Saturday, June 25, 2011


Same-sex Marriage Passes in NY.

Slippery paths abound over the next 25 years or so!

Next up? Polygamy! Does anyone really find a compelling legal reason to bar polygamy? Several airline pilots, truckers, railmen, salesmen and many servicemen would welcome such freedom to marry in each city they are based in, not to leave out various Mormon and other sects that practice it now.

Then allow mixed marriages, such as two gay men and a woman, two gay and one straight man and a woman, or any of a number of other combinations, thus destroying the concept of the family.

Following that logically: forgetting about marriage and the family altogether, as many already do, and adopting the Islamic divorce rule of throwing three stones on the ground and muttering “I divorce you!” with each stone.

And then: let the State support, raise and educate the children, as Secular Humanists once proposed in writing (but omitted in later manifestos), thus creating a society fully trained in SM ideology (read universal communism).


Tuesday, June 14, 2011


A Myriad of Crises

Everywhere I turn, I see a looming crisis threatening our American way of life.

I will be brief here, and simply list the key words of the crises I see exploding in America

Climate Change
Islamic Jihad
Foreign Policy

What will happen?

The dismal outlook is for our economy to fail.  Stock prices will tank, sending trillions of paper wealth into oblivion. States and cities will default on their loans, and be unable to pay their employees, much less keep up with the massive unfunded obligations the feds have placed on them.  The price of oil and gas will soar, making it impossible to afford many kinds of products, most telling being food that must be shipped in. The distribution system will crash. Food prices will soar out of sight for many people.  Jobs will disappear as firms try desperately to stay in business, and those that do keep their jobs will have to take big cuts in salaries and perks. Soup lines will appear to feed the destitute just as in 1930.  Real estate prices will tank much further as well, destroying the equity of many thousands of owners.

Worse, there will be riots and burnings as people revolt against the status quo, just as has happened in Greece, Germany, and in the US when economic conditions force people to vent their displeasure.  Stores will be looted and fat-cat's homes will be looted and burned to the ground.

What to do?

Hunker down
Protect investments
Take more security measures at home; purchase weapons and ammo
Stock up on food and other items--be self-sufficient for a reasonable time
Install a natural gas electricity generator
Put all funds in a secure bank
Pay off the mortgage
Get top notch health insurance
Do not depend on Social Security or Medicare
Do your job exceedingly well, or use your retirement to help the cause.
Vote Republican
Give to charities
Invest in foreign assets and currencies
Fight for the nation if needed
Enlist your neighbors in protecting the group or block when the police can't come fast enough


Saturday, June 11, 2011


The Weiner Scandal

A growing list of people and ever more explicit sex==> He must resign!

Without getting into details at all, because they are lewd and risque, I believe Anthony Weiner should resign his office and go home to repair his marriage and salvage his reputation.  He should not be in public office ever again. sic transit Weiner. This goes for any public official that exhibits an inability to control their sexual urges on line while in or out of office. What goes on in their own bedroom does not interest me at all, unless they are cavorting with underage women.


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