Friday, June 01, 2018



A Sad State of Affairs

What I see, what I read, and what I sense about our society is very hard to identify.  It is composed of many facets, including:

              1.           Order on one side, but Chaos on the other side

              2.           Godliness on one side, but Atheism on the other side

              3.           Good Will on one side, but Will-Busting on the other side

              4.           Reason and Common Sense on one side, but Anti-Reason and Negation on the other

              5.           Virtues on one side, but Denial of Virtues on the other side

              6.           The Common Man on one side, but Self-Centered Elites on the other side

              7.           Morality on one side, but Amorality and Immorality on the other side

              8.           A Pleasant Life on one side, but Arguments Galore on the other

              9.           A Desire for Peace and Tranquility on one side, but Strife, Condemnation, Lies, and False Premises on the other side

        10.           Our Constitution on one side, but some sort of Flexible Set of Changing Words for Law on the other side

        11.           Reverence for Our Founders on one side, but Character Assassination on the other

        12.           Faith in Our Customs, Traditions and Institutions on one side, but Deliberate Destruction of them on the other side

        13.           Men of Good Will, Common Sense, and Morality can add to this list...


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