Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Arizona Law and Illegal Immigrants

Several points seem right to me:

1.  America is a sovereign state, and therefore has a right and a duty to control its borders and to ship home illegal immigrants that have found their way here.
2. Arizona is a sovereign state and is within its rights to control its borders and illegal immigrants as well.
3. The hurrah in the media and by Hispanics is just so much nonsense. We do not want open borders, and we never voted for a flood of illegal immigrants to reside in the country.
4. In enforcing the law, I would be humane about hustling illegals out of the country; I would give individuals 24 to 48  hours, and families perhaps a week or so to pick up their belongings and leave.
5. However,  I would ensure that the illegals didn't just migrate to another state. The actual means to ensure this I cannot say offhand.  Perhaps I am being too lenient and should support immediate arrest and hold for return to their home country.
6. We should not allow illegals to stay here on the grounds that they have children born here.  These children are the product of lawbreakers and they are governed by those same lawbreakers; hence, they must leave also. I also believe that the idea that kin should be able to come here to join their legal relatives should be severely limited.
7. I believe that we must have foreign workers here on a legal and well-monitored basis, including identification papers that include unforgeable elements such as retina scans, fingerprints, and DNA samples.
8. Good for Arizona!
9. Think we can't ship all illegals back home?  Think again.  Over a 5 year period we could organize the necessary infrastructure rather handily.  Remember the military effort to man up our forces in WWII?  We housed, fed, clothed, trained, armed and shipped over ten million soldiers around the world inside of three years. Here, we aren't concerned with clothing, arming, training or shipping most of the illegals all that far.
10. I do hope that Obama will try to pass amnesty. It will be his final Rubicon.

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