Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Where is there good news?

I can't find any!

The Stock Market is heading for a crash.
The oil slick is devastating our Southern coasts.
The liberal Congress and President are still pumping up the spending, and making policy to perpetuate their programs.
Islamic jihadists are doing well with their soft attack, and the hard attacks such as Hood are being smothered in the media.
Afghanistan is still rumbling along without victories to mention and more casualties to cry about.
Iraq is heading towards Shiite dominance, and friendly relations with Iran.
Iran is able now to make two bombs and no one is listening.
Our President is selling Israel down the river after we have supported them for their entire existence.
Hopey-Changy is a disaster.
The national debt now exceeds our GDP for a year.
Taxes are on the way up—drastrically!
Few nations respect Obama; few respect the US now.
The Obama Presidency is a failure.
China is taking us to the cleaners.
We face a depression of multiple years.
Joblessness is above 9.7% in fake government terms; above 16% in real economic terms.
The government is not responding properly to any of our problems; in fact, they seem to want these problems to overwhelm us. Do they want to create a socialist takeover?
Pakistan is a pain in the ass. North Korea is dangerous. All are worse than when Bush was President. The Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty is worthless once Iran obtains the bomb.
The media, and much of the blogosphere, concentrate on trivia.

It is hard to write about relatively meaningless situations when our nation is seemingly coming apart at the seams.

The mid-term elections will probably help the cause some, but not the sweeping change we need to avoid chaos.

Good news! The President has two and a half years to go, minimum!



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