Saturday, April 29, 2006


Dear President Bush

Time to get tough

Please stand up and support a comprehensive and fair immigration bill. A bill with provisions that:

1. Close the borders effectively to illegal entry.

2. Prosecute severely those who hire illegals.

3. Permits sufficient migrant workers to enter under control.

4. Permits sufficient permanent immigrants to enter under control.

5. Allows eventual citizenship to those who assimilate properly.

6. Allows all law officers to arrest and initiate deportation.

7. Sets up a deportation system under strict supervision.

8. Requires all aliens to register and be thoroughly identified.

9. Requires all aliens to report to a law agency every three months.

10.Deports any alien found not in compliance with the law.

Over a period of three to five years these provisions could materially reduce the problem of illegal immigration, if border control is initiated first.

Thank you


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