Thursday, February 08, 2007


Deport The Lot!

Should Muslims and Illegal Hispanics be Shown the Border?

Let me see, there are a reported 10 million illegal Hispanics in the nation, and 6 million Muslims, about half of which are US converts. That sums up to be a large number to export.
My idea from the outset has been that to export or deport this number is very possible, based upon what we did in WWII, when we drafted, housed, clothed, fed, and transported 10 million men or so around the world and back in four years. The difficulty, beyond the screams of the Left wing and the soft-hearted, is finding nations willing to accept them. I wouldn’t!
The reason for deporting Illegal Hispanics is simply that they are here illegally, some of them are criminals, and all should be sent home. That is not to say we shouldn’t allow guest workers back in under strict rules, tracking them, and ensuring they do not overstay.
The reason for deporting Muslims is their dedication to Fundamentalist  Islam. Islam is dedicated to the overthrow, sooner or later, of all that we stand for. I see no test that would discover their real feelings about Islam, terror, and the US, so an allegiance test, as some have advocated, is senseless. This is simply because the Islamic religion teaches that Muslims can lie, cheat, steal, and kill infidels. So how do you believe anything they say?
Perhaps many of our bright citizens would balk at this solution, opting instead to bury their heads in the sand and hope the US Muslims will be good. The penalty for that will be the slaughter of whole segments of our society, both Muslim and Infidel, since no one I know would roll over and accept Sharia and dhimmitude if the Muslims tried to install it here. Good Americans would fight, and they have enough weapons to make a good show of it. Many on both sides would die.
None of this deportation thrust is racially motivated, it is motivated by the law and the huge negative impact on our society in the case of Hispanics, and the belief system of Muslim Jihadists documented from Islamic sources such as the Koran, Haddith, and Sharia Law. One needs only to watch the struggles in the UK to be forewarned about Muslims coming West.



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