Tuesday, December 19, 2017


The American Internal Conflict

President Trump Has His Work Cut Out For Him

On the one side of this conflict you have the Elites and their fellow travelers, the MSM, TV News, The Academics, almost Half the Congress, the Deep State, and sundry other Trump-Haters. On the other side you have the Middle Class Working Americans and some others that voted Trump into office and cheers him on to realize his very welcome agenda.  Simply put, it is a war between the Elites and the Common Man.

This war between the manicured elites and the dirty-handed, ordinary people is going to last as long as Trump is in office, and even beyond, since the fundamental issues in this war will remain . Fundamental issues such as:

1. Preservation of the Constitution,

2. Growing the Economy and Jobs,

3. Defending the Nation,

4, Assuring the Role of Christianity in a Diverse Society,

5, Defending the Nation against Utopian Ideologues and threatening Religions: Humanism; Socialism; Communism; Islam, etc.

6. Defending the Nation against Identity Politics, and Multiculturalism/Diversity/Political Correctness,

7. Ensuring Fair and Necessary Taxation,

8, Reform of Immigration Policy

9. Countering the Deep State Effectively,

10. Slimming Down the Government,

11. Reducing the National Debt,

12. Restoring Pride, Patriotism, and the Work Ethic to all Americans,

13. Bringing Affordable Healthcare to the Nation,

14. Reworking the Education System to Benefit Our Students,

15. Reducing government waste, fraud, inefficiency, and bad employees.

I applaud President Trump for his promises and their fulfillment going forward; I hope he gets a second term to put paid to these issues completely.

A remarkable fact is that the US Government has over 1,240
departments, bureaus, committees, agencies, boards, commissions, councils, services and other organization types, each of which has a budget, a staff, offices, a constituency of needy or perhaps well-heeled souls, and a charter or mission to do some business of the government, according to the LSU Database of Government Entities.

 Obama naturally made sure that LSU carefully hid their original summation of these entities because it would reflect on him as he pursued adding many more, some say another 100 or more, to the pot via Obamacare. To make this situation more difficult, each of these entities has one or more congressmen and senators dedicated to their continued survival, and even real growth in their mission, power, and funding.

This gaggle of entities is certainly one part of what we call the Deep State, and to change it by reducing the size or the existence of these operations provokes a serious fight with the supporting congressmen and the constituency they serve. So fighting against a significant portion of the 1,240 entities is a daunting thought to anyone: I hope Trump is up to it! I understand that Reagan attempted to cut this number down, but he only managed to take away about 100 of them.

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