Sunday, October 29, 2006


American Directions

A Few Comments

Midterm Elections

With the MSM spinning every poll, and trashing the Bush Administration at every turn, it would be an enormous defeat for the Dems if the GOP held both the House and the Senate. The left-leaning press and the Dems have been blasting the President for six years, so if that doesn’t take, the GOP is going to be in office for a long, long time.

World Opinion

Not surprisingly, the Bush Administration is focused first and foremost on what is best for the US, and not what is most favorable to influence world opinion. There are two interesting aspects to this very deliberate shunting aside of world opinion: 1) many, if not most, of the nations of the world are not democracies, not moral, and don’t have a dog in this fight, so their collective opinions are biased and worthless; and, 2) those that are democracies are utterly intimidated by their large population of Muslims, their financial interests in Islamic nations, and their pacifist crowd, rendering them ineffective and weak, but still very loud in voice, as if they had remained the power brokers of the international scene they used to be. World opinion is absolutely no basis for making decisions, and we can be thankful the our President knows this well. We can be fearful, however, that Dems do not know this basic maxim.

Vote Republican

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Terrorist Sniper Videos on CNN

A Massive Faliure of Judgement

What possessed CNN to show this terrorist video of killing American Soldiers I cannot imagine. Someone should be fired for classifying the death of a soldier in this manner as "newsworthy."
I would say that it is again leftist attempts to show our efforts in Iraq in the worst possible, horrific manner in order to influence citizens against the Iraqi war. We don't need this kind of poisonous thinking in America, so I believe it will end up much to the detriment of the MSM and greatly to the advantage of the Administration of G.W. Bush.


American Leadership

May God Help Us if Dems Take Control

Talking about leadership! Just who can the Dems put forward as our Leader in 2008? Hillary, the Amazon Warleader? What a laugh: we get a duo in the bargin, and Slick Willie gets his favorite, uh, playground back. Kerry? Sanctimonious flipper. Obama? Spring chicken. Gore the Bore? Too inconveniently emotional, too tainted with being the bagman for Clinton, and fatally unhinged. This is truly a disaster time, if these noodnicks are all we can expect. Add ultra-liberal Pelosi to the team and we get turned into Left Coast pacifists.

Romney or Gingrich would offer real leadership, prudence, knowledge of the international scene, intelligence, true understanding of the American psyche, and long experience in government. There is no real contest here.

Vote Republican.

Monday, October 23, 2006


Pelosi and Impeachment

Before the election, Nancy Pelosi states that any impeachment of Bush is "off the table." After the election, and given that the Dems take back the house, there will be a sea change on this issue. Pelosi knows that the threat of impeachment is a loser for the election, but practically inevitable after they win. Representative Conyers is pursuing a bill now that does start the impeachment process. Do you, citizens of America, believe that Bush should be impeached?

I do not.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


John Kerry--Again?

Senator John Kerry, Mr. Flip-Flop, is gearing up to run again for the presidency. This is wonderful news! At one fell swoop he will drag down Hillary, and elect a Republican president. Kerry's ego has no bounds; he was a dismal failure before and will be again. I encourage him to go all out for the nomination!

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Critical Issues

What are the most difficult of the challenges to the USA?

There is little question in my mind. We face one internal challenge, and one external challenge:

Internally: the secular humanist movement, coupled with the far-left, kooky, progressive element in support of the humanists, represents a grave threat to our peace and tranquility, our spirit and resolve, and our freedoms and liberties. If one reads the Humanist Manifesto 2000, you get the picture of a barren society, devoid of religion, and with the children made wards of the state from the earliest time “in order to educate them.”

Externally: Islamism is the main foreign threat to our society over the next 20 years, as the Muslims conquer Europe and much of the Far East, and begin to pressure us more seriously in the US. Already, we have about six million Muslims in the States, and that will grow by double in 20 years. Islam is not compatible with our laws, our way of life, or our own goals for the nation. We only need to look at the news to see what Islam does around the world. We do not want that here, and will fight to keep it out.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Some Reminders

Memo to me:

Dems want to cut and run from Iraq, leaving undone that which we have paid dearly to do, and with all of the victory going to the Jihadists.

Dems want to impeach Bush. No matter how muted they are about it now, if they get in office, they will do it.

Dems want gay marriage, and the unfolding of Christian man and woman partnerships.

Dems want to continue to kill babies as they have done over the past few years. Over a million a year aborted.

Dems simply love to trash our moral base by promoting porn, promiscuity, and freedom from moral guilt.

