Thursday, May 23, 2019


One View of Atheism

Some time ago, as I developed my worldview in diagrammatic form, I realized that the belief system I was creating based upon my view of God, very clearly separated that Godly belief from a belief in various forms of morality, virtue, right reason, truth, freedom, and just about everything having to do with The American Way; in short, it included atheism. What was left out, of course, was the belief in the Bible, the life and death of Jesus, resurrection, salvation, and heaven after death.

What this could mean for atheists then is the view that this life was all there is, and there is nothing to look forward to in an afterlife. The mark they leave on the nation, good or bad, and the world too, is the only possible legacy of their lives.

Of the many ways an atheist could express himself, I selected three obvious possible types:

Type 1) He merges into the general public virtually indistinguishable from all others, except he doesn't go to church and he tends to socialize with his kindred spirits on the Left and likely accepts some form of Natural Law. He does not represent a threat to the nation;

Type 2) He very loudly proclaims his atheism and argues incessantly with Christians and others over the issues he holds against religion, but he is a true American despite his lack of belief in God and his left-thinking. A very annoying sort, but not a threat to the nation;

Type 3)  He is not only an atheist, he readily turns to support various forms of Leftward Collectivity, such as Progressivism, Socialism or Communism, quite largely in the belief that he and his kind are more intelligent, more attuned to the world, and better able to direct the lives of the rest of us than under our so-called outdated and rickety Constitution, our economic system, and our wildly unpredictable political system. His mindset has been shaped by outside influences to believe he is most definitely in the right and the most rational of people.

He, too, is destined to argue not only against our American way of life, but also our government, our political system, our economic system, and our Christian religion. Most probably he hates Trump and most other rich people with a passion.

He downplays the many outstanding historical failures of atheistic Collectivism, attributing the failures to the vagaries of mankind that he and his compatriots would be able to master if only they had the power. Then too, they believe they are smart enough to run the complex economy we have using computers for the better good of the citizens.

Finally, he believes in shaping the mindset of our citizens to become adherents to the new Collective way over time. This type is indeed a threat to the nation. Some radicals of this type champion the Marxist idea of destruction of the nation in order to rebuild it in the Communist way.

Do these types resonate with any of the denizens we know? It would be wise to identify very carefully the 3rd types in our society and keep them in clear view, as well as recognizing their small and large efforts to convert our citizens to their way of thinking.


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