Monday, October 27, 2008



Some musings on the state of things.

It seems that everything is falling now. Falling health perhaps leads the concerns, but falling abilities and falling memory are even worse.

We have a falling stock market that has yet to see a bottom, which leads to a falling reserve for retirement, and falling expectations for future years.

Our electorate is falling for a first-class con artist, after falling for the BDS of the past 8 years, which is leading to a falling out of conservatives from the Republican Party that fell for open-purse spending over the last few years.

Faith in the American dream is falling too, cursed by the falling media that knows no discipline or virtue, but only knows tanking for a left-wing crowd that will ensure we fall further, quicker.

After-tax money will fall drastically with the redistribution of wealth from those who earned it to those who want to spend it without any personal effort.

The world as we know it is falling too, falling for the subtle, slice-at-a-time takeover by the Islamic hordes saturating Europe, and that are beginning to operate more openly here in the US. The sad thing is that our society is totally hung up on the idea of religious freedom, which seems to include Islam, the religion that is trying to take over the world to make Islam the one and only religion everywhere. I assert that a test will come, where our decision-makers will have to choose banning a religion--Islam--because it is subverting the Constitution, not abiding with it.

Our foreign efforts are seemingly falling too, or will be made to fall by the incoming administration. Iraq will be lost almost immediately, and Afghanistan will fall a bit later, starved for the falling-off support we will give them.

It is also a fact that our Christian religion is falling as well. It is being slowly but surely subverted by those who wish to undermine its basic tenets, rules, doctrine, and Holy Words.
The rise of agnostic and atheist groups is a remarkable testament to the gentle fall of Christianity in the US.

Our schools, by and large, are falling into dullness, anti-religious dogma of the left, and anti-American dogma, capped off with a curriculum designed for the next generations of Americans to be ignorant and helpless in the face of our many challenges. Civics, American history, American literature, American government--all are being downplayed in favor of Godlessness liberalism, and sexual education.

It is time for true, patriotic Americans to rise up and take charge of our nation, and to throw out the subversive, hypocritical, disparaging, and value-destroying elements in our society.

Let us rise up now!

Vote Republican!

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Saturday, October 25, 2008


Obama is an American Citizen

American Thinker Blog, October 25, 2008
Berg lawsuit on Obama birth certificate reportedly dismissed

October 25, 2008. Newsmax reports that U.S. District Judge R. Barclay Surrick has dismissed the complaint by Philip Berg challenging the eligibility of Barack Obama for the presidency.

This is the end of the citizenship story, it seems. Still, it is a murky past, and a murky maturation in the bowels of Chicago's tainted political machinery and in the feverish invective of J. Wright's church. Do we need such background and associations in the Presidency? I think not.

Vote Republican


Sunday, October 19, 2008

If Obama Wins--

Taxes will go up.

No sense in investing when you must give up all but 35% of your profits.

More government buyouts of industries, leading to socialism.

Far greater expenditures by government to live up to Obama's giveaway promises.

Greater percentage of people that do not pay taxes--65%, it is said.

Maybe I can go back to college for a PhD on Obama's government.

Free Speach will be curbed, and Politically Correct Speach will be expanded.

Pelosi and Reid will have a field day passing really dumb legislation.

Amnesty will happen for all illegal immigrants.

The UN will get a huge boost in US contributions, Law of the Sea, the International Court...

Nationalization will hit transportation, communications, energy companies, oil companies, banks.

I think I will put in for a free ride too! If we all do, that will crimp their style! Or, maybe not! With the elites and ranking Dems controlling the means of production, we will all be subservient to the government for our daily bread. That is, until they run our economy into the ground just as the USSR did, and many people starve.

Vote Republican!

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Friday, October 17, 2008


Towards Defining Culture Fully

Some Comments on Culture and Cultural Suicide

Point 1: America is a nation of many subcultures that exist simultaneously.

Point 2: There exists an overarching American Culture, to which the majority of citizens ascribe.

Point 3: The composite American Culture is under attack from many directions, and from many other cultures and subcultures, both internal and external to the nation.

Point 4: There exist a substantial number of organizations and individuals that believe our composite culture must be revised, or overhauled, in order to install a new cultural set. This is the other side of the coin of revising our federal government, which these organizations believe is also necessary.

Point 5: It is only by wrecking virtually our entire composite culture that America, its culture and its government, can be destroyed or substantially reduced to be able to install a new set of subcultures.

Point 6: While many of these attacks on our culture and its subcultures can be repulsed with ease, or simply ignored, there are several substantial attackers that must be recognized for what they are and for the threat they pose to our culture, and hence to the fabric of our nation.

6.1 Far-Leftist organizations, including socialists, communists, progressives, black liberationists and the like.

They offer us communal life, ruled by an elite.

6.2 Islamic Jihadist organizations and their supporters.

They offer us Terrorism, Islam, dhimmitude, or death.

