Saturday, October 11, 2008


Where Was Obama Born?

Phillip Berg is suing Obama to force Obama to show his proper birth certificate and other records that prove he was native born. That Obama is fighting this with all of his means is very telling indeed. The link is to the The American Thinker site where a You Tube video featuring Berg can be viewed.

The suit is awating the judge's decision on a dismissal motion from Obama's lawyers. It is not clear whether this suit can be decided before the election, but it is potentially destructive of Obama's candidacy: an outcome devoutly to be wished. We do not want an unconstitutional president voted into office.

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Thanks for posting this article. I posted the video at my blog yesterday at 4:29 PM and also linked it at Real Clear Politics. Some time between 10:30 and 11:00 PM it was SCRUBBED from the RCP website. Concerned citizens MUST keep this video in the public eye.

It is troubling that Obama’s campaign doesn’t care if we find out about his association with ACORN, his support of infanticide or his deep connections with Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers but they go to great lengths to quash any reference to his birth certificate.

Why won’t Obama provide a “vault” copy of this birth certificate? What is being hidden from the American public? Let’s stand guard over liberty together.

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