Tuesday, January 30, 2007


The Iraq Debacle

We see the evidence every day.

Just about every Dimdem is finding a slot on TV and in the MSM to rail and whine about the war in Iraq, and the President’s plan to augment our forces there. The air time and inches of space in newspapers (make that opinion papers) has favored the Dimdems and the Left by factors approaching 6 to 1. Now the threat of cutting off the money is receiving increased publicity, as if the Dimdems are trying the idea on to see if we, the public, will go along with it. We should NOT go along with it!

This is the real debacle--the Dimdems! They do not address the problem itself, only their ferocious desire for us to disengage in Iraq, as if that would be a solution to the Mid East chaos caused by Muslims.

It makes one wonder whether these Leftwitches are in the pay of the Islamic Alliance. Every move the Dimdems have made seems to be directly beneficial to Palestinians, Arabs and Persians, and hiding behind that position is a distinctly anti-Israel bias as well.

I accuse the Dimdems of perfidy, hypocrisy, lust for power, and a willingness to do or say literally anything to grab it. I could not look in my mirror every day and like myself if I had violated our ethics and our trust as Dimdems have. Dishonesty and double dealing is not something I could live with.

We must oppose these clowns, but as I have stated in an earlier post, I do not believe we will confront the Islamic problem fully until we lose Britain, France, Holland, Belgium, NYC, Washington, or San Francisco to a Muslim takeover or to a Muslim-planted nuke. There are far too many do-good, soft-hearted fools in the country that cannot see the threat of Islam for what it is, and they mostly vote for the Dimdems.

I pray to God that the light of truth will shine on our Congressmen for a change.

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Sunday, January 28, 2007


Islam Revisited

What to do until the next attack?

Let us be warned: Islam in its entirety is the enemy of the free, democratic world. All Muslims are potential terrorists and conquerors. This cannot be otherwise if these people profess to be Muslim and to follow the Islamic faith.

The numerous sects within Islam, which I have counted to be at least 20 or so, are often literally at each others throats, but they unite against the common enemies of Islam, namely Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Shintoism, and any others that interfere.

They unite also against major inroads by the culture, economics and laws of the free West against Sharia Law. Even more important, the Muslim is required to embrace jihad or holy war against these enemies, and to support the establishment of a new Caliphate covering the entire world. Under a new Caliphate, Sharia law would prevail in the world, and those who do not accept their status of dhimmitude would be qualified to be killed outright.

With over six million Muslims in the US today and more arriving every moment, any number of whom could be activated to support violent jihad in America by their Islamic leaders, the real problem is simply what to do about this threat to our lives?

The first attempt at a solution is to try to assimilate the Muslims and turn them into true Americans. This is patent nonsense. The Muslim faith is far too strong to be subverted by our society and its values. Muslims will and must remain Muslims, or they face the threat of death by their leaders.

The second attempt is to ignore the problem, trusting in fate, God, or contact with our people to ameliorate the conflict of religious and social ideas, which then might lead to assimilation. Of course, we ask the FBI to keep their eyes on the Muslims—all six million of them. Ridiculous!

So this will not happen either. The Muslim leadership in America works very hard on two fronts to ensure that their adherents will not turn away from Islam: 1) they preach every day to their followers against the US way of life, and for jihad; and 2) they disguise their beliefs to Americans by lying and preaching their ideals of peace and freedom to us. In their eyes this lying is quite acceptable since the Koran states that they may lie, cheat, steal, and kill infidels without penalty.

The third attempt, which should have happened already, is to cut off any Muslims from immigration to the US, either legally or illegally. Good luck with this one! We haven’t yet fully addressed the problem of maintaining our borders, much less zero quotas for Muslims. The INS appears to be dysfunctional, if not also the State Department and the Administration on this point and it has been this way for decades. Besides, such a move, while necessary to any solution, does not address the horde of Muslims already in place in our nation.

Thus the fourth attempt comes to the fore. This is the conduct by the US Government of massive isolation and eventual deportation of all Muslims, whether they are American citizens or not. This must be coupled with closing the doors to Muslim immigration.

From a logistics point of view, such a deportation can be done. We did something similar in WWII, when over ten million men and women were drafted, clothed, housed, fed, trained, and transported all over the US and the world, and back, in a period of about four years. Financially, the cost would be a winning tradeoff if it saved our way of life.

Politically, however, this cannot be done today. I can hear the Liberals now! How very inhumane! Technically also, deportation cannot be done if there is no other nation willing to accept this six million men, women, and children, horde of potentially cut-throat evil people.

What, then, can be done? We can push hard for immigration quotas to be revised down and down. A gradual and selective reduction, perhaps by Executive Order, would be a start. But to tame this horde in the face of their religious convictions is a tough thing for any legislature to vote into law, and for the Supreme Court to permit.

There is only one way to reach a solution, I believe, and it is a horrendous way. We wait until there is a major attack on the nation, along the lines of 9/11 but far more deadly, causing millions of our citizens to lose their lives. This alone, I believe, would motivate our citizenry, our legislatures and our leadership to move hard against the horde. It is reminiscent of the WWII incarceration of American-Japanese citizens. We never have learned the lesson of Pearl Harbor or 9/11.

