Thursday, February 23, 2017


Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is...illegal! Those who break the law should find appropriate justice. The key is what justice is appropriate for Illegals that have been here for decades? I find it very difficult to consider breaking up a family with children who are citizens by virtue of being born here, but whose parents are Illegals. I do not find it difficult to deny entry to a string of uncles, aunts, cousins or other relatives simply because they have relatives here. I am all for a strict border to keep out the hundreds and thousands that may try to cross into the nation illegally.

We should have a far better human tracking system for visa and green card holders so that we could allow them to seek temporary work here or a study program, and then return home, without any significant risk of overstaying their visa or card provisions. Further, we should welcome well-trained or well-educated individuals to our workforce by visa, green card or even admission to citizenship. In my opinion, we should have an upper limit to the number of admissions per year for permanent citizenship, and an allocation system by nationality that makes sense.

But the main problem is the 11 million or so illegals in residence; they should be encouraged to register and be fully identified, or else to be deported when found without having registered (and they should be sought out!). Perhaps we can allow a small percentage per year to enter a program that eventually gives them citizenship under certain circumstances, without them having to return home, but blanket amnesty is out!

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