Tuesday, August 29, 2006


A National Shame

Cut and Run in Iraq Just as We Did in Vietnam

It is 2006, I know, and it is August 29th. Who are we now in America? Are we the people that fielded 11 million men to defeat Hitler? Are we really so namby-pamby that we cannot see our way to fight all-out anymore? Are we a nation of sheep that follows the so-called elite among us who never saw the good in anything? Are we so afraid of war that we cower in our homes, hoping that it will just blow away like a hurricane? Do we listen to these pacifists that tell us we are bad, bad people for taking the war to the terrorists?

Do we really care what “World Opinion” says about us, or are we better than that? World opinion does not feed the poor. World opinion does not give 35 billion dollars a year to impoverished nations. World opinion does not roll back the Islamofacists wherever they pop up. World opinion didn’t save New York on 9/11. Do we really care what the French think, or the Germans, or the Italians, or anyone else? Why should we? These people do not even defend themselves adequately. They are out for themselves, and have been all along. They have an enormous threat within their countries in a Muslim population that by 2050 or so will be in the majority, yet they are still on the multicultural kick that dooms them.

No one seems to realize the full import of the Islamic threat to the West, including us here in the US, except for a few that have tracked the situation and have tried to warn us. Most of us are apologizing for the Muslims, agreeing with their propaganda that they are a peaceful religion, while reading daily about their killings, bombings, sniping, and other acts of sheer horror. Why do we excuse them? They are our deadly enemy. And they have told us so over and over. Why don’t we believe them?

We should be gearing up for war now. We should impose the draft again. We need a lot of troop power. We should be building the weapons needed for a global war against Islam. Not just those who profess peace, but all Muslims are the enemy, or they will be when the time is ripe in their opinion. No Muslim can be trusted because their allegiance is to Allah and Muhammad, and NOT the US. Their religion forces them to be that way.

Instead, we are actively debating about pulling out of Iraq! This is a huge mistake. Sooner or later we will need more bases in the ME, because we will have to be taking on Iran, Syria and any other Islamic nation that throws in with them. We should be reinforcing our troops in Iraq, and be digging in for the long haul.

But far too many of us are bitten by the poisonous spider of leftwing ideology which seems to want us to fail, to be destroyed, so that they can rebuild America along socialist ideals—yes, the very communist ideals that have failed over and over in the world.

The idiots simply do not realize that they will not have that chance! If America falls, it will be to a totalitarian mob that will oppress us for 75 years or more, not some pie-in-the-sky utopia.

Now is the time to gird for the battle.


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