Saturday, April 29, 2006


Dear President Bush

Time to get tough

Please stand up and support a comprehensive and fair immigration bill. A bill with provisions that:

1. Close the borders effectively to illegal entry.

2. Prosecute severely those who hire illegals.

3. Permits sufficient migrant workers to enter under control.

4. Permits sufficient permanent immigrants to enter under control.

5. Allows eventual citizenship to those who assimilate properly.

6. Allows all law officers to arrest and initiate deportation.

7. Sets up a deportation system under strict supervision.

8. Requires all aliens to register and be thoroughly identified.

9. Requires all aliens to report to a law agency every three months.

10.Deports any alien found not in compliance with the law.

Over a period of three to five years these provisions could materially reduce the problem of illegal immigration, if border control is initiated first.

Thank you

Friday, April 28, 2006


Spanish Star Spangled Banner?

This would be hilarious if it wasn't so symptomatic of Latino penetration of the US. But go ahead and sing it if it makes you feel good, friends: you will be singing alone. The National Anthem is written in English for Americans, not in Spanish for illegal or even legal immigrants. Get off the Spanish kick!

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Illegals "Go-Slow"

Just as the Africans did in colonial times, the Latin illegals are planning a "go-slow" day. Every Illegal and supporter is supposed to stay home, and to do business-related things in slow motion throughout the day on Monday.

Well and good for them, but they are blackmailing our people to get their way. This argues that they will do the same thing over and over until we give in.

I do not employ illegals, but many of the service companies that I do business with may well do so. I simply do not know.

But, henceforth, I am going to demand that only firms that do not employ illegals do any sort of work for me. I will ask for their assurance in writing. This is all I can do personally, but if everyone did the same, it might have a very significant impact.

Let me see, I employ the following types of firms:

HVAC Technicians
Generator Technicians
Building Contractors
Dry Wallers
Hod Carriers

Not all at once, of course, and not all that often per type, but my contribution to the manual labor category per year is significant to me, and probably significant to the laborers. I will do all in my power to ensure that no illegal comes on my property to work. I will ask for green cards if necessary.

So go slow, guys. You will not affect me.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Impeach Bush?

Here is the epitome of the crazed liberal

There is a growing force within the Democratic Party in the House that is seriously thinking about impeaching President Bush. That is, if they take over the House after the elections this year. The ostensible reason for impeachment is the wire-tapping issue, which is patent nonesense. Oh, the Liberals can list many of their pet peaves against Bush as well, but they appear to be hanging their hat on tapping. How delicious is this! By far the majority of citizens heartily approve of listening in on terrorist talks, and commend the President for the program to do this. This purely political move will fail.

However, I can think of few other issues that will bring out the Republican base more thoroughly than this attempt to impeach Bush, who, after all, logged a 3 million vote plurality in 2004. I do hope this push towards impeachment gathers strength over the next months, and has a large share of the campaign publicity! This will be glorious for Republicans in the Fall!

Please continue, you nutcases!

Monday, April 24, 2006


Straight Talk About Iran

We Must Solve The Iranian Problem Soon

In My Opinion:

Iran will not back down from its development of nuclear weapons.

The UN will not succeed in getting them to stop.

The EU will not do anything of significance to force Iran to stop.

American diplomacy will not succeed in getting Iran to stop.

Sanctions will not succeed in Iran anymore than in Iraq.

Bombing Iran's nuclear facilities will only delay the issue for a few years, while Iran will disrupt oil supplies in retaliation, which will create both national and international chaos. Not the recommended route!

It will once again be up to the US to decide what to do.

Best reporting on Iran's progress towards a nuclear weapon gives us perhaps a year or so before it is too late.

The main threat from Iran, once she is armed with nuclear weapons is twofold: the destruction of Israel, and serious damage to US cities, with tens or hundreds of thousands of casualties. Iran's fingerprints will not be on the weapons, as they will use one of many jihadist organizations to perform this task.

The secondary threat from Iran is terrorism throughout the West, using their embedded cadres of jihadists infiltrated into our nations. Iran has been shown to be the largest supporter of terrorism, even rivalling Saudi Arabia.