What else is there to do?


Thursday, January 25, 2007


Bits and Pieces

Election Season

There is simply far too much hypocrisy in Democratic Party politics. Flip Flopping is truly a Democratic Art. Screams for four years about too few troops in Iraq have turned around to moans and groans that Bush is sending more troops now. The only moan I have made is that he didn’t commit to a much larger new troop commitment.


After being appalled for eight years with Bill as President and Hillary as First Female, the current candidacy of Hillary, with Bill as First Man, gives me the shudders. This is how we will lose the GWOT, gain lassiaz faire, relative morality, and free everything from birth to death, all at the expense of the well-to-do. Free college, free health care, a minimum wage for everyone whether they work or not, and giving much of our sovereignty away to the UN. Who needs the Clintons? Not me!

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


World Opinion

Turn a Deaf Ear!

Of the 193 countries in the world today, fully 65% of them are not democratic or moral societies. So if the media is polling the lot for their opinion of the US, guess what will happen? Right! The US is a bad nation! Quite a few of these nations are Islamic, so it isn't hard to see where they stand, either. Oh! You meant to poll only the "major opinion setters in the world?" Then you are misrepresenting the results. Now ask me if I care what the opinion setters think.

Right again! Nations, just as people, are fickle and easily swayed by mob psychology, fundamental unhappiness and envy of the US.

Finish the job in Iraq!


Saturday, January 20, 2007



Men everywhere are equal in some ways, but decidedly unequal in others.

We are all human beings, have approximately the same number of limbs, eyes, proportions, and brain size. We all have the potential to become everything we desire in life, whether it be adulation, wealth, respect, power, control, a major contributor to mankind, or simply the enjoyment of our way of life. We have inalienable rights as men to liberty, justice, and opportunity, although it is obvious that not all men live in a society where these rights are available to them. This is the first example of inequality among men. Through no fault of theirs, some men are denied their rights.

It is clear that most men are not born with the same opportunities of environment, education, love, attention, and resources to ensure their success in life. Their lives are handicapped from the outset. While ideally they may be able to rise above their origins, it is a rare and newsworthy event. Many men struggle for their entire lives simply to support themselves and their families. These men may be highly intelligent, very talented in music or art, or quite capable of becoming a strong contributor to their society in one of a wide variety of fields, but they do not get that chance. They are not equal in opportunity.

Then there is the undeniable fact that not all men are born with the same abilities of: intellect, powerful physique, health, energy, motor skills, good looks, presence, or drive to succeed. The average person is just that--average in these respects, and unlikely to rise to any great heights, even if opportunities are there. There are exceptions, of course, but they are rare also.

In the United States, we have enshrined equal opportunity as a right for all citizens. What we have not done, or not done well, is to figure out how this right plays against the obvious and deep inequalities that a large number of our citizens possess and live with, thus virtually ensuring that they will not truly have equal opportunity. What is more, they have in many instances, gone past the point where they can recover and go forward. Their status has been burned into their being; hopelessness has taken hold, and a resentment of the way things are has become rife in their minds.

Local, State and National governments have reacted to this situation in many ways, as have a number of private organizations and charities. We can observe that there are programs at many levels of administration addressing:

Social Security
Health care
Food Stamps
Training for jobs
Supported pay for hiring indigents
Social counseling
Public schooling
Free lunches at school, and breakfasts too, in some cases.
Free Meal Lines
Free Clothing and Christmas Gifts
Detoxification Centers
Minimum Wage Rules
Preferential treatment for minorities
Tax Exemptions

Yet, with all of these programs in place and operating, and with many billions of dollars available for them yearly, we still have the working poor, the unemployed (and unemployable), the ill, the shiftless, the homeless, and the old who are living marginal lives at best. (Or else, they have turned to crime to support themselves, or drugs and alcohol to swim in a fantasy pool for a while, or to both of these behaviors.) Why is this pool of the needy still with us?

It is my belief that there are at least the following causes:

Ignorance of the needy about the help available
Invisibility of the persons needing help
No fixed address, no paper subscriptions, no phone, no TV, no informed friends, no bulletin board to read, etc.
Mental deficiencies
Lack of education
Drug or alcohol addictions
No skill set to offer prospective employers
Illness or handicaps preventing employment
Addiction to life on the street, begging, use of shelters
Inability to keep a job once employed
An attitude of permanent hopelessness
Free riders
Illegal immigrants with no income or employment
Battered wives, unmarried or divorced women with children and few skills
Convicted felons who cannot find a job when released
Deadly combinations of the above that make these people the “Hard Core” of poverty and inequality

Many of the poor on the record are in that state for a very short time. They are perhaps graduates from high school that have not found a job as yet, but will do so presently, and within a year they will be out of the poverty range. Others that find themselves in poverty from some crisis event such as death of the husband, do turn to the helping hands around them, and climb out of their situation through hard work and a boost or two from government or private agencies.

