Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Impeach Bush?

Here is the epitome of the crazed liberal

There is a growing force within the Democratic Party in the House that is seriously thinking about impeaching President Bush. That is, if they take over the House after the elections this year. The ostensible reason for impeachment is the wire-tapping issue, which is patent nonesense. Oh, the Liberals can list many of their pet peaves against Bush as well, but they appear to be hanging their hat on tapping. How delicious is this! By far the majority of citizens heartily approve of listening in on terrorist talks, and commend the President for the program to do this. This purely political move will fail.

However, I can think of few other issues that will bring out the Republican base more thoroughly than this attempt to impeach Bush, who, after all, logged a 3 million vote plurality in 2004. I do hope this push towards impeachment gathers strength over the next months, and has a large share of the campaign publicity! This will be glorious for Republicans in the Fall!

Please continue, you nutcases!


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