Sunday, February 21, 2010


Civil Unions?

Conservatives Support Civil Unions

Some conservatives are driven by their understanding of the Bible and their religious leaders, which condemns homosexuality in several books—notably Leviticus and Romans.

Other conservatives, that happen to be atheistic in their religious outlook, are not bound by what the Bible and religious sects say, and can thus free-think their way out of the dilemma of respecting the customs and traditions of marriage versus a more open interpretation.

Still others simply wish that the whole issue would go away, disappear, and not come back.

There are also agnostic conservatives that wish to ride the tide of social change (read: the hedonistic tendencies of many to release all of the bonds of morality) regardless of the tide’s breakaway impact on fundamental Christian moral values.

Those minorities that want to sunder the conservative cause by calling the stand of Christian conservatives for Civil Unions and not gay marriage to be wrong, are themselves being intolerant of a religious and moral belief system and a tradition that is widely and deeply held in the nation; perhaps by 80-85% of the population.

I fail to see the advantage of elevating this now to a divisive, emotional, political, legislated, special kind of morality issue for conservatives, rather than leaving it to be the fundamental religious issue it most surely is and will remain to be in our society.

The long term question is: whose morality will be followed, that of the continued relaxation of moral standards, customs and traditions seemingly championed by humanists and feel-good hedonists, or of reinforcing the Christian moral standards of our society?

In all cases where this has come to a vote, Christian morality has won handily.

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