Watch for many thousands of Arabs and other Muslims fleeing from Israel to avoid the bombs! The delivery means Iran will use is simply smuggling bombs into our cities. They do not need long range missiles.

We will need our bases in Iraq for this conflict. We will need Israel's help too.

We will need a large number of troops in the area, mainly in Iraq and Kuwait. We will need the Air Force and the Navy in the area in force too.

We must invade Iran, after preparing the Iranians to believe that we are not after their oil, have not been and will not be, witness Iraq today. We need to convince the majority of Iranians that all we wish to do is remove the threat of nuclear weapons once and for all, and to stop the terrorist attacks on us.

Invasion is the only way to discover and eradicate all of their nuclear capabilities and long range missiles, and at the same time, to force a regime change favorable to us, and to the majority of Iranians.

Beyond tokenism from some of our friends, we will not amass a large military coalition force for this invasion. The UK has essentially bowed out already. So this fight will be ours alone.

My estimate is that we will need at least 500 to 800 thousand troops to subdue Iran and keep the peace. That may rise if we can get an accurate assessment of the readiness of Iran's army of 2 million men in some 29 divisions. The problem is, if we field this number of troops in Iran, we will be significantly short of troops elsewhere.

It would seem, then, that we may have to reintroduce the draft, not to field these newly trained men in Iran, but to shore up our standing numbers in the US and in other places where we have commitments, but no shooting war to contend with. Our volunteer professional soldiers will bear the brunt of the invasion and fighting.

The need to reinforce our troop levels, get Congressional approval, and to manufacture additional vehicles, weapons and munitions are the main reasons that I believe we will not move on Iran until 2008. The draft will not be possible to arrange before the 2006 elections, and it will take months to pass the bill authorizing the preemptive war on Iran and the draft, and then begin to induct raw trainees.

I do not believe that a US President will authorize the use of nuclear weapons in a first-strike scenario. If, however, Iran, or one of her surrogates, does explode such a weapon on our territory, radioactive silicone will rain down on every country for many miles to the East of what used to be Iran.

This issue, Iran and what to do, will be one of the deciding issues in the 2006 and 2008 elections. I contend that the current Republican Party and its candidates will succeed in winning because they are accorded better capabilities and decision-making in running a war than are the Democrats.

Passivists are not in favor when we are heading for war.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


New Armchair Generals

We have a passel of newly minted armchair generals

The problem with armchair generals is they think they know everything about war, strategy and tactics, management, and personnel. Newly minted armchair generals are even worse because they were recenty working generals in a shooting war, and undoubtedly have their frustrations with civilian leadership.

Now, however, their status is vastly different. They are bereft of command and the responsibilities that entails. They are far more removed from the facts on the ground. They should obey the principle and military tradition of keeping their mouths shut publically while the war rages on. Our current commanders in the battles we face deserve to be supported in their work, not shot in the back by miffed generals.

Their complaints are after the fact, old news, and in several cases, self-serving, meant to sell books or speaking engagements, or to bolster their friends in the opposition party during an election year. This is not the way our generals should act.

If they do have valuable advice to give, why don't they request an audience with the President, the Secretary of Defense, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, either singly or in concert? Why don't they write down their complaints and send them privately to the JCS, or even the President? After their attempts to advise the current leadership(once more into that breach), they should find a nice retirement home and go play golf with their co-armchair generals. None of the current crop have serious political futures, I believe.

Friday, April 14, 2006


Bad Things

That which I can do without!

The major and minor annoyances of life in America today continue to get under my skin, and goad me into intemperate remarks. So, as a means of venting my feelings, I decided to commit them to writing here. Perhaps if many people feel as I do, something positive could happen by focusing our energies on the problems in a constructive manner.

Bush Bashing; Foremost in my lexicon is Bush Bashing. It has become a joke that literally anything in this world that goes wrong is blamed on Bush. Take Katrina, for example: Bush is blamed for the hurricane and for the failure of the levies. I could cite a hundred similar examples of the inane attitudes of those on the Left when Bush is the subject. I find it reprehensible in the extreme on the part of partisan lefties, and certainly not conducive to bipartisan solutions for our pressing problems. I call for a pox on the Bush Bashers.

