Monday, February 06, 2006


The Quadrennial Defense Review

QDR Comment

The kind of obscure language in the QDR hides the real plan very nicely, and cannot directly be used by our internal and external enemies to rant and rail. But it also obscures the plan from the public quite well, and it is the public who pays the bills.

We still need a goodly measure of big-ticket items--tanks, strykers, attack fighters, deep sea and close-in types of ships, tankers, and new missiles. Perhaps not as many as before, but we do need a continuing development of better tools of war, and the ability to produce them rapidly when needed.

It seems that we lose sight of this after every major engagement, and are usually embarassed early on in the next engagement we find ourselves in. The nation thirsts for a "peace dividend" that ends up costing us in lives and territory downstream.

We are usually reluctant to train enough men to form a truly effective major fighting force and a major occupying force at the same time. Thus generations of our men grow up never having seen a firing range, or ever developing a real understanding of what the military is all about.

We are slowly coming to the realization that Islam is a worldwide and deadly threat to our well-being, but they are not the only threats out there. China and Russia must be checked as well.

It would be logical, but totally impolitic to join now with the EU nations to literally wipe out Islam as a major force, not to mention that it is against our dominant religions' morality to perform the slaughter this would entail.

It will take more time for the West to realize that accomodation and appeasement of Islam will not work. My hope is that this realization does not come too late to be effective.

In the end, we will have to defeat and occupy practically the entire Middle East, and be prepared to fend off the Chinese and Russian counter-threats at the same time.
What happens meanwhile in our Western societies, with their large populations of Muslims, is duanting to think about.


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