Friday, June 30, 2006


European Hate for the US- II: A Stupidity

There are several kinds of hate for the US, each one coming from a different set of circumstances :

1. Holdover hate from WWII: For example, in Enschede, Nederland, a returning US bomber formation had not released its bombloads on Germany, and chose as a secondary target the rail junctions at Enschede. The town was largely obliterated, with much loss of life in the Dutch community. Many survivors were extremely hostile to Americans after that, whether this hate was rational or stupid.

2. Indoctrination: As indicated in the previous post, many current 20-30 year olds grew up with their teachers feeding them false stories about America. This was so rampant that I can claim it to be a major rationale for Hate America. This is indeed a stupidity.

3. American arrogance: As one poster suggested, Americans are arrogant and go around calling everyone stupid. No, as far as I am concerned; only those who earn that sobriquet with their rants and actions are called out. There is no question but some Americans are arrogant, just as some Frenchmen, Germans, and Englishmen are arrogant, perhaps born of some delusions of grandeur from the past, or some presumption of superiority, well-founded or not. It is an all too human failing. It is stupid, too.

To hate America is to hate the country that twice joined in STUPID European wars, because of the failures of European governments to react in time to head the wars off. For this STUPIDITY we left many thousands of our men buried in the soils of England, France, Germany, and Italy. Call this accusation arrogant?

To hate America is to hate the country that provided a defense for Europe for over 50 years against the Russian communist threat, and provided substantial financial aid to the countries we defeated to accelerate their recovery from WWII. Call this statement arrogant?

Americans are proud of their nation and their accomplishments over the last century, and deservedly so. When we are hated for this, and for the very fact of our dominance in the world, we simply have to shrug it off and label such haters as STUPID and shortsighted, or as having a vision more in tune with the failed God of Communism/Socialism than Democratic freedom such as we have in America. Which is STUPID again!

4. Bush hatred = America hatred: This phenomena is very, very old and passe now, but it has been fashionable ever since the darlings of the Democratic Left, John Kerry and Al Gore, was defeated for the presidency, and after 9/11 when we moved out sharply, and in great measure properly, to take on the terrorists worldwide. Many followers of the Left and the MSM have adopted the Hate Bush syndrome without much reflection and certainly without much common sense: a reflexive stupidity. Why, even Katrina was blamed on Bush! A hurricane! STUPID! Call this statement arrogant?

So says this (arrogant and stupid, LOL) American!


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