Friday, September 22, 2006


Muslims in America: Where is the Outrage?

The silence is telling!

Muslims in America are loyal either to the US or to Islam, there can be no compromise between the two. Our open and free society, with all of its spectrum of behaviors that are anathema to Muslims, is threatened from without by Islamofascists. If Muslims here were loyal to the US, they would stand up and demonstrate against their terrorist bretheren in Iraq, in Iran, in Afghanistan, and all over the world. Do we hear their shouts of disapproval in our streets? No. Do we see a procession of Muslims standing up and denouncing terrorism and the Islamofascists? No. Do we see article after article by Muslims in our publications stridently calling for a halt to terrorism? No.

Does anyone take this in and wonder about it, or are we asleep again? The six million Muslims in America are quiet. They are not making a statement strongly and unmistakably that their loyalties lie with us and not Islam. The only rational conclusion to make is that they are loyal to Islam. Are they a Fifth Column?


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