Sunday, October 29, 2006


American Directions

A Few Comments

Midterm Elections

With the MSM spinning every poll, and trashing the Bush Administration at every turn, it would be an enormous defeat for the Dems if the GOP held both the House and the Senate. The left-leaning press and the Dems have been blasting the President for six years, so if that doesn’t take, the GOP is going to be in office for a long, long time.

World Opinion

Not surprisingly, the Bush Administration is focused first and foremost on what is best for the US, and not what is most favorable to influence world opinion. There are two interesting aspects to this very deliberate shunting aside of world opinion: 1) many, if not most, of the nations of the world are not democracies, not moral, and don’t have a dog in this fight, so their collective opinions are biased and worthless; and, 2) those that are democracies are utterly intimidated by their large population of Muslims, their financial interests in Islamic nations, and their pacifist crowd, rendering them ineffective and weak, but still very loud in voice, as if they had remained the power brokers of the international scene they used to be. World opinion is absolutely no basis for making decisions, and we can be thankful the our President knows this well. We can be fearful, however, that Dems do not know this basic maxim.

Vote Republican

You said it!!! What we should do is throw out all those NATO European sissies fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan and send our own GI's in instead. We all know those surrender monkeys will just let the Taliban win if they stay. 50,000 US Marines will finish the job and win the War.

After Afghanistan is won, we can send a total of 250,000 US Troops to Iraq. Kill every Al Queda Member and string-up Al Sadr!!! So what if the GIs go for their 4th Tour? We must keep fighting till the job is done!!!
(grin) Looks like I caught one of those rabid lefties with this post.
However, he unwittingly laid out a winning strategy for Afgan and Iraq: Wipe out the Islamofascists, preferably in Iraq or Afgan.

Added comment: Soldiers sign up and make a covenent with the military, all voluntarily. They must train, fight, and stay where ordered till relieved. In WWII, for example, our troops stayed for the duration...four years. It has been a humane practice of the military to rotate troops, but that is entirely unnecessary. Four tours of 8 months, perhaps? How about one tour of four years?

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