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For 2006


Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Debunking Leftwing Positions on Iraq

For a devastating analysis of the objections to the Iraqi War, go to Logic Times.

Monday, December 26, 2005


Blocking Billary

The Clinton Duo's Plan to Ruin America

It is a two step process: Bill advertises himself as the replacement for Kofi Annan as Secretary General of the UN. He has made just about every major situation the UN is involved in recently, and may well be touted by other nations for the job, since the UN wants America's hefty support, and wants an Internationalist at the helm.

The second phase has Hillary going for President of the US in 2008, which would give the duo four years together as heads of the two most important organizations on the planet. A study of their politics suggests that the US would move under their leadership into a far more dependent relationship with the UN. Even constitutional barriers might be broken with Supreme Court support to ease the way.

What can we do to head this disaster off?

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


The Democratic Vision

Leftists Have This Dream
(Not necessarily in order of implementation or importance):

Rule by fiat from the courts and the President
Abortion on demand confirmed forever
Gay marriage
Hate Crimes Law, and PC rules enforced
Full secularization of the US, denial of Christianity, Crosses taken down everywhere
Atheism reigns
Loss of sovereignty to the UN
Greater payments to the UN by triple
UN given command of a significant multinational combat force thatwe pay for
Bureaucratic takeover by Leftists, three deep into the hierarchy
Porno and prostitution legalized everywhere

Censoring all books, magazines, newspapers, TV radio for PC: no free press
Rule changes to permit three or more elections for the President—perpetuation
Rule changes to limit conservative votes in the Congress
Raised taxes to pay for Leftist largess at home and worldwide
Upper bracket taxpayers hit with surtax of 50%, excepting Liberals
Corporations hit with surtaxes of 30% to pay for socialized medicine
Move to nationalize the Mainstream Media, beginning with the largest
Move to nationalize energy companies, telecoms companies and transportation companies.
Move to nationalize the auto industry, the aircraft industry and the military industry

Redistricting to favor progressives in every state
Strict gun controls, followed by confiscation of all guns in civilian hands.
Reduction of the military by 60%, and cut out of all new weapons systems
Full federal government control of education in all states; progressive curriculum
Government takes over the raising and education of all children
Private schools placed under federal laws: home schooling forbidden
Socialistic government laws passed; multiple party system set up
Acceptance of the world court, and subordination of our judiciary to the tenets of that court

Open borders and welcoming to all who want to come here.
Loyalty oath to the UN, not the US.
Move towards fascism apparent
Freedom is severely curtailed, but not for Liberals
Expanded welfare programs by hundreds of billions of dollars per year-buying votes
Nationalized/socialized medicine—free, if you can wait long enough.
States rights curtailed in favor of central federal government
Federalization of the court systems in the states
Convention called to rewrite the Constitution to make us a fully Socialist nation.
Personal property is tagged to be jointly held by the person and the state.
Thus a personal property payment to the state as an investor ( a tax) of at least 25% of market value is assessed.

I go to watch from on high, or from below, whichever!

Thus our Constitution and our body of law is to be striken from the records, to be replaced by a nation run by Leftist/Socialist ideologues, the average citizen stripped of his property rights, and corporations taxed out of existence or taken over by the government. Sounds very like the USSR to me!


ID Renamed

Intelligent Design Theory Versus Boundary Theory

There is much to be said for calling a theory by a neutral name. Intelligent Design is not a neutral designation at all. It draws fire before the fact. Perhaps that is fine with the defenders of ID, but it precludes ID from getting a fair hearing. So I am going to suggest a name that hopefully allows for assimilation of ID ideas before ranting.
In fact, ID work is focused on the holes in Darwin's Theory of Evolution. Attacks on Darwin's theory have not been successfully answered by its scientific proponents, but they discard or sneer at ID simply on the basis of its name. Thus they arrogantly proclaim that ID is not science, which is by their definition of science very true. Problem is, they define science as excluding ID or God, thus making their tautology correct. So let us find a name for ID that doesn't evoke God, or ID. My first candidate is:

Boundary Theory: Exploring the natural bounds of origin of life using scientific methods. What lies within the bounds of natural science, Darwinian evolution, and speciation, and what must lie without the bounds of possibility.

Monday, December 19, 2005


Democrats Want a Detailed Plan for Iraq!

Or, How to Tipoff your Enemy About What to Do

There are idiots and idiots in the world, but the Dems have an unusual portion of them in their ranks. What they are shouting from the top of the Capitol Building is that Bush should set forth a detailed plan for leaving Iraq, including "benchmarks" that the public could understand! Imagine!

