Monday, August 25, 2008


Wayward Thoughts

What I want to see from the President on down is an aggressive attitude, a "we can win" attitude, and a "don’t mess with me" attitude. We are very much still on top, still the greatest economy, and still the most powerful military in the world.

Neither the EU nor the French nor the Germans nor the Brits have a vote in our affairs. We can and should consult with them, if only to try to minimize the impacts of our decisions on them. But to accord the EU socialists with more than that is to give them far more influence than they have earned. If we look into the future, we should be concerned about the EU becoming Eurasia, and creating their councils to support the hordes of Muslims in their midst.

We need not treat the UN as a holy of holies when it comes to our need to take action in our eventual or immediate defense. Of the some 200 members in the General Assembly, our supporters do not amount to more than a few dozen. In the Security Council there are strange bedfellows as members now, and it promises to become far worse. The main reason to stay a member is to wield our veto when needed.

The world is full of two things: the poor, and the whiners. No matter how many trillions of dollars we dump freely on the rest of the nations we can count on the recipients being ungrateful for it, their being very vocal in wanting more and more, and their population exploding evermore beyond our help. There is nothing wrong with tithing as a nation and having zero expectations of anything in return, but when the tithes are turned into militias, AK-47s and IEDs, or voting blocks against our interests in a region, seizure of US property, or even murder of our citizens, we are doing something very wrong, and should stop our support.

The attitude that it is the poor we are trying to help so put up with the anti-American governments at the top is just woefully counterproductive.

We make martinets, millionaires and militias with our money. This is wrong.

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Friday, August 22, 2008


Obama the Abortionist

Genocide for Convenience in America

Obama, as we have come to realize, supports and voted for grisly types of abortion three times, which raises the question of just how Christian his beliefs really are. Abortion is against God's will, against His intent, and against His commandments, as a thorough study of the Bible will attest. This makes abortion a sin, and a clear violation of the commandment not to murder.

In the Bible, God refers to His children in many passages, and not surprisingly, He treats unborn children exactly the same as He treats born children. They are His Sons and Daughters, whether born or unborn, and He gives them His protection. They must not be murdered.

Today, abortion has risen to the level of genocide, we having aborted 50 million babies in the US since the passage of Roe versus Wade. Worse, it is predominantly genocide for convenience--the children are simply not wanted.

The Christian position on abortion is contained in the reference:

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


It Will be the Whole Encheleftada

Where everyone will wear pink underwear.

The Democratic Convention has scheduled an all-star leftwing lineup as speakers. We will be schmoozed by no less than: Ex Co Pres Hillary, Ex Pres Jimmie C, Ex VP Algore of Global Swarming fame, Swiftboat Kerry, and Boss Daley from Chicago, among others, to bless DeBama as their 2008 Candidate for Pres. Are you swooning yet?

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi will round out the lefters, I am sure. All we need now is Dennis the Menace, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to put in an appearance. These people are bidding fair to run this nation. Can you believe it?

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Monday, August 18, 2008


Unfair Taxation

Fundamental reform of our tax system is urgently needed!

We the people pay the taxes that fund the government. Corporations do not pay taxes. They collect taxes embedded in their prices from consumers and turn the money over to the government. Thus, if you raise corporate tax levels, it is the individual that pays for the raises. The idea of taxing corporations instead of individuals, thus giving people the benefit of "free" tax money from business, is erroneous (Source: Dr. Milton Friedman, to the Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform, March 31, 2005.).

The sole purpose of taxation should be to provide revenue for the operation of the government. There should be no "redistribution of wealth" function added to our tax policy, as that is pure Marxism-- a totally discredited economic and political philosophy. We have allowed this redistributionist idea to be implemented in our nation because of the penetration of liberal socialist ideas into the body politic and our legislatures. It gives unwarranted power to those in the legislature that control tax policy. The idea of redistributionism is clearly rooted in envy--envy of the Haves by the Have-nots. What a subjective way to make national policy! The progressive tax code is simply theft by the government of the rightful property of an individual--his earnings. It is theft by that amount over and above a fair percentage share per person.

The tax code is so distorted now that the top 20% of earners pay 85% of the income taxes, while 40% of the population pay either nothing at all or actually receive money! (Source: data from the Congressional Budget Office, 2005.). There is a significant possibility that the new administration will make an attempt next year to raise upper quintile individual and corporate taxes by large amounts to further their social aims, such as new entitlements, while ignoring our gigantic deficits and broken current entitlement systems. Such shortsighted tax policies are neither ethical, democratic, nor conducive to economic growth and job creation, and will send our nation along the path of leveling and increasing misery for all. We witnessed this in the Soviet Union for over 75 years. We Americans, however, should not rob the well-to-do Peter to help pay the poor and unfortunate Paul (before he hits his stride and outearns most of us!).

My vote goes for the Fair Tax approach (see, which has been demonstrated in multiple nations, including several former USSR states, to be far more attractive for all economically. Even a Flat Tax would be far preferable to the ethical morass we now have, so long as we don't end up with both a Progressive and a Flat or Fair Tax! To sort this out will require an extensive national education program and debate, followed eventually by a Constitutional Amendment. The sooner, the better!

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Friday, August 15, 2008


Anti-Discrimination Getting All-Pervasive

There Ought to be a Law!

