Tuesday, August 22, 2017


They all Share the Blame!

White Supremacists, BLM, Neo-Nazi's, and Antifa all have differing but serious moral flaws and all share in the blame for the events in Charlottesville. Hence, Trump's reaction was very correct indeed. He included Antifa, which the Left excuses from their vicious actions, and the pile-on commenced, unfairly berating Trump for his true assessment. The truth must prevail!

Tuesday, August 08, 2017


A Few Sources for Our Constitution

(Derived from : "The 5000 Year Leap", by W. Cleon Skousen,

The National Center for Constitutional Studies, 2009)


The Bible;

The Torah;

Avoidance of Ruler's Law;

Avoidance of Anarchy;

Avoidance of Collectivism

Early People's Law of Israel;

Early Greek Law;

Early Roman Law;

Cicero's Commentary on Law;

Natural Law of St. Thomas Aquinas;

Anglo-Saxon Law;

British Common Law;

The Great Law of Peace (from the Iroquois Nation)

The Federalist Papers.

28 Principles Derived from the Above:

1.          Natural Law

2.          Virtuous People

3.          Virtuous Leaders

4.          The Role of Religion

5.          The Role of the Creator

6.          All Men are Created Equal

7.          Equal Rights not Equal Things

8.          Unalienable Rights of Man

9.          The Role of Revealed Law

10.             Sovereignty of the People

11.              How Government can be Altered

12.             A Republic not a Democracy

13.              Protection Against Human Frailty

14.              Property Rights

15.              Free Market Economics

16.              Separation of Powers

17.              Checks and Balances

18.              A Written Constitution

19.              Limiting the Powers of Government

20.              Majority Rule with Minority Rights

21.              Local Self-Government

22.              Government by Law not by Men

23.              An Educated Electorate

24.              Peace Through Strength

25.              Avoiding Entangling Alliances

26.              Protecting the Role of the Family

27.              Avoiding Debt???

28.              The Sense of Manifest Destiny.

All of the above principles are easily found in the Constitution and the thoughts of the founders. What is not so obvious is the inclusion of most of the principles of Natural Law as well. In fact, to study the Constitution is to study the essential principles of Natural Law itself.



Today we see and hear little of the joyful spirit of our citizens in the newspapers or on television. But it is there nevertheless. America resides in our hearts and in our many blessings to have been born in this nation. We still have great pride stemming from our beliefs in the system created for us by our forefathers, and defended against powerful enemies by our many dedicated soldiers, sailors and airmen.

It is with great joy that we celebrate our founding, and it is with deep respect that we reflect on how this nation was formed and how it has endured over 241 years. In further reflection on our nation we feel the hope and can-do spirit that guides us to make the nation even better in the future, and the fundamental spirit that moves us to venerate the Constitution, and to defend it passionately for the sake of the lives of our children and our children's children.

God Bless America!

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