It is the Hard Core that simply will not go away, no matter how much money is thrown at the problem. No matter how brilliant and available the helpers are--social workers, doctors, therapists, trainers for vocations, detox facilities, and so on, do not have a recidivist level that shows much success--perhaps 5 to 10% of their cases are resolved happily at best.

It would seem that many of the Hard Core indigent people do not want to be helped out of their straits, and until they do want it badly enough, nothing can be done constructively except to provide food and shelter for them. This is being done in most cities, and done well. But, they are unequal by their own choice.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007


The Bush Surge

Too Little, Too Late

The President made a number of points that are on target. We cannot lose in Iraq. We need more troops. The Iraqi Government must step up now. We need to increase the size of our armed forces. We will interdict supplies from Iran and Syria. He gives Iraq till November to fix their problems.

B ut...the size of the surge is only 21,000. He didn't get nasty with Iran or Syria, just a veiled threat. Moreover, he didn't say that we must stay in Iraq as long as it takes. He did not say that yet another reason to increase troops is the Iranian threat. He did not say that we will have permanent bases in Iraq. It seems that the rhetoric has shifted to when the troops will pull out, rather than staying to finish the job.

On balance, this is all he could say tonight, I believe. I support him, but he is looking weak here. OBL must be enjoying himself.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007


The Surge in Iraq, and Other Comments


If Bush sends 20,000 troops into Iraq shortly, I hope he is also planning to augment them later with another 100,000. In addition to clamping down on Baghdad and the West, we need to close the borders to Iran and Syria, and perhaps Saudi Arabia as well. This would mean a larger contingent on the ground as well as more choppers and surveillance systems. On top of that, we need to prepare for war with Iran, and a total of 270,000 troops plus armor and support is about right to take care of both situations. We certainly need the Demos to sit down and shut up.

Pelosi and Other Wild Ones

What a joke these Dems are. Nothing important, yet they brag about the 100-hour legislation steamroller as if it will be of any use at all. The Senate will block anything that seems out of line, and the President will use his veto for stuff that leaks through. Then, the far-left Kennedy, whom JFK would be ashamed of, introduces a bill that supposedly would limit the Surge without Congressional approval! Not going to happen; it is dead on arrival! All of this is mere grandstanding, aided by the press who whoop up the trivia for the Dems.

We need to shift into that alternate universe where the Republicans won. It is getting too rediculous.

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007


On Being a Liberal

An even dozen flip flops a sane person must perform

After years of hearing out lefties, and getting my dander up, I decided to list the positions I would have to take to be considered a card-carrying Liberal:

1. The Constitution is merely a starting point, a base, from which we can legislate a Liberal agenda. Since we can’t get such legislation through the Congress at the moment, or past the President, we will pressure judges however we can to legislate from the bench.

2. We need to raise taxes, mainly on the well-to-do, to fund our social benefits program, which in turn will ensure that the beneficiaries will vote to keep us in office. After all, the rich are a mere 1% minority.

3. Once in power, we can implement our backdoor money transfers with impunity, and lever contributions from industry by threatening their defense programs and their earmark projects.

4. We must approach every situation with meetings of the stakeholders. Talk-Talk is better than War-War. After all, Islamic Radicals have been suppressed for years, and letting them air out their grievances against us would clear the table for fruitful negotiations. We need to cozy up to our friends in Europe. They have many good ideas of how to make socialism work.

5. We should cut and run in Iraq and to hell with our pride, our promises, and our future. The money we spent in Iraq could have been used for more social programs, such as paid tuition to college for everyone.

6. There is no such thing as a global war on terror. There are merely police actions that can be handled by existing law forces, perhaps with a boost in numbers and technology. Islam is really a peaceful religion, so we simply have to clean out the gangsters operating under the Islamic banner.

7. The military is too big and too expensive today. We need to cut their budget, and put the savings into more benefits for the people. We don’t need new $300 million fighters, $5 billion carriers, a missile defense system costing hundreds of billions of dollars, and forward-based troops around the world. We are a peaceful nation, and should not get into wars. Then, too, why not let everyone have nuclear weapons and missiles? Since there is no GWOT, we can rescind the Patriot Act also!

8. We must enforce free speech as widely as possible, including allowing porn, politically correct speech, prosecution for hate crimes, and the use of loaded words. We will need more police to do this.

9. It is obvious that we will have to pass a federal law to allow gay marriage throughout the States.

10. We must also solve the illegal immigrant problem by giving them amnesty, and allowing them to become US citizens. Open borders is the right way to go. The Hispanics will vote for us if this goes through, and the Muslims will come in in droves. Sharia can't happen here.

11. We simply must get guns out of the hands of the populace, perhaps with one baloney slice at-a-time legislation. The 2nd amendment is outdated and should be rescinded. We can’t allow the populace to turn on us and fight against our programs for their betterment, especially our plans to give the UN a big money boost and let them have a big piece of our sovereignty.

12. Our steps towards full multiculturalism and socialism will require that we nationalize many industries in order to take their profits in support of such things as free medical treatment for all, free college as mentioned earlier, free retirement at 70% of last pay, and to fund abortions on demand, among many other programs.

And....I forgot....It is all Bush's fault.


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