Monday, May 14, 2018


                         A Worldview in 72 Phrases                      

After outlining my worldview, and writing well over 200 pages on the subject matter, It occurred to me that I could convey much of the same set of ideas using a set of short phrases drawn from the effort.

While it turned out to be 72 phrases, not a simple few, I believe these phrases do the job. Many of the phrases are mere introductions to quite complex subjects that ordinarily would take extensive development to do them justice; such development I will reserve for my full worldview, and will use the phrases as placeholders for the ultimate treatment. An amusing thought occurred to me: this list treats much of what President Trump faces and appears to agree with.


    1.           Belief in God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, and The Bible (KJV)

    2.           Big Bang Cosmology, 14.7 Billion Years Ago

    3.           The Multiverse is an Abstraction and Unobservable Non-Science

    4.           Believe that Relativity and Quantum Mechanics Will Be Joined

    5.           Earth is 4.5 Billion Years Old

    6.           Belief in Christianity and Thomism

    7.           Intelligent Design, Creation, and not Neo-Darwinian Evolution

    8.           The First Cell Had Enormous Information Content---Where From?

    9.           Believe in American Can-Do Spirit; Treasure Our Patriots

10.           Natural Law Should be Fully Recognized

11.           Freedom and Liberty are Our Legacy and Must be Our Destiny

12.           The Constitution is the Law of the Land

13.           Follow the Rule of Law; Law and Order is the American Way

14.           The American Republic Must be Defended; Love of Country

15.           Strong Belief in Constitutional Property Rights

16.           Unity of Virtues; Integrity Sums Up All Virtues

17.           Practice Fiscal, Social and Political Conservatism

18.           A K12 Comprehensive Education is Essential

19.           Many Students are Not College Material: Vocational Training

20.           Learn the Use of Right Reason, Logic and Tradeoffs

21.           Reject Collectivist and Utopian Ideas

22.           Support a Strong Christian Work Ethic

23.           Keep American Customs, Traditions, and Institutions

24.           Maintain Majority Rule With Minority Rights

25.            Show Your Patriotism Proudly!

26.           Support State's Rights and Sovereignty

27.           National Sovereignty Must be Inviolate

28.           Refuse Entry of Islamic Jihadists Into the US

29.           Continue the Global War on Terror(GWOT or GWOIT)

30.           Always Seek the Truth

31.           Maintain Free Markets with Constraints

32.           Create Fair Trade Policies

33.           Deemphasize the UN and Pay Less

34.           Promote Alliances With Other Democracies

35.           Conserve the Environment

36.           Investigate Climate Changes, AGW is Not Settled Science

37.           We Must Fix Our Infrastructure

38.           Emphasize Businesses Large and Small

39.           Media, Sports and Entertainment Bias Needs Correction

40.           Proper Provision of Healthcare

41.           Support a Flat Tax and no Other Taxes at All

42.           Reject Government Unions

43.           Give Public Employees a Fair Livelihood

44.           Peace Through Overwhelming Military Strength

45.           Maintain the Capability of the Military-Industrial Complex

46.           Maintain and Improve Nuclear War Capability; MAD

47.           Subsidiarity: Make Decisions at the Lowest Level Possible

48.           Believe in Just War and Just Death Penalty

49.           Education is a State Responsibility, Not a Federal Responsibility

50.           Practice the Golden Rule

51.           Pass a Comprehensive Immigration Law

52.           Counter Elitists and Elitist Ideas Forcefully

53.           Make Prudent and Beneficial Changes to Policies and Procedures

54.           Promote Science and Engineering

55.           Guard Against a Deep State Arising Once More

56.           Manage the National Debt Effectively

57.           Manage the Yearly Debit Prudently: The Goal is a Balanced Budget

58.           Reject All Attempts to Establish a Global Government

59.           Promote a National Service Corps for Ages 18-25

60.           Maintain an Aggressive Space Program

61.           It is Probable that Extraterrestrials Exist

62.           Physical Security of Schools Must be Enhanced

63.           Cyber Security and Countercyber Must be Enhanced

64.           Trump is Making America Great Again(MAGA)!

65.           Support the 2nd Amendment

66.           Grieve That US Auto Production Becomes Solely Truck-Based

67.           Continue the War on Drugs

68.           Create Problem State Policies: Russia, China, Iran, Korea

69.           Confirm Israeli and Mid East Policy

70.           Continue Friendly Nations Policies

71.           Work on Other Key Nations Policies

72.           Work on Developing Nations Policies


1. The King James Bible
2. Understanding Our Time
s, by Jeff Myers and David Noebel
3. How Now Shall We Live, by Charles Colson and Nancy Pearsey
4. What We Can't Not Know, by J, Budziszewski
5. Mind Siege, by Tim LaHaye and David Noebel
6. The Complete C.S. Lewis, a Signature Classic
7. Written on the Heart, by J. Budziszewski
8. The 5000 Year Leap, by W. Cleon Skousen
9. The Big Questions, by Nils Ch. Rauhut
10. Natural Law and Human Nature, by Father J. Koterski, S.J.
11. Intellectuals and Society, by Thomas Sowell
12.The World is Curved by David M. Smick
13.Signature in the Cell, by Stephen C. Meyer
14.The Elegant Universe, by Brian Greene
15.The Liberal Mind, by Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr. M.D
16. Darwin's Doubt, by Stephen C. Meyer
17  The World Order, by Henry Kissinger
18.  The Conservative Mind, by Russell Kirk
19.  The Liberty Amendments, by Mark R. Levin
20.  The Concise Conservative Encyclopedia, Brad Minor, Editor
21.  The Snapping of the American Mind, by David Kupelian

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