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This is a repeat of a post I made in 2005. It seems very close to right now as well!

The Leftwing Platform

1. To keep your benefits, and to increase them, vote Democratic,
2. To keep from making a mistake, always vote against Republicans.
3. This is our basic benefit program; designed for YOU:
3.1. Pay grades will be adjusted such that the highest pay level is only 3 times that of the lowest in any organization or business.
3.2. The Hillarycare program will ensure free medical care to everyone, and free long-term care to the elderly.
3.3. The Hillarycollege program will ensure free college to everyone.
3.4. The Hillarywork program will legislate a 4-day workweek for everyone, and an extra three holidays a year, to fall , naturally, on workdays.
3.5. The Hillaryfun program will legislate a standard three weeks of vacation for everyone, rising every 6 years of service by another week, for a possible total of 8 weeks after 30 years of service.
3.6. Through the Hillarygold program, at retirement everyone will get an income of 70% of their average highest pay over three years in their career, in order to make their golden years a happy experience.
3.7. In the Hillarygold program, there will also be a survivor benefit of 50% of the deceased’s last income per month.
3.8. Women need not worry about becoming pregnant. If they don’t want to carry the baby, they may have an abortion free of charge.
3.9. Working mothers need not worry about their children. The Government will provide free care for them, and will educate them from kindergarten onwards.
3.10. Workers everywhere will have mandatory job security, and a guaranteed job in their area.
3.11. If there are no job openings available, we will pay you 70% of your last wage as unemployment compensation, until we can find a job opening, or you can find one.
3.12. We will offer free vocational and technical job training for all who desire it.
3.13. We will offer everyone a guaranteed housing loan so that you can own you own home.
4. Besides this outstanding womb-to-tomb benefits program, we Liberal Democrats are certain you will agree with our findings about the opposition and some of their backwards ideas:
4.1. Republican Presidential candidates lie about everything
4.2. Iraq is unmanageable. We must withdraw.
4.3. There is no real terror threat, it was a Republican lie.
4.4. We will make friends everywhere: with France, Germany, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Indonesia, Russia, China…all countries, rich or poor, free or enslaved, whether they love us or not.
4.5. We don’t need nuclear weapons: we will reduce the number we have by half every three years, until we have just a few left.
4.6. The Armed forces are far, far too big and expensive: we will reduce them by 70% over the next five years, and stop all new developments for weapons. This will help pay for the benefits we will put in.
4.7. Our past Republican Administration has blown the budget. We will balance it, and even have a surplus!
4.8. We believe that multiculturalism is good, so we will support it strongly.
4.9. We believe that Secularism is the way to go, to ensure that Government is conducted with reason, not emotion or appeals to unseen spirits. Religion has no place in the public arena, so all such symbols and artifacts will be banned.
4.10. Moral relativism, not moral absolutes, will be the code of the Century.
4.11. The Government will operate all schools from kindergarten through university.
4.12. The Government will cure the profiteering in our services sector by taking the industries over and running them for your benefit. This includes power and energy, communications and TV, radio, and transportation.
4.13. Since we believe in World Government, we will work to create a more powerful UN that we can entrust with our security, and thus cede much of our sovereignty to the UN.
4.14. We have the solution to our drug problem, that will impoverish the drug lords and save citizens a lot of money. We will legalize all forms of drugs for over-the-counter sale.
4.15. Travel will be controlled by the Government, and The UN.
4.16. Voting for President and Vice President will be done by a national referendum; voting for State Governors will be done by State referendums.
4.17. Of course, a number of these changes will involve changes to the Constitution, Judicial Fiats or even Executive Orders.
4.18. Since guns are dangerous, we will pass legislation to ban all guns and to have them confiscated.
4.19. Marriage will be legislated to be a union between any two single adults, and any such unions may adopt children.
4.20. We will make child-rearing optional. If you don’t want your children, the Government will take them and raise them in their organizations.
4.21. We are concerned about the population size. To control this, we will institute mandatory birth control by age; all under 19 will have to have it. Other provisions to reduce the load on nursing care, medical procedures, and bed space will be taken.
4.22. Divorce will be simplified. The main unit of our country will not be the family anyway, it will be the village.
4.23. We have decided that inheritance should be stopped. All estates will be reverted to the government, including all investments and all property, to be shared with the citizenry.
4.24. We believe that sex is to be enjoyed by all, along with porn and places where one can find partners, so they will be legislated to be proper under the law.
Maybe a tad over the top, but not by much!


Tuesday, January 22, 2008



A Few Comments

Stock Market—Best advice I have gotten is to hang on for the ride. There are no safe havens.

