Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Global Warming--Myth?

Keep a Cool Head!

Mythmaster, politico, and ex--VP Al Gore has managed to smarm the minds of thousands if not millions of people with his views of the Global Warming issue. Respectable scientists have published mostly polite but firm rebuttals of the pseudo-science in An Inconvenient Truth--Gore's Oscar-winning attempt at a documentary. The list of myths perpetrated in AIT has exceeded 25 by now, all identified and debunked by qualified scientists with impeccable backgrounds. The momentum Gore has gained will carry him a bit further, but eventually his mythmaking will catch up with him.

It is simply a question of Bad Science plus Hysteria.


Sunday, February 25, 2007


Impeached! Slick Willy Was Impeached!

Bill, Slick Willy, Clinton was impeached, remember?

Not to be mentioned in Dimdem circles by order of Her Highness Hillary!

Bill was impeached!


Friday, February 23, 2007


Politics 2007, 2008

Standing Above the Fray?

There is much merit to the idea of staying above the political storms this year, and next. After all, there is only one chance to vote for anyone, and that vote has already been decided, at least by me. Several points are relevant:

1. Politicians promise what they cannot deliver most of the time.
2. Politicians promise to buy votes, indirectly of course, by increasing entitlements of citizens.
3. Politicians scare up arguments designed to put fear in you if you vote against them.
4. Politicians accept funds from unknown sources, or from obscure sources, thereby obligating themselves in some unknown manner to these unknown parties.
5. Politicians are basically corrupt and unethical, and their lust for power and high office drives them to commit ever more unethical acts. Some are more clever than others at it.
6. Politicians today are without honor, without patriotism, and without truth. It is all about money, adulation, and power, not the welfare of citizens.
7. Politicians today have a hidden agenda, which is to further their idea of a collective, Utopian society where everyone is provided for from cradle to grave, if only they are elected!
8. Politicians today want to rewrite the Constitution to suit their Utopian ideas.
9. Politicians are hypocrites, and the longer they are around the more hypocritical they become.
10.Politicians are vacillators, testing the winds of opinion before they commit themselves to a proposition, and reversing themselves if they missed the right opinion early on, or reverse again if the winds change. Flip-Floppers!
11. Politicians today have no sense of what is right. Cut and run is their motto. Sickening!
12. Politicians love to spend other people's money. Tax and spend!
13. Politicians today are two-faced: one face to the voters, and a different face once in power.
It is say one thing and do quite another, trusting they won't be called on it: they see the public as having very short memories. Sheep are what we are called by them.
14. Politicians cater to the "elites." I would certainly love to have a full list of these "elites;" they need to see the sunshine of exposure for what they are.
Added: 15. Politicians are not generals (and vice versa!).

Seems I mainly listed the sins of Dimdems, especially of the Clinton variety! Oh well! I will try harder next time, if only I can stand above the fray!


Thursday, February 15, 2007


Iran, Congress, Iraq

A bit of catharsis for me!

Iran.--These Muslims must be held accountable for aiding and supplying the insurgents in Iraq. By that I mean, we should retaliate appropriately with military precision. If it starts a real shooting war, so be it. It is coming anyway, so why not pick the time ourselves? Beat up on some suspected nuclear sites with Tomahawks. Perhaps we will, soon now.

Congress.-- It never occurred to me that so many Republicans would defect to the Dimdems over Iraq strategy. Eleven Ex-RepDimdems. They will be remembered. What makes Congressmen think they know more about this war than those on the ground? A few hours in Iraq does not an expert make. None of these junketeers have assessed the situation in a valid manner, I wager. It is all power playing. Murtharizing.

Iraq.-- Seems as if the rules of engagement have been changed for the good. If the troops can arrest and hold these terrorists forever, and if they can sanitize and hold onto blocks and blocks of Baghdad, and if they can shoot to kill anyone with an AK-47 and no uniform, and if they can do a much better job of closing the borders, and if we back them up with hard political, economic, social, and military steps against Syria and Iran, and maybe even Saudi Arabia, we could well pull this one off. More troops means more flexibility for the Commander to do what is needed.
Dimdems, of course, are playing to 2008, and the soft sentiments of the public.

