Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Another Clinton

Are we going to elect the first woman to the office of president?

Following eight years of the first black president and his shameful legacy, does America realy think that we need to have yet another first, that of a woman? A woman, Hillary Clinton, a staunch Democrat, who has just about the same qualifications for president as did Obama, or perhaps a bit less. What, can anyone tell me, are her rockbottom qualifications? An ex First Lady? Well, that might give her a little insight into the job, but doesn't rank as executive experience.  Secretary of State? In light of the abject failures of her tenure at State it is hardly possible to give her any credit there at all, especially after Benghazi and her "what does it matter?, speech. Are there any other notable results that we can credit her with on the national scene?
If there are no voices to be heard, we must not vote her into office.

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