Friday, July 28, 2006


Israeli Strategy Unclear

Why are they not proceeding into Lebanon?

The IDF has essentially paused in its penetration into Lebanon, and appears to be undecided as to what next. They have called up three divisions for "training" purposes, and they continue the air and artillery bombardments. It is most uncharacteristic of the IDF. Speculation has grown that there is a deep strategy behind this pause.

One thought is that they are sucking the Hez into a major confrontation by appearing weak and hesitant in the face of Hez defenders, and buying time as well to bring up enough force to counter any possible Syrian moves when they go all out into Lebanon.

On the other hand, as horrible as it seems, perhaps Israel is not up to the task now, and is searching for an easy way out of this no-win situation.

Take your pick! My bet is on the first idea.


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