This may backfire over the Summer, as people assess the serious damage the Dimdems have done to our heroic efforts in Iraq, the sacrifices in deaths and casualties we have endured, and the vast sums of money we have spent in the process. Is this to be all for nothing? Ask a Dimdem, and you will get a hearty YES! Redeploy! To Okinawa?


Saturday, February 10, 2007


Iran Rises

A Replay of the WMD Threat...This Time for Real!

Just about as I thought would happen, and documented it in previous posts, the moves towards a strike on Iran are becoming quite evident. I predicted 2008 as the year, and early Spring as the season, that we would go all out to stop Iran from building nuclear weapons. I have noted that the powers that be have made it quite clear that we cannot let Iran become a nuclear power in the Middle East, beginning with President Bush. He has only two years in office to solve the Iranian nuclear problem. I propose that he will pull the trigger if Iran does not give in.

The unspoken reason to put 21,000 more troops in Iraq is to forestall Iranian attacks on us in Iraq. There will be further escalations, as I have stated before, until there are some 250,000 to 300,000 troops in Iraq and Kuwait. When we strike Iran, their considerable army and “irregulars” could pose a significant problem for us in Iraq. We needed more air support near Iran, so a second carrier group was directed to go to the theater. I haven’t heard about more Air Force assets being ordered into the theater, but it will happen in the latter part of 2007, I predict. They can stage there rapidly.

What do we intend to do?

First, we are pressurizing Iran with real military power converging on them. A simple message: We can hit you whenever we decide to, if you persist in developing nuclear weapons, and we have already taken many rational steps to neutralize your main responses in Iraq and elsewhere. Save yourselves the agony of a strike, and accede to the UN resolution’s requirements.

Second, we are busily refining our target lists and plotting the disposition of troops, armor, air defenses, and command networks in Iran. I would not be surprised to hear that special forces have made numerous excursions into Iran to discover important sites and troop movements to map them into the target list. Nor would I be surprised to hear that Global Hawk, or other recon drones, have been scouring Iran for months to support target list development.

Third, we are most certainly developing the logistics system to be used in the event we go at Iran, with the pre-positioning in Kuwait and Iraq of long lead items for the assault, especially heavy munitions. Then too, we have been manufacturing replacement equipment of all kinds for the army at a fast clip, and orders for ammunition have mounted enormously. We have needed time to build ourselves up again.

Fourth, we have undoubtedly been shuffling the deployment schedules for ships to build up the naval presence near Iran to a war level. The visible pressure will rise all this year.

Fifth, it is also most likely that we are feeding dissident groups in Iran with money and other technical assets to help them grow into a position of real influence within the nation.

Sixth, in parallel, we are continuing the diplomatic push through the UN, and with the UK, France, and Germany, to attempt some early resolution of the nuclear issue. This has been going on for years with nothing to show for it. It would be nice if a breakthrough could occur out of the blue, but I seriously doubt it will happen.

Seventh, a massive campaign will be launched soon to convince the American people that a nuclear Iran is the terrible threat to peace it really is. This effort will peak in about August or September of this year, and it will be sustained for the 5 to 7 months before the onset of war.

The specter of war with Iran will be infused into the election campaigns of the Presidential hopefuls, and there will be an enormous debate about it that will put the idea strongly before the public--either we take Iran’s nuclear capabilities out now, or we will lose a city or two downstream to fanatics who were given the bomb by Iran. Millions of us would die in such an attack, and we would have grave difficulties in pinpointing the culprits with any certainty.

It would be national suicide for Iran to strike at us, or at Israel, in an identifiable manner. But the AQ’s of the Islamic Movement could do the deed. This is the nightmare scenario that propels us toward war with Iran to snuff out their nuclear program, just as that scenario did, partially, in Iraq.

