Sunday, March 26, 2006


The Intelligent Design Fiasco

Condemnations begin before the fact.

Two of the most scientifically-minded proponents of Intelligent Design, or ID, are Michael Behe and William Dembski. Each has proposed scientific puzzles that have the evolutionary theorists scrambling for answers. Unfortunately, these critics of ID begin with the title phrase “Intelligent Design” and then claim that these puzzles are beside the point. They claim that ID is flawed from the outset, in that it starts with the idea of the existence of God, and proceeds to the notion that God created the universe. Hence, the entire ID concept is merely an argument from faith in God, and nothing more.

However, if one reads either Behe or Dembski, the notion of God does not enter into the scientific puzzles they present. Rather, they posit no other explanation for their analyses than Creation, since they both show that natural evolution could not have solved their puzzles. This has the evolutionists in an uproar, and they are using every negative trick in the book to discredit and denigrate both Behe and Dembski, without rebutting their arguments.

Most of the critics rely on a few scientists, who claim that they have defeated the ID arguments decisively, but who fail to show their proofs adequately in one case, and utterly fail to demonstrate anything wrong in the other. But the critics can dump all kinds of vituperation on these IDers and their ideas, simply because in their view the theory of evolution is unassailable now, and will remain so for the foreseeable future! Thus eventually there will be an evolutionary solution to any of the shortcomings that have been highlighted by the ID’ers.

This strikes me as being dishonest and unscientific in the extreme, no matter who is right on the substance of the puzzles.


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