Wednesday, December 09, 2015


What is the Truth About Muslims in America?

It seems to me that few posters on Trump's statement about Muslims are ready and willing to ask truly fundamental questions about Islam: Do American Muslims sigh up to all the necessary provisions of the Koran? Does the Koran require their adherents to perform jihad when called upon to do so? Would they? Do Muslims in America believe in the many jihad statements, around 127, in the Koran? Do they believe in the ultimate triumph of Islam and a world Caliphate or not? Do they believe in the abrogated Suras? Do they believe in the remainder of the Koran? Do these posters realize that the Hadith states that Muslims living in foreign nations must remain loyal to Islam or be considered apostates and subject to being killed? Do American Muslims believe that they are permitted by the Koran to lie, cheat, steal, and even murder infidels without any Islamic penalty?

Further, the Hadith states that Muslims can adapt to the foreign nation's laws and culture while being internally loyal to Islam, but they must be ready and willing to perform jihad when called upon to do so by Islamic leaders, or risk apostasy and death. Do American Muslims believe this too? Are American Muslims ultimately willing to subjugate or kill infidels here in the US, when their strength in numbers is sufficient? Do we recognize that Muslims adhere to a belief in Islam as both a religion, and a government, and a way of life? Is that true of American Muslims?

This supports the fact that you cannot examine most American Muslims, or any Muslim immigrant or visitor, and determine their true loyalty to the US, democracy, and freedom, as opposed to Islam. Their religion permits them to lie to infidels. It also supports the idea that there is a risk of significant proportions in allowing numbers of Muslims to enter the US, either as visitors or as immigrants, and it raises suspicion that the current and growing Muslim population in the US poses a similar threat of ultimate jihad against infidels when the time is right later on according to foreign Islamic leaders--even 20 or 30 years from now. as their numbers grow.

A clear and definitive answer to these crucial questions, driven by the Koran, is missing in the meta dialogue about Islam and Muslims in the US today. I would be very grateful to anyone that can totally and factually refute these provisions of the Koran and the Hadith for Muslims in America. This is not a question of bigotry, but simply an honest question of whither Islam in America, and what to do with true answers, if anything.

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