Tuesday, May 30, 2017




Our hurricane woes are increasing; something must be done!


1.  Possible Wars:                 North Korea, China, Iran, ISIS, Iraq, Russia.

                                               Trump rebuilding the military, seeking allies.


2.  Immigration Woes:            Too many bad actors Illegally in the nation.

                                               Trump enforcing laws, building a wall.


3. Regulation Woes:              EPA (and other Departments) excessive zeal.

                                               Trump Executive Orders rescinding many.


4. Financial Woes:                 National Debt, Entitlements excesses, Jobs.

                                               Trump's ten-year resolution. lower taxes


 5. Christian Woes:                Agnosticism, Atheism rising, Morality falling.

                                               A national sickness no politician can fix.


6. Health Care Woes:            Obamacare failing; Trump Care going slowly.

                                               Trump fighting for a better solution.


Massive, mad resistance to the Trump Administration and Trump himself is hurting the nation. and is making resolution of these six hurricanes far more difficult, if not impossible, all due to obstruction and vengeful, fabricated personal attacks on the President and his Administration. The Democratic Party and secular humanism must be held accountable at the polls for this chaotic situation.


Monday, May 29, 2017


A Rant Against Progressivism


       Progressive and Liberal Goals, Directions and Achievements

This list contains the 36 most egregious recent tenets, directions, goals and achievements of modern-day Progressivism and Liberalism. There are many more that could be added, such as free college, but the entries here will do for now:

1.     Abortions---60 Million of them! This is murder, a Decalogue Sin.

2.     Same-Sex Marriage---Throughout the US, making mockery of marriage.

3.      Victimhood---Keeping the poor and disadvantaged in their places.

4.      Redistribution of Wealth---The Robin Hood Syndrome for Government.

5.      Envy of the Rich and Powerful---Equal results for all, a first-class sin: envy!

6.      Open Borders--To bring more victims into the US; including gangsters.

7.      Sanctuary Cities---Support your local Illegal Immigrant.

8.      Minimum Wage---Raise It again and again, and lose low-paying job positions.

9.      Collectivism---Socialism, leading to Communism, and then Totalitarianism.

10.  Elite Rule---First the elites, then the military, and then the rest of us.

11.  Atheism---Denial of the existence of God, wanting a godless world.

12.  Moral Relativism---Indiscrimination writ large; all ethics and moralities are equal.

13.  Political Correctness---A long list of strangling, debate-ending  taboos.

14.  Non-Enforcement of Laws---The laws they don't like are not enforced.

15.  Anthropic Global Warming (AGW)--- Poor science, scam, reaching for power.

16.   Professorships--A Liberal/Progressive lock at many universities.

17.  Saul Alinsky---Rules for radical liberals/progressives to gain power; even lying.

18.  Single-Payer Healthcare---Free healthcare for all from the Government.

19.  Obstructionism---Blocking Republican/Conservative initiatives in any way possible.

20.  Cloward-Piven---Using C-P strategy to break the US system through crises.

21.  Arrogance---Smugness to a fault; inferiority complex, false superiority complex.

22.  Verbal Verbosity---Rapid deluge of ideas, overwhelming opponents with lies.

23.  Unrealistic Ideas---Forcing people into an Inhuman "Modern Man" mold; more lies.

24.  Fallacious Logic--- 50 types of bad logic, difficult to defeat in real time; lies too.

25.  Anti-Second Amendment---Guns are evil! Ban them all, no defense at home.

26.  Anti-Death Penalty--- Bleeding hearts for murderers, traitors and rapists.

27.  Anti-Christianity---Obvious for atheists, collectivists, humanists, all Jesus Deniers.

28.  Hardened Criminals Released---Murderers and other hardened types freed.

29.  Children Raised Irresponsibly--- Humanist Ideas for communes with no parents.

30.  Media Bias---Biases against rational conservative ideas; creating lies.

31.  Gramsci---Adopting Italian communist's plan to conquer a nation for communism.

32.  Foreign Policy---Making enemies of friends---Insulting the UK, France, Italy...

33.  Foreign Policy---Trying to make friends of enemies, Russia, Iran, for example.

34.  The National Debt---Doubled in 8 years under Obama, with no attempt to reduce it.

35.  K12/College Curricula ---Tuned to liberal objectives, omitting key knowledge.

36. Multicultural Diversity--- Diversity for its own sake is simply wrong.



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