Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Bush and the Illegals

Some Will Stay, and Some Will Go.

After putting a few troops down on the border to help the Border Patrol, and after using 'high tech" surveillance gear to detect crossers, we have left a border that is still porous, poorly manned and upwards of 12 million illegals remaining in the country.

After setting up an ID system, and forcing employers to check them, we will begin to stem the tide of illegals, perhaps by 2020. I heard the fence word once in conjunction with the phrase "high tech", which is subject to several interpretations. Is it a fence with high tech devices around it, or is the surveillance gear itself creating the "fence". If it is the latter, we lose again.

Without sufficient BP and troop numbers at the ready, detecting intrusions is worthless. The 6,000 NG troops are woefully insufficient to back up the BP.

Everyone is still chanting together that deporting millions of illegal immigrants is not possible and is off the table. I have pointed out before that in WWII, we mobilized over 10 million men and women, fed, clothed and housed them, and transported them all over the world. Not a bad model for the deportation task. This is simply a matter of will to perform the job over a few years, say 5 or 6.

We can conclude that Bush will not force very many resident illegals to be deported. He will find ways to keep the lot here, serving the business interests that exploit illegals, and trying to garner the hispanic vote for the Republican party.

The Senate will do even less, and the conference between the House and Senate will break down.
Or, we will have a toothless bill that condemns us to cope with 30 million illegals, or amnesty-tagged illegals, by 2012.

Good luck to us.


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