Friday, July 28, 2006


Israeli Strategy Unclear

Why are they not proceeding into Lebanon?

The IDF has essentially paused in its penetration into Lebanon, and appears to be undecided as to what next. They have called up three divisions for "training" purposes, and they continue the air and artillery bombardments. It is most uncharacteristic of the IDF. Speculation has grown that there is a deep strategy behind this pause.

One thought is that they are sucking the Hez into a major confrontation by appearing weak and hesitant in the face of Hez defenders, and buying time as well to bring up enough force to counter any possible Syrian moves when they go all out into Lebanon.

On the other hand, as horrible as it seems, perhaps Israel is not up to the task now, and is searching for an easy way out of this no-win situation.

Take your pick! My bet is on the first idea.

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Critiques of Islam

My Opinion

If the evolution of Islam is truly found to be benign for infidels, then criticism is useless, and such criticism will eventually be relegated to the dust heap. If, however, Islam is lethal for infidels, deep criticism of it will be found to be both life and nation-saving. Unfortunately, there are 13 centuries of Jihadist activities that belie any supposed benign nature of Islam and Muslims.

If I am to bet my life and that of my children on the blathering of some apologists for Islam, or instead upon the cogent reasoning of a Robert Spencer and others as to the grave threat Islam represents to infidels--there is no contest.

The daily news exposes the horrors of jihad to each and every one of us, which confirms by Jihadist actions what Spencer has written. One has to be a fool to see and ignore the signs, and an even greater fool to stick one's head in the sand and hope it all blows over.
Any religion that fosters:

Suicide bombings
Remote-controlled bombings
Hacking off heads
Hacking off hands and feet
Hacking out tongues
Gouging out eyes
Hacking off genitilia
Drilling into bodies of live people
Throat slitting
Mutilation of corpses (or were they live?)
Mass murders
Rule by fear...

all of which we have been treated to on the news, TV and the web by Islamic fanatics or Jihadists, which bespeaks of nothing but 8th century barbarism in the 21st century.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


To Be American

Decision Tree

Adults have to come to terms with what they stand for sooner or later. Americans by birth or naturalization are asked to take the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and to the Constitution. Any “higher allegiances” are reserved for the spiritual beliefs of the people, and not to the secular side of life. Thus, one can be a Muslim and hold allegiance to Allah, except in the domain of the Constitution and our laws in everyday life. (If this is not true for some, then they are not American, and they should be watched carefully, lest their allegiance transforms into terrorism.) So what do I stand for? What decisions have I made regarding my birth heritage? I decided to record as many of my decisions as I could dredge up, so here they are as of now:

First of All:

Be an American-Accept.
Be an iconoclast-Reject.
Be a rebel-Reject.
Be Anti-American-Reject.

Be an American.

Support the Constitution of the US and its derivatives in law (US Code)-Accept.
Maintain the integrity of the Constitution against “progressive” changes-Accept.
Be true to the principles of our Republican form of Government-Accept.
Be true to the principles of a tripartite government: Executive, Legislative,
and judicial-Accept.
Defend the boundaries of each member of the tripartite-Accept.
Restore fiscal sanity to government-Accept.
Work to restore the tripartite boundaries where discovered to be wrong-Accept
Obey the laws of the land, the States, Counties, and Cities-Accept.
Respect the Constitutional and legal rights of all citizens-Accept.
Be patriotic-Accept.
Be aware of our national shortcomings, and work to fix them-Accept.

Participate in the system by:
: voting, championing, and commenting on issues-Accept.
: paying taxes, and supporting valid institutions-Accept
: respecting majority and minority positions- Accept
: working against majority or minority positions
that threaten America, but always within the system-Accept.
: supporting Capitalism and free market economies-Accept.
: becoming well-informed about issues and trends-Accept.
: joining associations and organizations that work for the betterment of America-
: advocating conservative values and policies-Accept.

Participate in the military services and in the conflicts that arise when called-
Participate in support for our soldiers and veterans, and for provision of the
proper tools of war- Accept.
Defend law-abiding and innocent Americans worldwide-Accept
Defend and protect the sovereignty of the US against all incursions-Accept.
Defend and protect the religious choices of all citizens, including the religion
of atheism-Accept.

Defend and protect the US against:

: both religious and anti-religious acts of terror-Accept.
: further secularization of the government-Accept.
: further attempts to denude religious symbols and prayers-Accept
: the incursions of the UN on our sovereignty-Accept
: all forms of communism and socialism-Accept.
: secular humanism and World Government encroachment-Accept.
: religions that advocate the overthrow of the US-Accept.
: irrational progressivism and destruction of morality-Accept.
: smut, porno, corruption of morals, and crime-Accept.
: all foreign attempts to damage or defeat the US-Accept.
: the worldwide threat posed by Islam and jihad-Accept.
: the worldwide threat posed by communism-Accept.
: emerging world threats by use of preemptive actions where needed-Accept.

(To be continued)

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