Friday, March 10, 2006



Just How Many Teapots Are There?

Let me see, we have had a teapot tempest about Iraq, stirred up by the leftist pacifists; we have had a tempest about Katrina response timing; a tempest about Valere Plame being outed by someone; a big tempest in a teapot about Bush's National Guard service; a tempest because Dick Cheney had a hunting accident; and a huge tempest in a teapot because the media misrepresented the Ports deal shamefully and aroused public sentiment negatively, before they knew all the facts; and I am sure someone could remind me of three or four other tempests in a teapot that the MSM and leftwing rabble-rausers have caused in the last five years. The common thread to all of these events is a hysterical MSM and a looney left taking every possible opportunity to misread, misinterpret, and cast the Administration in a bad light.

So be it. They have earned the deaf ear they are getting, the falling circulation, and the contempt of the public at large. Of course this only frustrates them more and causes them to become shriller and even more biased in their (so-called) reporting, which is really merely shilling for the leftist ideologues we have in too great an abundance.

There is at least one teapot per reporter, one teapot per biased newspaper, and one teapot per leftist intellectual or professor (which is an enormous waste of brainpower and paper).

That is far, far too many tempests in innocent little teapots that had rather not be labeled for any tempests at all.


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