Can we succeed in this? Many say that we cannot find all of the nuclear sites, and will fail to stop the Iranians from acquiring the bomb, or at most we will delay it for a few years. The only way to be sure is to put troops into Iran... and sift the sand.

What is the alternative?


Thursday, February 08, 2007


Deport The Lot!

Should Muslims and Illegal Hispanics be Shown the Border?

Let me see, there are a reported 10 million illegal Hispanics in the nation, and 6 million Muslims, about half of which are US converts. That sums up to be a large number to export.
My idea from the outset has been that to export or deport this number is very possible, based upon what we did in WWII, when we drafted, housed, clothed, fed, and transported 10 million men or so around the world and back in four years. The difficulty, beyond the screams of the Left wing and the soft-hearted, is finding nations willing to accept them. I wouldn’t!
The reason for deporting Illegal Hispanics is simply that they are here illegally, some of them are criminals, and all should be sent home. That is not to say we shouldn’t allow guest workers back in under strict rules, tracking them, and ensuring they do not overstay.
The reason for deporting Muslims is their dedication to Fundamentalist  Islam. Islam is dedicated to the overthrow, sooner or later, of all that we stand for. I see no test that would discover their real feelings about Islam, terror, and the US, so an allegiance test, as some have advocated, is senseless. This is simply because the Islamic religion teaches that Muslims can lie, cheat, steal, and kill infidels. So how do you believe anything they say?
Perhaps many of our bright citizens would balk at this solution, opting instead to bury their heads in the sand and hope the US Muslims will be good. The penalty for that will be the slaughter of whole segments of our society, both Muslim and Infidel, since no one I know would roll over and accept Sharia and dhimmitude if the Muslims tried to install it here. Good Americans would fight, and they have enough weapons to make a good show of it. Many on both sides would die.
None of this deportation thrust is racially motivated, it is motivated by the law and the huge negative impact on our society in the case of Hispanics, and the belief system of Muslim Jihadists documented from Islamic sources such as the Koran, Haddith, and Sharia Law. One needs only to watch the struggles in the UK to be forewarned about Muslims coming West.



The Senate War Debate

Unadvisable, to say the least!

Perhaps I am wrong about this. I see it as giving the insurgents yet another boost and confirmation of their belief that all they have to do is wait us out and we will tuck tail and run. I see it as indirectly demanding that we get out of Iraq sooner than we should. I see it as soft-hearted, misguided, and near traitorous behavior when we are at war. I respect Senator Warren of my State, but he has of late been showing a weak side, a compromising side, with leftwing loonies.

There is the other way to look at it, however. Suppose our new surge and commander are successful in a few months. Signs are today that there has already been progress. So if this success is palpable and real, and it can be verified somehow, the lefties and the naysayers will be laughed out of Congress, including 7 GOP Senators, and tons of Dimdems. They lose big time.

Then there is the option that the surge effort is not a success, and Iraq is as bad off as ever. Those who fed the insurgents with hope and succor will be blamed for impeding the effort and ensuring it failure in advance! Hmmmm! So the debate will put everyone on record for all to see, and be counted come election time. Since the outcome is merely advisory, it doesn’t slow down the surge at this point. Blame will fall where blame should fall! This is good for the GOP. Machiavellian!

This nation should not even have to go through such a charade. We are at war, and it is abundantly clear who the enemy is. Timid people should not be in positions of influence in our government, when we are threatened daily with death and destruction.



Pelosi Wants a Big Plane!

Everyone wants a free ride, but this is ridiculous!

Imperialistic Dictator-Aspirant Nancy Pelosi has cried for a big plane to carry her and 40 friends to California (and back of course) when she wants it, together with amenities such as free food, entertainment, and the latest in communications gear. Who knows, maybe a few stops along the way, too, such as Las Vegas? My gut reaction is to tell her to buy one for herself; she can readily afford one, such as the Gulfstream V.