Illegal Immigrants; The crying towels are out for the poor little illegals who have entered the US by crossing the border without authorization. As a matter of humanity, so it goes, we should accord these downtrodden people all of the benefits of American citizenship. Our borders should not be an impediment for anyone wanting to come into the country. So, to hell with sovereignty and security, and to hell with the laws of the land.

I say there should be a roundup of all illegals, and then a determination of who can remain be made on the basis of good character, record, past history, steady gainful employment, a sponsor, willingness to learn English and American history and values, and desire to assimilate into the population, not live in a barrio. The flood of illegals must be stopped, and the employers of them must be punished. The fact that 40% of the criminals in California jails are Latinos is a telling figure.

Iraq; When one loses patience, the tendency is the cut and run, which seems to be the attitude of the Left. Especially since many on the Left didn’t support the invasion in the first place. There is yet another tendency born of impatience, and that is to accelerate the solution, to overwhelm the situation, and to enforce what we believe is the right solution. The third thing that happens is the blame game. Everyone has his own ideas of what the right thing to do is now.

Well, we have set a course, and we should follow it to the bitter end. We should stop the moaning and groaning and get behind the President on this issue. I am sick to death of the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth that Leftists have indulged themselves in for the past three or four years. In my opinion, we should establish permanent bases in Iraq and dig in for the long haul. We will need them in the Middle East as the situation develops, and we have paid for the right with our blood and treasure.

Iran; More moaning and groaning about the probable need to take out Iran’s nuclear capabilities is being heard. We seem to have become pacifists to the core, at least in the Left thinking groups, which is perhaps 20-30% of the electorate. Because of this passionate belief in negotiations with the “other side”, we will waste precious time running out the string of talking ploys, just as the Europeans have done for three years.
It is not usually productive to negotiate with Muslim fanatics. If a negotiation does have results, it will be to the long-term advantage of the Muslims, to be sure.

North Korea: Blithering idiots will sooner or later cause real trouble. There should be an “or else” ultimatum given to the NK when we are in a position to use our military forces to an advantage. If the NK ignore the ultimatum, they should suffer the consequences.

The School System; Reports are being published daily about the indoctrination of our children and young adults in progressive social concepts, in bad old America, and in Leftist programs. This should be stopped cold. Teachers and professors have no right to indoctrinate our kids with Leftist pap. We will suffer from allowing these clowns to penetrate our schools and universities. At one report, there are over 10,000 university professors who are Left-leaning, and who actually teach leftist thought in their classrooms, with the full knowledge of their administrations as well, which is even more frightening.

Mainstream Media Bias; It is a shame that our media are biased to the Left. Fortunately, most people are becoming aware of the bias and the techniques used to influence the thinking of our citizens. For some, it has become a game to detect and laugh at the attempts to color our attitudes about any number of subjects that the left wants us to absorb reflexively. It is very annoying, however, when such tactics manage to penetrate the minds of the semiconscious and unthinking individuals who had rather be told what to think. There is danger for our republic in that tactic. This should be countered in every way possible.

The UN; The simple solution here is to ensure our sovereignty under all circumstances. The UN is virtually useless, and should be phased out in favor of a coalition of democratic states. The danger of losing our sovereignty piecemeal over years is real and even planned for by One-Worlders, Secular Humanists, and others who would gain power and money by virtue of reining in the US. Now is the time to pull back and regroup.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


The Coming Elections

Republicans Will Do Just Fine

I am going way out on a limb to predict that despite the dissatisfaction with the current Administration and GOP Congress, the Demos will not make substantial headway in 2006, and will not gain the presidency in 2008.

The reason for this is very simple. It is quite obvious that the Demos would have done a far, far worse job of it till now, and are not credible to do better in the following years.

Republicans and Conservatives are not happy with many aspects of our situation, but the raw fact is there is no option worthwhile for them but to vote again for the party.

The thought of a Democratic Congress and a Democratic President is all it will take to keep the base voting for Republicans. No sensible person wants to see progressives in control.

Plus, we have many corrections yet to be made to the horrible inroads that progressives have made in the last years to our school system at all levels, we have unfinished GWOT business, and two rogue nuclear-capable nations to quell.