What benchmarks would they recommend? Fewer car bombs and IEDs; that is, greater safety? So all the terrorists have to do is keep on planting IEDs and sending suicide bombers into the cities to foil that benchmark, which they are doing now. Or, they could stop for several months.

Enough well-trained Iraqi soldiers and their leadership? Are they mad? Give a Sunni control of 50 battalions of Sunni/Iraqi infantry and you will have another insurrection. The army must be watched very carefully, lest it become a big threat to the emerging democracy. We supply that watchdog function.

Electricity throughout Iraq? That is an Iraqi responsibility, especially for protection of the generating plants and distribution lines. We provide technical help and reserve forces. The terrorists can control whether there are disruptions to the lines at any time.

Oil production up to par? Same answer. Oil is their major product, and the Iraqi must see that it is protected.

A stable government? Not a good benchmark! There is yet not enough "glue" to keep the focus on Iraq, and not each region and each sect. We provide some glue at the moment.

An emerging economy? Too vague to provide a benchmark.

The terrorists can force us to go either way--to stay or to leave--by simply managing and attacking the stated benchmarks to their advantage. They can go dark for some months, and watch the benckmarks rise up, and our troops leave as a result. Then they can emerge to wreck their havoc with far less danger from our troops. It is better not to set up marks that the terrorists can manage.

We need an overall assessment of the strength of Iraq after some time has elapsed, not some set of "false and spoofable benchmarks."

Saturday, December 17, 2005


Monitoring US Calls

Surveillance Inside the US

We have idiots for Congressmen, or else totally unethical men who look for partisan advantage at every turn. This is a prime example, especially Arlan Specter and his "outrage" at the thought that our government would try to find out what is going on with cell phones calling to countries outside the US. This new world of ours is interconnected and vulnerable, not the least because everyone can carry a phone around and chat with coworkers in Iran or Palestine.

It is only prudent that such calls be monitored for potential terrorist activities. If this net also catches some drug dealers or other criminals, that is our good luck. You may evoke the idea of personal privacy all you want, but when terrorists are arranging their attack on a phone, I am very happy to have them tracked, caught, and prosecuted. I assume that all of my calls are able to be overheard anyway by the very nature of radio broadcast. It is as if I stood on the corner and chatted with a loud voice. That the monitoring had probable cause, and was allowed by the President in highly restricted cases, is assurance enough for me.

What I would like to know is who it was that told the world about the secret monitoring? He should be punished severely.

Saturday, December 10, 2005


A Few Comments: Howard Dean, Scrooge Stores, Iraq and Spending

Reactions to the day's news and events

Howard Dean: First he announces that the War in Iraq is unwinnable, and then he reverses course (most likely because of the furor he caused) and says it IS winnable, but only with a new plan! This military, social, economic, and Iraqi genius thinks that he and his Dems can come up with a better plan? If so, where is it? A better plan to win is a great thing to have, so tell us, O Great One, what your plan is? Please tell us in that exemplary detail that you insist upon from Bush! You have 24 hours. I think you will find that all of your constructive ideas have already been implemented and are underway. Blowhard!

Scrooge Stores: Some on the list of Scrooge Stores, those stores that decided to elide their Happy Christmas words into PC content such as Happy Holiday, have caved in now, after recognizing that they are getting extremely negative publicity. Sears, and Target have apparently decided to bring the word Christmas back, and Wal-Mart had already admitted its mistake. The rest of you Scrooges best wise up, or your season of Good Cheer may be your last.

The Iraqi War: We do not have sufficient honest and independant reporting from Iraq on the true nature of the current situation. Since I believe the MSM is totally biased against the War, I cannot take them seriously. Instead, I will rely on the elected leader of the nation to give me the insights I need to feel comfortable that we are on the right track. President Bush has done that very well, as has Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney. My faith here is well-placed, I believe.
Bush hatred is spinning out of control in some sectors, it seems, with ever more shrill voices being raised chanting the mantra: "Bush lied, people died." I am appalled, just as I was in the Vietnam era, that so many of our citizens are weak-kneed, traitorous and cowardly.

Spending: On Power Line, I just saw a chart that plots our major government spending over the last ten years or so as a percentage of GNP. To my surprise, this Administration has in fact held spending down to that dictated by the growth in GNP, if the data used is sufficiently accurate. It is thus not the profligate spending Administration that is depicted by the MSM, but rather, conservative, but able to spend where it is needed. The major outyear problems of Social Security and Medicare have not been addressed by Congress in any effective manner, despite the President's lavish use of his time to make the public aware of the financial problems that will overtake us soon enough to warrant positive action now.

