Thursday, May 30, 2019


A Brief Outline of Secularism or the Secular Humanism World View

Today we are seeing a rising interest in variations of socialism that are not quite the full bore version, but are much further down the road than we are now. Yes, we do spend over 65% of our government revenue on various forms of entitlements and social benefits to groups is some particular need, but we have not proceeded to nationalize our private industries or any major part of them as required by socialistic theory and practice.

There are, however, significant segments of society that are flirting with how to go well beyond the current 65% and are pressing towards a minimum salary for everyone, along with reparations(!) and, if you follow the green plan. more trains and less cars and airplanes among the inexplicable and unaffordable excesses that are supposed to help cure the CO2 menace forthwith. This is like trying to shoot ducks with a 16-inch battleship cannon---a maximum effort for almost no return.

One of the systems the Democrats are flirting with is called Secular Humanism (SM), and it generally satisfies its adherents that they have found Nirvana, and their rewards are substantial, at least until the money runs out (which it inevitably will!). We need to understand just what SM adherents want for a world view, since many forces are aligned to attempt to bring some of these goodies to the public, however watered down they end up being.

The Secular part immediately implies the demise of religion as a driving force in society, and the Humanist approach harkens back to "Man is the measure of all things, especially in society." There went our Constitution! The Rule of Man would replace the Rule of Law.

Used here is a relatively well-known outline of the major aspects for a world view championed by Meyers and Noebel*. The simple World View of Secular Humanism is as follows:

Theology ==>                         Atheism

Philosophy ==>                      Materialism or Naturalism

Ethics ==>                             Moral Relativism or Utilitarianism

Biology ==>                            New Darwinism

Psychology ==>                      Self Actualization

Sociology ==>                        Personal Autonomy

Law ==>                                 Legal Positivism (morality ignored)

Politics ==>                            Progressivism

Economics ==>                      Economic Interventionism or "Socialism Light"

History ==>                            Social Progress

If one really understands the elements of this world view, which should be satisfactorily defined by the reader for himself, you can reach several conclusions:

1. Under this Utopian scheme, all of Christianity and its moral absolutes would be ignored.

2. The entitlements would expand enormously, perhaps as far as 80%, paid for by nationalizing key industries.

3.  The predilection of Democrats to tax and spend would have free reign.

4. This would be a waypoint to full Socialism and eventually Communism.

5. America as we know it would disappear as would the American Dream.

6. So would our automobiles, and planes disappear, and who knows what else?

7. The idea that children should be raised separately from their parents in order to brainwash them into good little Humanists or Socialists is part of the thinking of Secular Humanists. This idea was removed from their Manifesto, but remains in their game plan.

8. There would be three classes of citizens: the Elite; the Military; and the rest of us.

The Democrats are serious about SM, especially as it comes close to Socialism, although they cannot lay it out as has been done here.

*From "Understanding The Times" by Jeff Meyers and David A. Noebel, Summit Ministries, 2015.


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