Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Belief System Summary

       Tenets of a Christian Worldview.  4/10/16

I believe in:

1. The Trinity--- God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit--- the second coming of Jesus Christ and salvation through Him. My Home is in Heaven if I am Saved. The Nicene Creed. God as the Creator of the Universe with the Big Bang some 13.7 Billion years ago; earth being about 4.7 Billion years old.

2. God’s Devine Law as revealed to man, the Ten Commandments, the instruction to love God and one's neighbor, and His gift of free will to us all! Derivative from these tenets are:

3. Natural Law, Natural Rights, and Natural Duties, as enumerated by W. C. Skousen in the book "The 5000 Year Leap," by St. Thomas Aquinas in his Summa Theologiae, and by John Locke in his Two Treaties of Government. Personal Freedoms and Liberty constrained only by Law and agreed customs, conventions and rules. Fostering benevolent justice.

4. The Rule of Law: the Constitution of the US, and Common Law which accurately reflects and does not violate Natural Law, Rights, and Duties. This includes fostering moral rectitude, virtue(especially faith, hope, charity,  truthfulness, prudence, temperance, fortitude, and justice ), acceptance of constraints, and personal integrity of all citizens. Having effective enforcement of the law at all times. Reducing fraud, waste, crime and duplication of functions.

5. Fiscal and social conservatism, including needed austerity, spending reductions, reduction of our debts, and eventually a balanced budget!  (Currently, the National Debt is over $19 Trillion and our current level of tax revenues by 2020 or so will only cover entitlements and the interest on the debt. We have mortgaged our children's future for short-term entitlement advantages.) Social conservatism, which means walking with God and with benevolence in all endeavors, including, among other changes, stopping convenience abortions because they are murder, and believing that marriage must be between and man and a woman.

6. Effective changes to our system of government to ensure proper application of the Constitution and Common Law at all times, instead of highly strained judicial interpretations, or deliberate violations. Ensuring State's Rights via Subsidiarity and the 10th Amendment, and stopping unfunded legislation from Congress. Fair changes to election financing.

 7. Charity: adequate care for the needy: the disabled; the ill; the elderly and the unemployed. Able men, however, must work where possible.

8. Minimal but effective and right-sized Government. (We do not really need 1,170 or so government organizations) Employing right reason to effect fewer, more efficient and less expensive organizations.

9. Free markets with sensible and effective restraints (a mixed economy) is needed to ensure a level playing field against the machinations of the lawless. Getting control of Wall Street sharpies.

10. Helping others in the world: both economically and with aid for disasters. Supporting sensible globalization.

11. Strong defense against all forms of aggression, and especially Islamic Jihad at this time. Preservation and strengthening of our network of mutual defense treaties. Being prepared to defend our freedoms when needed. Just war and just killing.

12. Preventing and rolling back judicial activism in favor of judicial restraint.

13. Willfully accepting the many needed religious, social, business and legal constraints of our society. Again, walking with God.

14. Defending private property from improper takeover by government.

15. Maintaining the sovereignty of the US inviolate and our borders secure.

16. Deemphasizing the role of the United Nations and avoiding any possibility of it becoming a world government that would destroy or limit our Constitution.  (The world is not yet ready for representative government.)

17. Repealing the liberal-supported Executive Orders, legislation, and the massive regulations imposed by the current administration. Employing conservative concepts throughout. Reining in the EPA and other departments.

18. Encouraging small businesses to start and grow by reducing their reporting and tax loads, and by eliminating or reducing some mandatory employee benefits. Making big businesses competitive worldwide.

19. Encouraging global economic health, and ensuring that the sea and air pathways for international commerce remain open for all. Promoting Christian democracy worldwide.

20. Revising the tax codes of the nation along the lines of a single consumption tax and no other taxes, instead of a progressive tax system.  Shaming those who practice the politics of envy, they are violating the Ten Commandments (Do not covet!).

21.Replacing Obamacare and devising a free market healthcare system that is fair to all. Reinforcing the doctor-patient relationship.

22.  Maintaining and enhancing our Christian Worldview community. This includes the many mediating organizations of men that interface with government to further their points of view, such as the Churches, NRA,  Freemasons, and many others.  The US remaining a dominantly Christian nation.

23. Disbanding the Department of Education. Revising the education system to ensure both K-12, college and vocational students have truly adequate preparation for becoming good, prosperous citizens, and avoiding all leftwing brainwashing methods of current academic vogue.

24. Countering the proponents of radical changes to our Christian Worldview and Constitution: such changes that can be fostered on our citizens by secular humanism, Marxism, postmodernism or Islam, Etc.






Key References: Fourteen Books of Vital Importance to this Belief System

1. The King James Bible
2. Understanding Our Times, by Jeff Myers and David Noebel
3. How Now Shall We Live, by Charles Colson and Nancy Pearsey
4. What We Can't Not Know, by J, Budziszewski
5. Mind Siege, by Tim LaHaye and David Noebel
6. The Complete C.S. Lewis, a Signature Classic
7. Written on the Heart, by J. Budziszewski
8. The 5000 Year Leap, by W. Cleon Skousen
9.The Big Questions, by Nils Ch. Rauhut
10. Natural Law and Human Nature, by Father J. Koterski, S.J.
11. Intellectuals and Society, by Thomas Sowell
12.The World is Curved by David M. Smick
13.Signature in the Cell, by Stephen C. Meyers
14.The Elegant Universe, by Brian Greene


We are on the wrong path: we must walk back to find the right path.

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