Friday, December 09, 2005



A Harry-Homeowner Lesson

Tool boxes on each floor, basement and in the garage... still not enough.... seems I always find myself having to go get another tool, and there is a good chance it isn't on the floor with me, but in the basement.

Tool belts are great, but mine started weighing about 25 pounds if you include the adjustable-wrenches, drill, drill bits and hammer, along with needle-nosed pliers, gas pliers, a roll of duct tape, electrical tape, an assortment of nails and screws, a pocket level, an awl, a small hacksaw, several punches, a knife.... well you get the picture... I was loaded down, and soon tired of being dragged to the floor by all of this very necessary stuff.

Much as I planned my forays into typical jobs around the house, it was certain that besides at least two trips to the hardware store, I would have to go up or down two flights of stairs to retrieve a tool or so. This likelihood was increased severalfold if I went up the ladder to address something near the ceiling, so multiple ascents and descents of the ladder were inevitable. Then too, on the first ascent, it was virtually certain that I could not reach the offending place, and had to go get the taller ladder from the garage. By the time I had done all of this running around, I was usually too tired to climb the ladder again and do the actual task I was assigned.

So I would let it all sit there and go watch a ballgame while my weary muscles rested a bit... After a while, I was usually awakened by screams from my better half saying “You can't leave all of this junk in the hall or living room or wherever, it ruins the whole décor. What if we had people come over? Did you finish the whizit?” Somewhat rested, and a lot more motivated now, I would climb the ladder and look at the whizbang seriously...

Oh, I said, this wall is plaster over the brick inner wall. I will need my hammer drill.
Ten to one when I got the hammer drill, I couldn't find the right sized drill bit. Back to the hardware store, with the wife's words echoing in my head.... ! “Why don't you have the tools you need already? You have them all over the house now, and in the garage. When will you EVER finish a job ? You have been at this all day, and it's just a little whizbang?”

So I began to think about how to cut down on all of this running after tools, ladders and hardware items. The ladder problem was solved by buying a Little Giant ladder, from the TV ad, There is now only the LGL to worry about, so if I need one at all, LGL will meet the need. Why, it was only $350 or so, and my two other ladders were quite serviceable still, so they count as a net loss of perhaps $100. But, for the net cost of $450, the ladder problem was solved.

When I discovered Leatherman tools, I thought it was a gift from the Tool God! One thing to carry, and it had 14 or 15 little tools I would need! But it did not have a hammer attachment. Then I found a different multi tool that was basically a hammer with pliers and other gizmos as well. Two tools to carry, and quite a few of my tool needs were answered. So what if they were a little awkward to use at times, they were available almost immediately. And no problem to carry.

Not long after this discovery, I found myself roaming through the hardware stores and perusing the ads for tools to see whether yet another multi tool was on the market to complement the two basic ones I had settled upon for my standard kit. Obviously, I didn't need my hammer drill all that often, nor my 18-volt power drill, but I did need a small battery-powered drill that could do most of the simple hole-making and screw-driving that I was faced with, and one that didn't weigh as much as the others by far! So I bought one. Then I found the 5-in-1, that was a scraper, a can opener, a knife and such, and was very light and easy to carry. The 5-in-1 was added to the kit.

I couldn't resist buying a multi screwdriver, that had two sizes of blade drivers, and two phillips head drivers in it and two sizes of hex bolt drivers as well. Easier to use than the Leatherman, so I added it to the kit. OK, so I threw in my insulated pliers and and wire strippers to be able to handle electrical problems, but they weren't too heavy. The belt was now only 5 ½ lbs, and the range of tools I could now carry was extraordinary! I could confidently grab my tool belt and be sure of handling a large percentage of the little household jobs that came up without running all over the house to get tools... Or so I thought!

First of all, the tool belt had to reside somewhere. There were three choices blessed by the Commander of House. The basement, my den/office on the second floor, or the garage. I chose the basement, and cheated a little by finding a place just four steps down inside a cabinet. The super ladder was a harder storage problem, but I finally agreed that it belonged in the garage, even if the TV ad showed it going into a closet! Thus, if I were on the first or second floor when I began a task, I had at least a trip to the basement or the garage or both-- and back-- to contend with.

Except for the ladder, I could solve this problem by duplicating the tool belt and storing it in the den. This seemed to be a good idea, so I went to the store and purchased all of the multi tools again. Costs were mounting fast!

But I fretted over the need for a good ladder upstairs as well. I broke down and bought a cheaper version of the super ladder (a Four-in-One) that would reach the ceilings and could be stored in a 5- foot high space in my den's closet. Now I was set! Light multi tools for light tasks on each floor. Ladders within easy reach too. And heavier, single-use toolkits on each floor also, just in case.

