Saturday, June 26, 2010


Yes, Mr.President

Dear Sir: You indeed won. We, the public, lost.

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Friday, June 25, 2010



Label the Blockers you know!

I am having dangerous thoughts! They concern the legions of citizens that literally block the nation's ability to achieve and maintain a good way of life. These Blockers should be neutralized, else we will have a second-tier nation in just a few years from now.

Just think what benefits would accrue if these Blockers were no longer able to do their thing financially, judicially or legislatively: Taxes would go down; Spending would not only go down but would be far better directed; Jobs would go up as taxes go down; The national debt could be reduced; Our defenses would regain their effectiveness through bigger budgets; The size of government would go way down, since there would be fewer hires; There would be a return to fiscal sanity in the country; And dole-riders would be out of luck, among many other benefits!

In order to avoid undue criticism, I have decided not to name the Blockers here, but rather, to keep a very private list. If you are a conservative, as I am, the cast of organizations and people standing in the way of the nation's health, prosperity and longevity would be quite obvious, and quite long as well! The trick, however, is how to neutralize these damned Blockers in a legal, fair, and democratic manner. I do not have a good solution to this problem: it is so reminiscent of the solution to finding the alligators in the swamp--simply drain the swamp, and then deal with the critters lying there! Aye, there's the rub! So we drain the whole country, but we are left with the entire mixture of 300 million critters to deal with, which doesn't get us anywhere, since they are not painted red, white or blue. Most of them are very stealthy too, because they don't want to be held accountable for their sins against the people.

In the old days, when kings were kings, and everyone else was a vassal, the solution was simple and direct, sort of along the lines of what happened to the Knights Templar in France. But that seems a tad lawless and brutal today, and definitely immoral. Rounding them up and sending them to relocation camps as we did to Japanese Americans in WWII could only happen if the nation really though itself to be in mortal danger and had a president that had balls, so that is out also.

In the end, all we seem able to do is to ignore the Blockers till voting time, and only then try to vote for the Non-Blockers; that is, if you can truly identify them as Non-Blockers in the first place, which hasn't been too successful recently, witness the crowd in office now.


Thursday, June 24, 2010


Amnesty NO!

Many steps too far over, around and against the people!

This purple people eater administration is running our nation into the ground. Amnesty is the latest kick they are on, and with stealth orders to refuse action against illegals, if Congress fails to pass their stupid comprehensive immigration bill, which features amnesty over everything else.
This Hispanic vote-buying gimmick should be roundly condemned by Americans as being totally contrary to the will of the majority of citizens. We seem to be in the grip of a dictator.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Steering Us into Chaos

A few thoughts on where the left is taking us.

Some key themes the left seems to be carrying forward are:

1) Castigating conservatives with false accusations in a constant drumbeat of slogans;
2) Castigating Constitutionalists and rightists with the meme that the Constitution is out of date, an idea that I challenge most heartedly;

3) Castigating conservative radio talk show hosts for being...themselves! and,

4) At least implicitly, riding the "man is the measure of all things" meme, or in other words, atheistic Secular Humanism, materialism and moral relativism. But, I suppose they have to believe in "something" in order to understand anything, even if that something is dead wrong.

It is amazing to me that anyone can believe in some form of benign-but-authoritative world government, a major SH and leftist tenet that includes equal and democratic shares of power for immoral or amoral governments, ruling parties and national elites. There is no common cultural, religious, political, social, economic, military or philosophical basis for such a lash up, and it would most certainly ruin the sovereignty of our nation and our way of life. So why entertain this corrosive idea?

This idea, in turn, suggests that one must have a higher allegiance than to our nation---that is, to all of unwashed mankind and their leaderships (and not to God, of course!). This is perhaps the root of the belief in open borders for the US and amnesty for illegal immigrants, which is an impending disaster if Obama has his way.

The last two world government attempts, namely The League of Nations and the United Nations, have been failures in the large--a statement that has been well-illustrated elsewhere. Promoting more of the same is sheer folly! The over 200 governments around the world, their power elites, and a majority of their people are simply too intellectually, economically, culturally, politically and morally primitive or insular, or both, to play their expected altruistic roles in democratic or republican world governance at this juncture. The UN record provides all the proof needed for this assertion. For the backward nations to learn by doing in the UN is also rediculous when so many lives are at stake worldwide.