Campaigns--- Hillary versus McCain seems to be emerging as the contest. While I do not like what McCain has done lately, especially with regard to Illegals, he would be infinitely better than another Billary White House (This time they would gut the place.), and certainly better than a lightweight such as Obama—small change indeed. The length of this campaign is becoming a complete bore, with over exposure of rather weak candidates, and under exposure of strong ones.

Iraq--- Bringing five brigades home soon is a mistake. We need power in the area. The power we now have is working fairly well, so why take it away? Political interference with strategic thinking is my opinion.

Iran--- looks like my opinion is going to turn out wrong (no surprise there!). We seem to be on an accommodating path at the moment, rather than an attack. I had guessed February for an air attack. Is this the lull before the storm?


Wednesday, January 09, 2008


The Secular Conservative: enoren

Sorry for this type of reply, but my system needs work, since I can't use either IE or Firefox to post replies. I have been postponing the time during the holidays, and waiting for my new laptop to arrive, among other activities.

You are quite correct, it was my interpretation of "secular" that led me to believe that you were part of the problem, not part of the solution.

If I erase the concepts surrounding God from my mind, I come up with something like a Virtues Scheme, with a self-generated Morality that is quite near that which I have been saddled with on the other side of the God issue, but without any necessary referent ideology. That is a road I went down much earlier, and it is workable, although to me far, far less rewarding than the introduction of God and Jesus.

I will try again to find your posts, but a specific URL would be helpful. :)


Sunday, January 06, 2008



An answer to enoren: Townhall is one of the most conservative blogs, but I fail to see your name as such listed there. Did you simply mean that you appreciate that blog? If so, fine.

If you read beyond my current post, you will know that I am not very kind to atheists or secularists, since in them I see the ultimate downfall of our society from within, or at the least, a serious watering down of our institutions that have been carefully built up for centuries, and that have been extraordinarily successful. I do not see secularism as an improvement at all, but rather, it is an attack on Christianity, Christian morality, and what I see as the founding principles of our nation.

Kirk stated that conservatism did not necessarily demand a belief in God. I dismissed that as a wandering footnote. Now I have heard from one first hand! How one can possibly disentangle one's mind from God yet profess conservative beliefs is a real puzzle to me. A secularist wants God removed from public spaces, does he not? No prayer in schools, either, right? Champion various porn and promiscuous sex practices, etc etc. All of which is undermining the teachings of both God and our society, even the Declaration of Independence, if not also the Constitution as it is written (not as some want it to be interpreted.).

Let me see, I think it was Rick Moran that hinted that he was a secular conservative, he of the blog Right Wing Nuthouse. I have been in opposition to his thoughts on many occasions. He seems to be a shotgun conservative, more in line with liberals than true conservatives.
Are you one too?

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The Shades of Conservatism

On What to Call My Brand in Today's World!

It does get confusing! There seem to be many shades of my conservatism; so many that I can’t really peg which one I am most likely to accept. I must reject “Compassionate” conservatism because it trends toward the liberal side too far. I have often called myself a “Common-Sense” conservative, but I am sort of disenchanted with that concept, since my idea of common sense is not that of a liberalist, nor that of some conservatives themselves.

“Fiscal” conservatism is a no-brainer for me, so that part is fixed in concrete. I understand that there is no real connection between fiscal conservatives and “Social” conservatives, which amazes me no end. Then, I ran into the term “Secular” conservative, and that threw me! It seems that atheists and agnostics oppose social conservatism, so they slide around under the banner of secular conservatism, a thought that is alien to me because of its complete rejection of God, and it is suspiciously non-conservative to arouse my doubts as to its authenticity.

Of course, we still have “Paleo”-conservatism that appears to stand for Classical Liberalism in the older sense, which isn’t all that bad, but it smacks of an anachronism today. Then there is the newer version, “Neo”-conservatives, which originally applied to converted Liberals, but has been used pejoratively by the left against any conservative that supports the GWOT and the Iraqi invasion. In that sense, I am a Neo!

What is a “Conscientious” conservative? Is that term used for “Libertarian” conservatives, in the vein of Barry Goldwater and Milton Friedman? Well, I cannot go with those terms because of my support for preemptive war, and my distain for abortion.

One night a few weeks ago, I ran into the idea of “Traditional” conservatism, now being championed by Laurence Auster and others. There may be a real case here for me to join this crusade, since I find virtually all of the tenets being expressed to be in agreement with mine, although to deal with Auster is not a pleasant experience. He has placed himself very high on an unforgiving intellectual pillar of justice and wisdom that is difficult for ordinary people to reach—me included! So if I do join the movement, I will be a passive reader of Auster’s pearls.

Meanwhile, I will simply call myself a Conservative, and let others figure out what it means if they care.


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