Wednesday, March 01, 2006


AK-47s and RPGs in Iraq

Anyone for Disarming the Whole Country?

Someone please tell me why the US and Iraqi forces haven't proceeded with a house-to-house search for arms everywhere in Iraq. Disarming the populace seems to be overdue, especially in those areas under the control of some Sheik with a militia, for instance Bani Sadr. Further, they should issue a "shoot-to-kill" order for anyone spotted carrying a weapon and wearing no uniform. Explosives or weapons found in the possession of anyone not authorized to have them should result in their summary execution.

While these measures may seem harsh, it would immediately make the insurgent's attacks more difficult, and would end up saving many lives. Since many of the insurgents drive cars to their points of attack, more and more checkpoints should be erected. Again, weapons found in cars should result in summary executions of the adult occupants. Then too, it would be appropriate to limit the number of people driving in a car to two, plus children. Amazing stories have come out telling of armed bands filling three or four cars roving around the streets and attacking innocent citizens. Why we are letting the populace hide tons of weapons and explosives around the country in cars and homes is quite beyond my kin.

I am certain that an effective search plan could be worked out that would not forewarn the owners of weapons and would block their escape to another sector. We would miss some weapons hiding places, I am sure, but if we only had 85% to 90% success, it would be significant.

These policies could be publicized in advance, and
citizens could be given the opportunity to turn in their weapons without penalty for a week or two. After that, weapons in homes, cars, and on the person would represent a death sentence.


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