Wednesday, June 14, 2006


European Hate for the US

Bush Hatred Isn't The Major Cause.

After living in Europe for a total of over 14 years, and having observed their educational practices, both by direct contact and through my wife's and my children's experiences in the schools there, it is perfectly plain why the Europeans show such hatred for the US. The school systems are dominated there by leftwing idiologues, who sell socialism and communism on a daily basis to their students. More to the point, each and every action of the US, both internally and in foreign relations, is deliberately twisted and portrayed to the students in a way that makes the US appear to have committed some monstrous act against mankind. This has been going on ever since WWII throughout the school systems there, as our many and varied student contacts have uncovered.

My children spent a goodly part of every day defending America from preposterous claims by indoctrinated students. It became so difficult for them that we had to place them in a protected school environment, which was not easy to find. Education in Europe has become politically biased against America. We feel their hate every day, read it in their newspapers, and hear it on their radio and TV. It is a wonder that more American tourists have not been assaulted and harmed. Yet, the European business people realize that our tourists are golden to their country, and the main tourist venues are indeed made safe. Cynical, they certainly are.

Now they have another deadly threat to their existence: that of Islamification. This time, I am afraid we cannot come to their rescue as we have done twice before. We cannot afford it; we don't have the troop power without a draft; we cannot attack religous takeovers from within very readily; they show their contempt for the US and its people; and the Europeans should solve their own messes. After all, they made the pact with Muslims to exchange immigrants for cheap oil.

They are in grave peril from their own stupidity (as are we, of course, with our stupid illegal immigrant problems). It is only after they have made a supreme effort to fix their problems, and after they have pleaded with us, and given us what we want as reparations, that we should go to their aid.

One reparation I can think of is the dismantling of the EU structure and its elite bureaucrats in Belgium, and, especially, the dismissal of the International Criminal Court. Another is the dissolution of the UN and the formation of an International Coalition of True Democracies to take up the battle for a world free of war and poverty.

Maybe they hate you because you are arrogant and always calling everyone stupid?
Nah! The only people I call stupid are stupid people.

You might be aware that European schools have used LEFTIST TEACHERS for the past 30 years or so, and their teachings are bearing fruit now in this unreasoned hatred of the US. As I said, I know this from ten years of it in Europe. The past two generations or so of students have been subjected to lying anti-American propaganda for their entire lives.

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