Friday, August 11, 2006


A Good Save--This time

The Brits, Paks, and US cooperated to put down the latest attempt to wreck havoc on the US economy and the thousands of people innocently riding in the airliners the terrorists planned to bomb. Three cheers!

The lesson, of course, is very clear. We are not safe, we are not immune from the Islamic jihadists, just plain lucky, with a tinge of hard effort to develop the situation. The jihadists are going to attack again and again, and we must be ready. More than that, we must be willing to defeat them, eradicate them, yes, kill them, wherever they are found.

Not all Muslims, just the radicalized ones; but I have little idea which ones are moderate and which are radical, and they don't wear signs telling us, or paint themselves white or red. Since the moderates are afraid of the radicals, they cower in their homes and mosques, and play good Islamicists, never to take the lead in turning on their brothers that plot the overthrow of Western democracies. Then too, there is ample evidence that moderates can be "turned " into radicals with a bit of evil pressure by the jihadists--threatening whole families with death if they don't support the radicals.

I was particularly pleased that President Bush used the term Islamic facists in his comments. A quite proper label. The time will come when America must choose: fight the Islamofacists all out, or surrender. There is no doubt in my mind which way the majority will choose. Leave it to the passivists to abjectly surrender, but they must be neutralized, that is, rendered ineffective, lest they support the jihadists at the worst time in order to curry favor and achieve a comfortable dhimmitude. Reminds me of the "better red than dead" era.


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