Tuesday, May 14, 2013



What is it that I fear? 051413

In an attempt to define my fears for the nation, I compiled this list of major actions that can alter our way of life, perhaps forever:

Significant tax increases.

Significant health care cost increases.

Government intrusions into the private sector.

Ignoring the threat from Islamic fundamentalists to our way of life.

The collectivist directions of the Obama administration.

Gutting of our military and capability to respond to threats.

Lying to the public by the administration, especially Obama.

Laxity of border security and administration indifference.

The "Fast and Furious" gun sting gone askew.

Amnesty for illegals now in the country.

Iraq turning away from the US.

Afghanistan never a US friend.

Iran still pursuing nuclear weapons.

Inexplicable prevention of oil exploration by the administration.

An enormous national debt now approaching $17 Trillion!

A continuing yearly deficit of$1.4 Trillion!

40 million people on food stamps.

The true unemployment figure of 12.5% (including those that have given up).

A firestorm of regulations is pouring out from the administration and its departments.

Many government sponsored business failures worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

Continued assaults on the Constitution from many directions.

Biased media that ensures the public will not get a true picture of events.

Growth of government power under Obama.

The sorry impact of government unions on our payrolls.

Progressive education of our children.

Gun control efforts.

Inappropriate, even criminal, actions by the IRS.

The Benghazi catastrophe and government cover up actions.

Four years without an approved budget.

Sequestration being handled to hurt the public.

Continued Quantative Easement actions that will lead to inflation.

Downgrade of US credit worthiness.

Significant efforts worldwide to remove the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, which will result in a major financial downfall in the nation.

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