion on Demand
Marriage: Ease of Divorce, Living Together Instead
Children: No Education in Citizenship, Civility, Discipline, Morals, Basics
Gay Movement: In-Your–Face Demonstrations, Gay "Marriage", Gay "Rights"

Agenda for Secular Humanism, Socialism, Communism, “Progressivism”

Godless State, God is Taboo, Collectivism, Marxism, Leninism, Socialism
Elitist, Secular Government Without the Redeeming Underlying Qualities of Christian Morality
Moral Relativity as Opposed to Moral Absolutism
World Government, Loss of US Sovereignty
Destruction of Current Society in Order to Rebuild in the Humanistic (or other) Way
Attacks on Christianity: Removal of Symbols, Prayer in Schools, Ten Commandments

Breakdown in Education
Dumbed-Down Curricula, Hidden Tracks for the Gifted Elitist Recruits
Denying Students Learning: How to Think, Customs, Traditions, Morals
Denying Learning: Positive History of the US, Civics, Government of the US
Poor Education in Basics: Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, Languages
The Grip of the NEA

Declaration of War Against the US, Worldwide Terrorism (OBL), Afghanistan, Iraq
We are all Infidels (those who do not believe in and follow Muhammad)
Infidels can be robbed, beaten, killed, tortured, or worse
It is a War to the Death by Their Choosing
Virtually every conflict we have been in during the last twenty years is Muslim- based
That we have fought for Muslims three times is of no consequence—Jihad!, Iran?
There is No Backing Down: We Must Win
Deport Muslims, and prevent their entry
Fight Muslims abroad

Democratic Party
Now Far Left Wing, Socialist, Communist, Humanist, Elitist, Antithetical to US Ideals
Total lack of Comity and Rational Discourse
No Real, Solid Programs Originating From Them
Obstructionists of the First Degree
Selected a Traitor, Liar, and Self-Centered Candidate, from a Similar Bunch
Shocking Number of People Voted for Them! No More Moderates
They Must be Watched and Countered at Every Turn, Anti-Constitutionalism
Party Platform, Speeches are a Book of Lies; They Have no Intention of Living up to Them
Anti-Americanism is Rampant and Should be Countered
They Appear to Want the US to Lose in Iraq
Hillary Clinton Must be Defeated if She Runs (and she will!)

The United Nations
The UN is Factionalized into Four or Five Power Blocs
The Majority of UN Nations Use the UN to Denigrate the US.
The UN is Corrupt to the Core; Our Tax Dollars Line Many Corrupt Official's Pockets.
We Spend Too Much Money in the UN for What We get Out of it, and it Will get Worse
We Must Never Accede to Requiring UN Approval for Our Actions
We Must Never Relinquish Sovereignty at any level to the UN
Reform of the UN is an Illusion, a Very Dangerous Illusion
The UN is Nothing More Than a Biased Debate Society; its Usefulness is Marginal
We Do Not Need Yet Another Layer of Bureaucracy


Thursday, March 08, 2007


Thoughts on Conservatism

Thoughts on Conservatism (Version 2) 3/19/07

What is Conservatism Anyway?

To conserve, in my lexicon, is to preserve and protect, and one who conserves is a conservative and a protector. Brad Minor, in his Concise Conservative Encyclopedia, describes six basic beliefs of a conservative as:

1. Realism versus relativism.
2. Skepticism versus progressivism
3. Evolutionism versus constructivism
4. Federalism versus statism
5. Capitalism versus collectivism
6. Theism versus secularism

This is a handy and brief high level statement of conservative beliefs, and it is amplified somewhat in the Encyclopedia, but I find it necessary to translate these ideas into more direct and simple prescriptions for belief:

