Thursday, March 29, 2018


Show-Stoppers I Have Met

Sooner or later most everyone runs headlong into one or more of the ultimate show-stoppers.  Whether it in religion, science, extraterrestrials, cosmology, weather or what have you, mentally you bang your head into one or more of the unanswerable questions, and immediately assume one of the following attitudes:

1) You assume an answer that satisfies you;

2) Many finesse the question by assuming that sooner or later the question will be answered;

3) Challenge the question itself; that is, why pose a question that is unanswerable?

4) You Create a plausible answer and fake or select the evidence.

So, let's look at a few of these questions and see what your responses are:

1) Does God Exist?

2) Is there Life After Death?

3) Why is there Something Rather than Nothing?

4) Why Does the Universe, Man and Life Exist?

5) Why Don't We Live for an Aeon, or at least 900 years?

6) Will America Last for an Aeon?

7) Will Planet Earth Last for an Aeon?

8) Will AGW (Climate Change) Cause a Serious Catastrophe?

9) Is Panspermia the Origin of Man, and, if so, What Was Its Origin?

10) Has Neo-Darwinism Correctly Mapped How Life Evolves?

11) Are there Multiple Universes in the Cosmos?

12) On the Origin of Life, is it by Biogenesis or Abiogenesis?

13) Will We Ever Decode the Full DNA for Man?

14) Will We Discover The Theory of Everything?

15) What is Dark Matter?

16) Do Extraterrestrials Exist?

17) Will We Ever Meet Extraterrestrials?

18) Will We Discover Evidence of Sentient Life in the Solar System?

19) Will Space Travel in the Solar System ever be Practical?

20) Where did the Information come from to Form the First Cell of Life?

Feel free to add your own show-stoppers to the list!

(I will post my own answers subsequently.)

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