None of these corrections or any resolutions of the foreign conflicts are likely to occur under the Democrats.

Sans doute.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Strike Planning on Iran?

What do you think the Pentagon is for?

Our military establishment is constantly planning for the next possible conflict. Contingency plans are on the shelf for most hot spots in the world, including Russia, China, North Korea,Iran, Eastern Europe, Turkey, Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Venezuela, and possibly many smaller places. That a given area plan is being updated is no big deal. All of the contingency plans must be updated periodically. Some must be updated on a more aggressive timescale as world events move along.

Would anyone want it to be different? If so, you are a first-class fool. You are the kind of passivist mentality that nearly caused us to lose WWII.

Friday, April 07, 2006


Global Warming

The Rise in Temperature is Real, But the Cause is Sunpower

Scientists have determined that the rise in temperature we are experiencing is due to unusually intense solar radiation caused by sunspot activity. They state that the role of human caused gaseous emissions is very minor in comparison, perhaps on the order of 4%. Thus the enormous expenditures under the Kyoto Treaty are not only unnecessary, they are actually harmful to the economies of the world. Reducing carbon dioxide emissions is still a worthy objective, but this can be achieved at a far lower impact on our economies.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


An Illegal Immigration Myth

We Can Deport The Illegals If we Desire To Do So

The myth coursing through the debate on what to do with illegal immigrants is that there are too many to deport. That is rank nonsense. Of course we can deport them if we really want to go at it.

Recall what we did in World War II. We mobilized over 10 million men, constructed bases for them and their equipment, supported them, trained them in the use of weapons and many other skills, and shipped them all over the US and the rest of the world, all in a matter of three years or so. It was indeed a massive undertaking, but we did it, just as we could do it now. We can afford it too.

I am not advocating the mass deportation of our 11 million illegals, just those who are criminals or undesirables, which in itself is not a small problem. But I get disturbed by those who sagely nod their heads when some idiot says: "there are too many to deport."

We have the capability, we have the resources, we have the logistics knowledge, and we have the model of such an enterprise. So take that asinine statement off the table. It simply shows either ignorance or extreme bias in favor of amnesty, or both.


Immigration Myth Number One

We Can't Deport 11 Million People, Says The Myth

Think about it! We have executed similar logistics problems in the past, especially in World War II. We then had over 10 million men in uniform, who had to be given boot camp, additional training, and to be shipped all over the US and the world.

Of course it cost money for the bases, the transportation, and the support of people. It took almost three years for our military to reach its peak, which was a remarkable feat. But it was done.

In fact, the deportation problem is far simpler logistically. We don't have to equip and arm the people, or build massive tank, aircraft or naval ships, and train men to use them. We merely have to establish processing bases around the country for the aliens, perhaps using old army bases for a start.

Transportation would be the key aspect.
We would have to supply a huge number of road, rail and air seat-miles over the maximum period of deportation. This was done in WWII by having troop aircraft, troop trains, and troop buses, as well as having military orders that acted as tickets for individual troops to travel on public transportation free.

There is a test of loyalty here. Those illegals who really desire to remain in the US could be gives such orders to report to a processing center. Actually reporting would be a very great plus for their hopes to stay in the US.

The processing centers would identify the illegals, provide them with papers that would be hard to forge (perhaps using biometrics), and would attempt to discover any criminal charges or undesirable behavior reports against them either in the US or in their home country.

The illegals would be offered a deal: To pay a fine of a thousand dollars for crossing the border without permission, which is a misdemenor; and to learn American English, American History, American traditions and ettiquite, and American Law, starting with the Declaration of Independence and the
Constitution, and proceeding to cover state and local law. Upon completiuon and satisfactory test scores for these subjects, they would become prospective citizens. In perhaps three or more years, they could become citizens, provided, however, there were no adverse reports on their behavior in this country. Failing these simple requirements, the illegals would be shipped home.

A second option would be to issue them green cards which would allow them to work in country for two years, after which they must return home.

Otherwise, those who refused the deals would immediately be transported to the border and released.

This part of the illegal immigration problem has a solution and a model for action. Thus it should not be a determining, go/no go factor in what solutions we consider.

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