1. Government is the servant of the people, and it should not grow beyond that mission to include support for uncountable invented needs. Government is not the answer to all needs. Less government is good. We must conserve our independence and responsibility for our own welfare.
2. Our Constitution and its amendments must be adhered to as far as possible, and not be altered without proper cause. Thus we conserve our founding directions.
3. The Republic of the United States, while still seeking greater perfection, is the best and most free nation in the world to live in, bar none. We conservatives mean to keep it that way.
4. It is also true that the government has become massive and unwieldy, to the point that it must be pruned of its multitude of agencies(over 100!) and their regulations that often conflict with themselves.
5. All three branches of government need to be reformed to a certain extent to reflect the provisions of the Constitution, to stop judges from legislating from the bench, to stop the Congress from dwelling on reelection and power instead of legislation, and to stop the Administration from abuses of its power as well. We need to ratchet back to the concept of our republic and protect it from changes based on poorly thought out ideas.
6. Taxation can also be reformed to rid ourselves of the entire idea of progressive taxes, which are nothing less than theft by the government to fund their redistribution programs. A flat tax, perhaps supplemented by a sales tax, is preferable. That citizens are paid out of tax revenues if their income is below a certain amount is pure welfare-ism.
7. Patriotism is a virtue and a reaffirmation of our support for the nation. One feels it in the heart, or not at all.
8. We must not waste our time on America-Haters, except perhaps to isolate and observe them. That is, unless they commit sedition or treason.
9. We have many institutions, associations, and religious sects in America that are dedicated to the proposition that this nation must remain strong, free, and morally upright. These institutions represent the strength of the nation and must be conserved.
10. Those that would dismantle our institutions or our religions in favor of some progressive, collective, secular idea or another must be prevented from doing so. We must be mindful of the gradual, baloney-slice approach some groups, such as the ACLU, use to effect change in the wrong direction. We must conserve our republic and our institutions.
11. We have other institutions, associations, and religions in the nation that favor changing America into either some form of collective nightmare, or a theistic or Islamic stone age society. These kinds of institutions and religions must be watched and prevented from harming our citizens and our nation. We must conserve our nation from radical movements.
12. Wide ownership of private property by citizens is a cornerstone of the republic that must be conserved and protected.
13. To be strong means to maintain an armed forces that is top-ranked, well-armed, well trained, and sufficiently numerous to exercise our power when and where needed. Our military strength must be conserved.
14. We must not be afraid to use our power when it is morally right to do so. This includes preemptive use of our military if called for by the situation. We believe in just war.
15. To be strong economically means to continue to practice our free trade and capitalistic principles worldwide, but with care that we also bring our trading partners into greater prosperity as well. Enlightened self-interest is the proper capitalistic and conservative idea.
16. To be strong as a society means to use all of the moral suasion our people and institutions can practice, all of the law enforcement we have placed in service, and all of the leadership we possess to maintain our society in the right direction. The essence of conservatism is moral conviction, respect for the law and well vetted leadership.
17. Change is inevitable in this world, but we must not ourselves create changes that we cannot control or reverse if they become onerous or evil. Changes thrust upon us from without must be analyzed and coped with, and even fought off if necessary. It is a practical, conservative trait to be skeptical of radical changes. The Law of Unintended Consequences awaits the radical changer.
18. We must maintain our full sovereignty at all costs, since the world of nations is predominately amoral, fickle and unfavorable to us. There is no possible world democracy to be had for many years to come, if ever. We must conserve our sovereignty from UN and other internationalist attacks.
19. We must not let the threat of global warming to be used as a lever to force us to give up any part of our sovereignty. Hysteria is no substitute for good science, which we have not seen so far. It is a rational and conservative approach that winnows out bad science in favor of well-founded scientific recommendations, not the herd philosophy we see today that is trying to rush us into costly steps with truth-bending facts. Just who profits from a headlong rush to cure the so-called man-made problems of global warming? It isn’t the public.
20. Our nation has fostered religious freedom for all citizens, and has placed into law provisions to ensure this freedom is maintained. We must conserve this freedom so long as it does not threaten our society.
21. It is also true, however, that there are religions that are bent upon destroying our country, notably Islam. By holding this religious tenet of destruction, they forfeit all legal protections in the nation, and they should be deported, and also prevented from entering the nation in the first place. We must conserve the nation from such threats.
22. The strength of our nation rests ultimately on our citizens, and their perception of their duties and responsibilities to the nation, and to their self-reliance. We must be certain to educate and inculcate the values of America into our children, and into our legal immigrants. We must conserve our value systems.
23. Self-reliance is the virtue that allows equal opportunity for all citizens to be realized, and not equality of outcome. We must conserve equality of opportunity.
24. We must become far more selective in admitting immigrants. There must be a positive contribution to America on the part of a prospective immigrant.
25. Illegal immigrants must be sent back to their native lands. We must conserve our laws.
26. Illegal immigrants should not be allowed to participate in government services paid for by our citizens' taxes.
27. A temporary work program must be devised to allow migrant workers to come into the nation to work for a period, and then to ensure that they leave as scheduled.
28. Formal education should be organized to teach both practical subjects that give students the knowledge they need to live, work, and be good citizens, as well as the many subjects that promote their ability to think and analyze things for themselves. We must inculcate conservative values in our children.
29. The classical approach to learning that combines memorizing of worldwide factual information together with significant intellectual challenges to the students is superior to the more radical approaches that have crept into our schools, including abolition of the track system.
30. We must reconstitute and follow the American ethical and moral code that encompasses all citizens, of whatever faith, race, religion, or culture of origin.
31. Those who come to America must learn and follow our American Code of ethics and morals, or else be subject to deportation.
32. This code is Judeo-Christian morals, supplemented by civil laws, which have been operative in America since its inception, have been written into the laws of the land, and should not be changed to accommodate minorities. By this we conserve our moral heritage and our diverse culture.

I suppose these tenets would classify me as a traditionalist or paleo conservative, although my own term for it is Common Sense Conservatism.

One root for this entire conception of conservatism is that Man is imperfect and sinful; hence, he must be constrained from harming others by moral influences, codes of behavior, customs and traditions, the disapproval of others, and, finally, laws, law enforcement and military action.

A second root is, obviously, Judeo-Christianity, and the morals it teaches, applied to today.


Friday, March 02, 2007


The Joy of Listening to Great Trumpet Players

Clarinetists too!

My list of great trumpet players is not very long. I am sure that others have their favorites that I haven't identified, but I do enjoy the following players and have their CD's:

Harry James
Bobby Hackett
Winton Marsalis
Herb Alpert
Al Hirt
Maynard Ferguson
Miles Davis
Chet Baker
Louis Armstrong

My list of great clarinetists is shorter:

Benny Goodman
Pete Fountain
Sidney Bechet
Woody Herman
Artie Shaw
Acker Bilk

It is an indulgence in memories to replay the best of the best, but these musicians played happy music, which is something missing in today's world, I believe.


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