Dems want us to have a secular humanist society, which translates into eliminating Christianity, ignoring the moral basis of the nation, and moving towards World Government, such as under the UN! Atheists!

Dems do not have one concrete plan for any single issue before us. They have been too busy trying to obstruct the current Administration’s efforts in any direction they can.

Dems want to legislate from the Supreme Court, and thus bypass Congress and the President in installing their Secular Humanist government.

Dems do not know how to protect the nation. They want to talk-talk far after the time has come for action. They are weaklings in a World of Tigers.

Dems want to change the Constitution to permit popular voting for President, so that they have a better chance to win.

Dems are all for Politically Correct speech and a litany of Hate Crimes with which to punish those who resent other people.

Dems are the tax and spend party-- have been, and will be.
All of our tax breaks would go!

Dems, Limousine Liberals all, believe in taxing the rich. One problem is, they don’t pass it on to the poor, it seems. It sticks in their grubby little hands. Ever notice that? Take Soros as a concrete example. He is the billionaire who bought and paid for the Democratic Party.

Dems appear to want us to copy the Europeans in our manners, our culture, and our socialistic outlook. Just before the EU is overtaken by Muslims and the culture of Islam.

Dems want us to reduce the military to a militia level, and take away their guns, too, or at least the public’s guns. They want us toothless in the face of their takeover. Clinton did it to the tune of a 35-40% reduction in the DOD, and we have suffered ever since. Now is not the time to be reducing the military. We may be at war with Iran in a year or so, or less.

Just a few reminders to let me remember what I am voting for, and against, soon.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Victory in Iraq?

Just what does victory mean?

We seem to think in terms of a stable government and a secure country, largely devoid of IED bombs and assassinations, as being the final ending place in Iraq. Somewhere along the path we step down and slowly withdraw from confrontations with the Islamofascists, and the tribal militias that currently plague the nation. The Shias, Sunnis and Kurds have been at each other’s throats for centuries however, and it appears that our deposing of Saddam has done little more than to change the dynamics of these ancient conflicts, and to paper them over temporarily with a national unity government, together with a somewhat shaky army and police force. Real loyalties are still found within the tribal leadership of each sect, and their private militias are not being disarmed and disbanded.

In fact, it is hard to see that the general population has been disarmed to any real extent, because large caches of arms are still being discovered all over Iraq. Hence the ever present threat of civil war, which some say is no longer a threat, but a fact. Our idea is apparently to back up this government, continue to train its army and police force, and bet on the eventual peaceful solidification of the nation by the national unity leaders in Iraq, and the forces they have available to stop insurgencies.

There could be some shifts in the governmental arrangements coming that would give significant autonomy to the Shias and Sunnis just as the Kurds have had for some time. The national government would be the manager of the armed forces, the national police, and the oil reserves and contracts, with the proceeds to be shared between the three sects.

It is obvious that the sharing rule itself would be hotly contested, with the Shias claiming a share proportional to their population, and the Sunnis and Kurds demanding at least an equal share. Add the spice of continuing, habitual corruption in the government and the business sector, and we have the makings of a very long and arduous conflict that would continue to spark thoughts of insurrection by the sects, if not outright war.

We do act as a stabilizing force now, and so long as the army and police forces grow in reliability and loyalty to the idea of national unity, there is some hope of reaching the end goal. The catch is, however, that we may well be trapped into providing that stabilizing force for a far longer time than we want, and we would take more casualties as a result. To be credible, this residual American force would have to be substantial, on the order of two to three divisions of troops, or perhaps 50,000 men for years and years. That would be our cost to follow through.

Our cost for not following through to a victorious end would be even more deadly in both lives and treasure lost on all sides, as the Shias and Sunnis would battle it out to a bloody end after we leave. Either sect being the winner would be a disaster for us: after slaughtering most of the Sunni, the Shias would align with Iran to create an oil kingdom against us; while the Sunnis would slaughter most of the Shias, and probably align with Russia for yet another oil kingdom against us. The retreat this implies for the US would be a huge victory for the Islamofascists, and a strong impetus for them to do it again and again around the world, as, in their eyes, we have not been able to stop them.

It would appear, then, that keeping the lid on Iraq, supporting their national government, helping to neutralize the militias, and having some say in enforcing their oil contracts with us would be much to our benefit, and to the benefit of thousands and thousands of Iraqi who would most likely die if we withdrew. It is also of great benefit to the US to have some permanent bases in Iraq from which to project our power in the Middle East for some time to come. Iran is a trouble spot of the first magnitude, thus our bases in Iraq would be invaluable should war break out against Iran in the next few years.

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