After some serious thought, I zeroed in on the remaining major problem: having to make multiple trips to the store for every job. This should have a good solution, I thought, and it did! I found some multiple-drawer plastic parts cases and filled them up with an assortment of screws and nails, curtain-rod holders, hooks, picture hanging gizmos of several strengths, and so on. One case per floor, including the basement. This had the desired effect immediately! No scrounging around for nails or screws, or running to the store for the right ones.

However! One thing. One does need raw materials such as shelving boards, or brackets, or perhaps a 2 x 4 that wasn't in the basement stock. So I took to buying more of these items than needed as they came up, on the off chance that I would need some later on.

They had to be stored somewhere, so I bought more plastic boxes with drawers.
Now I have a fairly well-stocked supply of hardware gizmos in the basement and on the second floor, and a growing pile of bits of lumber in the basement. I was feeling very good about my investment in “prepositioning” of supplies, ladders and tools!

Watching me try to cope with some fairly simple problem one day, my wife got a disgusted look on her face and stomped away muttering something. The next day, a brightly colored van showed up at the front of the house, and a real tool man came out of it and approached the door. Bob, “The Honey Do Man,” had arrived, together with a truckload of his own tools and hardware to do just about anything we wanted, and professionally at that.

Dejectedly, I looked at the bills: I could have had this guy here for a third of what I spent on tools, ladders and parts, and without the stress and strain on me! And the wife was very happy to have all of her fixit projects on all floors done well and fast.

The lesson, my friends, is simple: swallow your masculine pride and call the fixit man first!

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Sunday, December 04, 2005


Scrooge Stores Deleting Christmas!

An Open Letter to Advertising and Merchandizing Firms

Every Sunday I receive a large bundle of ads from the local merchants and outlets for major department stores. This Sunday, NONE of the ads mentioned Christmas. We are supposed to buy gifts from these Scrooges because of a nebulous "Holiday" that they must have invented earlier in the year together with their advertising agencies. Well, in spite of the difficulties this presents to me for buying Christmas gifts, these Scrooge Stores will not get my money. This includes Sears, Wal*Mart, Dillards, Macys, Dick's Sports, Target, COSCO, and any others whose advertising shows that they are avoiding the use of the word Christmas.

This is carrying Politically Correct usage too far for my blood, and it should alarm all Christians that Scrooge Stores are phasing Christmas out and replacing it with some weird Holiday that ignores the birth of Christ. The only way to fight this is with your feet! Do not shop at Scrooge Stores! If all Christians were to do this, Christmas would be back in a flash! The Scrooge Stores cannot take a precipitous drop in their sales without reacting rapidly.

I have it on authority that Wal*Mart has already admitted its error, and will return to using Christmas Holidays next year. Too bad they had to find out who buys the most in their stores--Christians-- the hard way.

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 02, 2005


Topical Mishmash, Mostly Bush Items; and the Loony Left

Restarting the Second Term

Bush. Well, he made a good speech, and apparently recovered some ground. I still believe that he needs to give more details of how well we are doing, backed up by photos and on-site people.
He needs an all-court press right now. I do not understand why Bush let the Dems rant and rave all year without serious attempts to counter the deluge from the loony left.

Budget. Still a football, and Bush seems reluctant to make a fight on any of it.

Economy. Bush stepped out and took pride in the results for 2005 in the economy, and for good reason.

Illegal Immigrants. If you believe Michael Chirnoff, we are deploying more border guards, they are giving permission for local law men to capture and deport illegals, and they are working on extending the fence, as well as using DOD drones and some troops along the border. In other words, now they are beginning to do what I thought we should have done in 2000. I do not understand Bush's reluctance up to now to get control of the border.

Iraq. We used to get factual documentaries covering the war and the ensuing occupation period, but I have not seen this technique applied to Iraq in a positive manner. All sorts of good things are happening there, but we get the doomsday reporting of the MSM as a daily diet, or else some pipsqueek rolls over in Congress and says we are losing and should get out now! What a sorry bunch they are. No fortitude, no realism, and no common sense, just reelection blues.
There ought to be a solid and verifiable answer to the question: "How are we doing?" With pictures and testimonies, to shut these wishy-washy, so-called Legislators up. Ollie North does a good job of documenting what he can see in Iraq, and it is a very positive story. Lieberman saw some of the same good things, but the press did its best to minimize his exposure.

The Left. I challenge anyone to show me what good Kennedy or Pelosi, or Schummer, or especially Clinton, or any of the Leftist Gang in Congress are doing for the US in this time of war. They are still the heart of the Party of NO.

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