Why should the taxpayer afford Mrs. Pelosi a really big ride? We will next hear from every new Dimdem committee chairman in the House and Senate that they too should have a nice, comfortable plane to ride around in, and campaign in, in the guise of “fact-finding” or some such.

This neatly sidesteps the problem of accepting rides from fat-cat supporters; the Dimdem Congressmen will have their own big, long-range planes! We, the taxpayers, will drool as the progressive airplane purchases escalate to 747s or Dreamliners for the most influential Dimdems.

Just think about it!

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Friday, February 02, 2007


America, Buffeted by Strangeness From the Left

Chaos Abounding

Alvin Toffler had it right: the shock of the future is overwhelming to those of us born early in the last century. The pace of events, the gushing of information from every quarter, the number of cracks showing up in what we believed to be solid institutions, the perfidy of politicians, the recklessness of people with leftist inclinations, strangely coupled with their pacifism, all of these trends are disconcertingly sliding past us at light speed. Not only is it hard to understand the why of it all, by the time we have figured out a response to these inanities, it is too late to effect anything, the world having by then rushed by us towards we know not what. It is quite obvious that the steering of our ship has come loose in the midst of our negotiating a treacherous channel, with rocks to the right of us, rocks to the left, and just to be perverse, rocks dead ahead.

Common sense, slow to the fore as it usually is, occasionally prevails, to the vast relief of many of us. But, in the next wave of insanity, whatever was sensible will have been thrown overboard to delight the elites and confound the conservatives. Now it has the Democrats in power. It is truly a topsy-turvy time in America, where faith seems to be waning, and patriotism is in bad taste. It is hard to remember where all of this wild and irrational thinking began. Was it during the 1950’s, when Communism was being hounded by McCarthy, or was it earlier when those insidious utopians got a foothold in society? Was it when it was chic to be a Red, or at least a follower of madmen from Europe? Perhaps it was during the great depression, when we voted into office the New Dealer, and allowed Communists to roam free in government spaces? Or, was this all the fault of the German-American Bund, the US affiliate of Nazi Germany, that was quite vocal back in the late 1930’s? Or, all of the above?

What seems to have happened is the Communists dove underground and colored themselves Progressive Socialists, joined the Democrats to seem a bit more respectable, and gradually have taken over the left side of things. Idiots delight! Despite the abundant evidence that utopian schemes cannot work, these clowns persist. It must be lust for power alone, and no altrustic motive at all.

Where have the true keepers of the American Flame gone? Several million of them are in the armed forces. Volunteers who are willing to put their lives at stake for an ideal--freedom and security for everyone. Thank God for them! The rest are apparently intimidated, it seems, by the rush to political correctness, hate America speeches and tomes, and the incessant accusations thrown at our President that need to be defended. The din is so loud that few can think clearly, fooled also by the shifting, disingenuous arguments and polemics from the Socialist side.

Even our hallowed(?) institution, The Supreme Court, has been corrupted by doublespeak and the idea of shaping the Republic to their beliefs and ends. So we have porn, a high divorce rate, prostitution, abortion, persecution of Christianity in the name of multiculturalism and diversity, and a hundred other violations of our Constitution and moral ways that we seem not to realize, or care about. The pace of change, and the bewilderment of most of us as to just how all of this drivel was allowed to come about, and how to stop it dead, has frozen the minds of the average citizen, or so it seems.

Our collective horizons have come exceedingly closer and closer, not allowing us to see far enough to understand the consequences of each little step being taken over our heads. Americans are seemingly entranced with their lives, their things, and their new found money and time, and their local world, too far gone to grasp the events that will affect their children in not too pleasant ways in the reasonably near future. We are being shepherded by the press, the TV, and radio to think in counter-intuitive terms about what we want our lives and our nation to be--yes, when it grows up.

Frustrating, these times are, but there is an ultimate faith that Americans will prevail against the slatterns and touts of the left.


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