If you open your home to the public, you have just forfeited your right to allow or deny entry of anyone of any race, color, sex, religion, or creed. Or so goes it in France now, and in the US, I suspect. If you open a store or other business to serve the public, it is the same thing--you must allow entry to all of the public. Even when you know that the person entering is a wanted criminal, you cannot stop him ( but you can call the police).

This means that terrorists or anyone resembling a terrorist cannot be barred from entering public establishments, and if you do call the police you are likely to be sued. Thus intimidated, you and the rest of us will have to allow the deepest of penetration of our lives by the real terrorists--literally everywhere but our homes so long as they remain private. Neither malls, nor shops, nor the grocers, nor the doctor's office, nor banks nor amusement parks are safe from their presence, as things stand today. Just don't try to offer your home for sale. It is then open to public inspection, and hence to everyone.

We must wait until they show their true colors and do what they will to us before we can react. We will lose a lot before then--loved ones; our nation, possibly; all we hold dear. It is true that we have already lost much to them through intimidation. Such is our freedoms, our laws, and our Constitution. I hope our nation lasts in all its glory through the future generations of my family, but I am not exactly confident that it will.

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Obama American?

Is Obama an American or Not?

There is smoke all over the place that Mr. Barak Hussein Obama does not have a valid birth certificate attesting to his birth in the United States—specifically Hawaii. If this is so, he cannot be elected to the Presidency by law. The FBI should be directed to investigate this situation and report back to the court system whether Obama is truly eligible to run for that office. There should be absolutely no hesitation on the part of the Department of Justice or the Administration in pursuing this matter to the end.

We all should demand such an investigation in order to put the matter to rest once and for all well before the November election. There should be no Clinton surprises to uproot the election process—best that any bad news for Obama and his maniacs comes from the DOJ officially.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008


Beinart Suggests Class Instead of Race for Affirmative Action


The idea is to get Obama to champion targeting class, not race, for affirmative action. Supposedly, this ploy would change the race argument for Obama, and innoculate him from attacks on his blackness.

What does "class"mean? Obviously, class refers to income levels of the parents of prospective college students, and perhaps for certain job applicants as well. It would seem that academic capability, HS grades, IQ, or SAT scores would become meaningless for a percentage of applicants; merely being broke as a family is adequate credentials for a government handout of about $40,000 or so a year per student, plus living allowances of, say, $6,000 a year, for a total of almost $50,000 a year.

What this means to the taxpayer is just about universal college for most teens, since a majority of parents cannot pay $50,000 a year for their child to go to college, and if they have two children. paying $100,000 a year is certainly not possible. Even with a "deductable" of a given amount the parents could be expected to pay of, say, ($10,000 x 4 years) or $40,000 all told, by way of a loan, this would still admit the majority to college with tuition, books, and living free.

So, the hidden factor here is in reality very near to Universal College Education for All at taxpayer expense. This is yet another liberal objective to add to free health care (Hillarycare), and many other government handouts liberals champion to buy votes, along with Open Borders, and Guaranteed Employment.

Individual responsibility and initiative can be put to bed now.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Obama: Mired in Black Details

Obama the Analyst is Bottom-Up

No one is a completely “bottom up” or BU thinker or analyst, just as no one is a completely “top down” or TD analyst of our way of life, government, and our many problems. The TDer makes many little problems out of very large problems in a coherent manner in order to solve them incrementally, whereas the BUer is always busy identifying problems at the lower levels, and literally cannot see the woods for the trees much of the time.

I see Obama as an interesting combination of 5% visionary TD, and 95% pieces and parts BU.

To be a visionary TDer is relatively easy, since our local, national, and world ideals are standing there screaming to be recognized and worked on by all of us. Just pick a few: World peace; Third World development; economic stability in the US; the Middle East; Judeo-Christianity versus Islam… Oil…

A pieces and parts BU type, on the other hand, is cursed with the perception of hundreds and hundreds of problems, only some of which are sufficiently interrelated that common solutions can be teased out of the morass and championed.

What seems worse to me is that the BUer finds it very hard to build his analysis upwards to join with the TD analyst at some middle ground to arrive at holistic, common solutions when they are feasible. Of the many side conditions for such a systhesis, is the preservation of our freedom and liberty, which must rule out authoritarian governmental modifications and Constitutional changes.

The obvious example is Obama’s Hope, Change and Unity mantras which highlight just about as pure a Top Down approach as one can find, and just about as vacuous. Contrast this versus his wallowing around in a sea of other, lesser or tangential problems with only the dangerous channalizing of his leftist inclinations to guide him in a BU attempt. The focus on race, cleverly put in the guise of "post-racial" initiatives is certainly the clearest example of his BU mindset, and the thousand and one subproblems he is raising in the process, each requiring a solution, but still totally focused on the black race, and the black experience, is a whole bunch of trees with no forrest in sight.

The problem set that Obama begins with is not necessarily in the mainstream of our desires, and the implications for beginning with his set and his priorities are to distort severely what most of us perceive as the proper direction for our governance, our taxes, our freedoms, our economy and our foreign policies—in short, the future of the nation.

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Friday, August 08, 2008

“America is, uh, is no longer, uh, what it could be, what it once was. And I say to myself, 'I don’t want that future for my children.'” --Barack Obama, 8/7/08, in response to the question of a 7-year old on why he was running for president.

And this man is running for President of the United States. No thank you.

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