We do need mechanisms for controlling aggression, world domination movements (think Islam), genocide, piracy, open seas violations, wanton exploitation of resources, theft, and commerce, to name a few international law needs. Most of these needs can and should be accomplished by enforceable and monitored treaties between relevant nations for now. They can be backed up by the military power of the US and allied democratic Western nations, where the notions of democratic governance and justice are culturally and politically dominant. We should not concern ourselves with events in the interior of sovereign nations, or else there is no meaning to sovereignty. If asked to help by a legitimate government, however, that is a different thing, and such requests should be carefully considered.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010


Voting Rights for Ex-Cons

This must be a judgement call by the courts on a case-by-case basis.

The suggestion that convicts should be given back their voting rights once their term is up strikes me as pure political vote-buying. I can think of a number of reasons that this should not happen--not often, in any event:
1) The recidivism rate overall is about 70%, which means that 7 out of 10 ex-cons will see prison again inside of an average of 5 years.
2) Second offenders should not be given their voting rights at all.
3) Certainly, no parolee should be able to vote until fully discharged.
4) My take is that there should be an observation period of 10 years after total release before granting the privilege of voting again.
5) Some criminal categories should never ever be given their rights back, such as murderers, rapists, and child molesters, not to mention spys, traitors and seditionists.


Thursday, June 10, 2010


Movies Portray Bad Images

Moviegoers overseas must have a very strange impression of the United States. What they usually see are crime, war, cowboy, failed-romance, spy, or other silly productions that appear to tell the story of a wild and woeful nation. It doesn't help, of course, when the American English is dubbed out in favor of hopefully equivalent idioms. (As an aside, it is hilarious to watch John Wayne speak Dutch!)

I brought several coworkers back to the States from Holland with me on business trips, and the first-time visitors usually took a day or two to stop looking around nervously for cops chasing criminals, to marvel at the huge automobiles by their standards, or to expect music and dancing in the streets all the time. I heard this over and over in each country in Europe: the real feel of America is quite different from the false impressions they had received from too many of our movies and from the drumbeat of anti-American propaganda. When I was able to read a Dutch newspaper, I was dumbfounded by the outright lies being told about us in many of the rags.

The leftwingers in Holland were very quick to pick up on American failures, and to suggest that our values were clearly terrible, just witness what we put into our films! Such often repeated stories become their truth about the US, and is used against us al the time--rightly or wrongly. It is surreal to witness distortions of our country rather largely based on the movies they had seen, and yet, to challenge them for their misconceptions is to invite a tirade of facts and fiction that is overwhelming, not to mention very self-serving for their agenda. When a true event somehow mimics one of their preconceived notions, all you can hear is: "SEE! What we thought is a fact. It happens all the time there in America!"

Several generations of Europeans have grown up with this anti-American media barrage day and night. After ten years of calling them out or defending my nation from their unfair attacks, I decided it was time to come home. There is no cure that will work well enough and comprehensively enough, I believe.


Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Where is there good news?

I can't find any!

The Stock Market is heading for a crash.
The oil slick is devastating our Southern coasts.
The liberal Congress and President are still pumping up the spending, and making policy to perpetuate their programs.
Islamic jihadists are doing well with their soft attack, and the hard attacks such as Hood are being smothered in the media.
Afghanistan is still rumbling along without victories to mention and more casualties to cry about.
Iraq is heading towards Shiite dominance, and friendly relations with Iran.
Iran is able now to make two bombs and no one is listening.
Our President is selling Israel down the river after we have supported them for their entire existence.
Hopey-Changy is a disaster.
The national debt now exceeds our GDP for a year.
Taxes are on the way up—drastrically!
Few nations respect Obama; few respect the US now.
The Obama Presidency is a failure.
China is taking us to the cleaners.
We face a depression of multiple years.
Joblessness is above 9.7% in fake government terms; above 16% in real economic terms.
The government is not responding properly to any of our problems; in fact, they seem to want these problems to overwhelm us. Do they want to create a socialist takeover?
Pakistan is a pain in the ass. North Korea is dangerous. All are worse than when Bush was President. The Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty is worthless once Iran obtains the bomb.
The media, and much of the blogosphere, concentrate on trivia.

It is hard to write about relatively meaningless situations when our nation is seemingly coming apart at the seams.

The mid-term elections will probably help the cause some, but not the sweeping change we need to avoid chaos.

Good news! The President has two and a half years to go, minimum!


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