Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Clinton Shows His Ass

That Clinton Snarl Stays With Me!

What we have seen on TV is the off-the-air Clinton, the usual snarler around the office and home. I suddenly have a mild case of sympathy for Hillary, except that I am sure she gives quite as much as she takes in the infighting. When we talk about lying, we should examine the lies Bubba gave us in the interview. "I tried", he said, to kill OBL. If he means shooting at the Afghan training camp with Tomahawk missiles, that is the real extent of "trying". Problem with that is the timing, and it was a very long shot at best, not a proper assassination attempt. So he gets no credit for destroying an empty camp.

The remarkable thing was that a Democratic President stated on public TV with great force that he ordered the killing of OBL. I do not believe any President to my knowledge has ever publically admitted he ordered a killing before Clinton's tirade, and it was such a weak attempt at it that we can simply ignore it altogether. A Special Forces team would have succeeded, whereas tossing bombs at a mountain from 700 miles away is simply unlikely to have the desired results. So, as he said, "I failed!" Indeed he did, almost as if he set it up that way.

He also claimed that he passed a comprehensive plan for counterterrorism to the Bush Administration, which is patently untrue, as Condolizza Rice has pointed out in detail. The Bush Team had to start from scratch, because Bubba was not into counterterrorism, as witness his disasterous handling of the USS Cole, the Embassy bombings, and the Somalia fiasco. I suppose he was too infatuated with his little fat intern to pay attention to the real world. Or, maybe he was counting the money he got from the Chinese.

Here is proof of the kind of lying leadership we get from a Democratic President when we are attacked.

May God help us if that ever happens again! Hillary? We are totally in the soup if that happens.


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