Monday, August 25, 2008


Wayward Thoughts

What I want to see from the President on down is an aggressive attitude, a "we can win" attitude, and a "don’t mess with me" attitude. We are very much still on top, still the greatest economy, and still the most powerful military in the world.

Neither the EU nor the French nor the Germans nor the Brits have a vote in our affairs. We can and should consult with them, if only to try to minimize the impacts of our decisions on them. But to accord the EU socialists with more than that is to give them far more influence than they have earned. If we look into the future, we should be concerned about the EU becoming Eurasia, and creating their councils to support the hordes of Muslims in their midst.

We need not treat the UN as a holy of holies when it comes to our need to take action in our eventual or immediate defense. Of the some 200 members in the General Assembly, our supporters do not amount to more than a few dozen. In the Security Council there are strange bedfellows as members now, and it promises to become far worse. The main reason to stay a member is to wield our veto when needed.

The world is full of two things: the poor, and the whiners. No matter how many trillions of dollars we dump freely on the rest of the nations we can count on the recipients being ungrateful for it, their being very vocal in wanting more and more, and their population exploding evermore beyond our help. There is nothing wrong with tithing as a nation and having zero expectations of anything in return, but when the tithes are turned into militias, AK-47s and IEDs, or voting blocks against our interests in a region, seizure of US property, or even murder of our citizens, we are doing something very wrong, and should stop our support.

The attitude that it is the poor we are trying to help so put up with the anti-American governments at the top is just woefully counterproductive.

We make martinets, millionaires and militias with our money. This is wrong.

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