6.3 Internationalist, Atheistic and Secular Humanist organizations, and their supporters.

They offer us a new and corrupt layer of bureaucratic and socialistic government over ours, and also world--communal life, ruled by a remote elite.

6.4 Both non-assimilating and Illegal Immigrants (that en masse form a serious threat) and their supporters.

They offer us dilution of our culture and our laws to the common denominator of a banana republic.

6.5 Foreign nations that ultimately desire to bring America down--- to their advantage.

They offer us—nothing.

Point 7: The idea of cultural equivalence is devastating to our composite culture and its norms, and, hence, ultimately to our national system.

Point 8: The idea of promoting and increasing multiculturalism and diversity in the nation for its own sake is likewise devastating to our composite culture and to our national fabric.

Point 9: Limitation of immigration and assimilation is the only workable generational answer, and it is one that has served us well for 200-300 years or so.

Point 10: One key to assimilation is the English language, which should be made the official language of the land. Real proficiency in written and spoken English should be insisted upon for all immigrants. English is the language of our culture.

Point 11: As difficult as it is to define and explicate, the composite American Culture should be thoroughly documented for our use. It is not easy to articulate the factors involved that create our complex yet common culture, among which are:

Family Cultures
Social Cultures
Aesthetic Cultures
Religious Cultures
Political Cultures
Governance Cultures
Financial Cultures
Educational Cultures
Intellectual Cultures
Judicial Cultures
Workplace Cultures
Scientific Cultures
American Cultures-- An Amalgamation
Military Cultures
Media Cultures
Mini-Cultures that make up daily life, such as: shopping, repairs, medical, real estate, climate, locality, and so forth.
Foreign Cultures (Imported and established)

Point 12: Our American Culture provides enormous leeway for individuals to live, adapt to, and become completely integrated into over time. It provides many levels of penetration of the concept of culture, and niches for everyone’s taste and status. It does this while also providing the maximum of freedom and liberty for each individual to pursue his own path.

May it ever be so.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Pseudo-Elites Use Bad Words

Words to Hate From So-called Friends of Conservatism

There are several words that are bound to seriously annoy rank and file Republicans and conservatives. I identify the words as: Intellectuals, elites, liberals, and hacks, all having been used to bolster the egos of a few pseudo-elite types, while they seem to want to vent their ire at the poor ole hacks that are the bedrock of conservatism. Even some elitist-oriented conservatives have this attitude.

The superior, even snobbish, attitudes of these writings on the web come across very clearly, as if the sniff of dismissal was appended after each post: oh, a hack! oh, a working conservative!

To show obvious distain for those who recognize the poor choices in this election, yet do their very best to support what is definitely the lesser of evils, is to also show the pseudo-elitism and tastelessness of the writers. It would seem that to some of the writers, it is more important to maintain their so-called, two-faced intellectual integrity than to win an election honestly and forthrightly. How harping on the sins of the Republican candidates helps to win this election escapes me completely.

By attempting to prove their intellectual prowess through denigration of the "lesser souls" around them, and, of course, the candidates these poor souls know very well that they must champion, namely McCain/Palin, they diminish the efforts of many solid citizens unnecessarily in order to be able to claim and hold some sort of intellectual high ground. A sandcastle, I believe, designed by self-appointed elites for other elites of similar markings--and odor, sniff!

This likewise makes an uncalled-for opening for the conservative's opposite number, the true liberal, who sneers onto the scene with evil deeds in mind, always ready to tear down the conservative idea, and is very happy for the opportunity to point out the disarray in the Republican Party. While, of course, attempting to show a superior intellect and a better choice of candidates. Ugh!

We do not need this kind of help!

by mannning

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Saturday, October 11, 2008


Where Was Obama Born?

Phillip Berg is suing Obama to force Obama to show his proper birth certificate and other records that prove he was native born. That Obama is fighting this with all of his means is very telling indeed. The link is to the The American Thinker site where a You Tube video featuring Berg can be viewed.

The suit is awating the judge's decision on a dismissal motion from Obama's lawyers. It is not clear whether this suit can be decided before the election, but it is potentially destructive of Obama's candidacy: an outcome devoutly to be wished. We do not want an unconstitutional president voted into office.

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Obama the Socialist

See this!

Besides being found out to be a true member of The New Party, Mr. Obama has consistently voiced a socialist platform, although it is disguised sufficiently that the uninitiated would not pick up on it. Taken with his abominable associations with Wright, Ayers, and others, there is enough smoke to be sure that a fire is in there somewhere. How so many Americans can fall for this socialist/marxist I do not know. The Left is very close to winning now. I hope we can correct course before we are enslaved in a neosocialist government, and trapped in Constitutional revisions by fiat from the Supreme Court. We may have to start a Thatcher type revolution to escape their clutches.

Watch for further reregulation and government takeovers of major segments of the economy. These nutcakes will destroy America given enough time in office.

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