Thursday, April 06, 2006


An Illegal Immigration Myth

We Can Deport The Illegals If we Desire To Do So

The myth coursing through the debate on what to do with illegal immigrants is that there are too many to deport. That is rank nonsense. Of course we can deport them if we really want to go at it.

Recall what we did in World War II. We mobilized over 10 million men, constructed bases for them and their equipment, supported them, trained them in the use of weapons and many other skills, and shipped them all over the US and the rest of the world, all in a matter of three years or so. It was indeed a massive undertaking, but we did it, just as we could do it now. We can afford it too.

I am not advocating the mass deportation of our 11 million illegals, just those who are criminals or undesirables, which in itself is not a small problem. But I get disturbed by those who sagely nod their heads when some idiot says: "there are too many to deport."

We have the capability, we have the resources, we have the logistics knowledge, and we have the model of such an enterprise. So take that asinine statement off the table. It simply shows either ignorance or extreme bias in favor of amnesty, or both.


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