Sunday, February 12, 2006


Watch the Diplomats Dance!

Apologies Demanded for the Cartoons of Muhammad

The proper response to the Islamic rioting, demonstrating and killing people is not an apology at all, but rather, a stern lecture to the entire Islamic World on the freedom of speech we enjoy and intend to continue to enjoy in the West.

Further demonstrations should serve to isolate the Islamic World from acceptance in the West. Once we have perfected the use of hydrogen as a fuel for our automobiles, I see absolutely no need to continue to deal with these types of barbarians: the sooner we stop, the better. Let them play in their sandpiles and stay out of the West. Such behavior is not acceptable in the West, and should be rejected strongly. Of course, they are perfectly free to riot and kill all they want to in their own countries!

However, if the Muslims renounce terrorism and show respect for Western laws and freedoms, and also show the will to take a few jokes about their religion as Christianity does, then they can join humanity once more.

Personally, I do not indulge in drawing cartoons to show disrespect to anyone's religion, but obviously there are those who do, and it is their right to do so in the West, whether it is totally impolitic or simply boorish to do such things.

This show of indignation by Muslims is far beyond sanity and should stop now.


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