Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Conservatism: A Credo

Let us reaffirm our beliefs---Rev IV

We Conservatives must look into ourselves to reaffirm our beliefs and our programs for the future. Realistic self-examination is never a pleasant act, but it is absolutely necessary to be able to proceed with the faith and confidence in our cause from here on out.

So what are our beliefs? Within Conservatism there are five orders: spiritual, social, economic, political, and cultural. A complete conservative blends each of these orders into his belief system. I will give my relatively short version here of these beliefs, which will need further clarification and amplification later on to bring out each of these orders more fully. We believe that dividing Conservatism into social versus fiscal or economic groups is not productive: there must be one consistent Conservatism.

Within each order we must apply the following credos to the appropriate degree: realism, skepticism, federalism, evolutionism, and capitalism. Here is my listing:

1. Spiritual: We believe in God and have faith in the essence of His word in the Bible as interpreted by Biblical scholars and men of the cloth. We follow its logical and moral precepts as best we can, especially the Golden Rule. We know that man is fallible, and capable of great good, but he is also capable of great evil. This fact has not changed significantly in thousands of years.

We believe in the infinite value of life, and its protection from murderers. We also believe in the sanctity of traditional marriage. We further believe that the movement to greater secularism in the nation is wrong, and it must be defeated. We believe in the Protestant work ethic and in pride in our workmanship.

We also believe that men of good character and moral strength, although not believers in God, can be rightly in the fold of Conservatism, if they strongly support most of the tenets given below.

2. Political: We believe in the precepts of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. We believe in our constitutional republic form of government. We believe in the original interpretation of the intent of their words. We believe the words can be improved to reflect the original intent more accurately, especially in the 1st, 2nd, and 16th Amendments.

For example, we believe that the 2nd Amendment gives every citizen the right to keep, bear, and use arms and ammunition, and to be able to defend his family and his home against intruders. We do not believe in parsing the words to distort their meaning to fit new and progressive agendas. In fact, we totally reject all forms of liberalism, progressivism, socialism and communism.

3. Political: We believe that whoever rules least, rules best. Small but effective governance over the essentials for our security is the right way. The 1,177 existing government boards, committees, agencies, foundations, and commissions must be significantly reduced, along with a simplification and synthesis of rules and regulations that have proliferated to a ridiculous extent.

This tenet extends to the resurgence of states rights, as opposed to ever-increasing federal government dominance, as is called for in our Constitution. We believe in subsidiarity: that is, placing decisions at the lowest level of governance possible. It is also apparent that federal government may be forced to grow to some extent in some areas because of the growth of our population, but it should be held to a workable percentage of the population.

4. Social: We believe in self-reliance and individual responsibility, not government handouts at every hint of a “need” or entitlement. Government must not be the provider that everyone looks to in all cases. There must also be charity, by that name and not by the euphemism of welfare, to care for those who cannot care for themselves.

5. Cultural: We believe that government must be color, race, and origin blind, and must ensure equal opportunity for all, while definitively rejecting the concept of equal outcomes for all as being an anathema to democracy. This extends to equality of treatment of all citizens and not to special treatment of some minorities. We believe in assimilation of immigrants, for example, and we believe that English must be the official language of the nation. We also believe that our multicultural society must be urged in the direction of a composite American Culture over time, and that protected cultural diversity is divisive and dangerous if it hinders cultural assimilation.

6. Political: We believe that the principal duty of government is to provide the security and defense of our nation against all forms of aggression coming from either within or without our sovereign borders. To preserve and protect is the motto. This includes the security of our borders from illegal entry, and the deportation of illegal entrants once found.

To this end, we must have a strong military and a strong internal police force that is given the mission of policing land, sea, air, and space. We must also recognize the threats we face from fanatics of many types, whether in or out of the country, and be prepared to deal with them effectively wherever necessary, even if it means preemptive action on our part. We believe in the concept of just war.

7. Social: Our freedoms and liberties depend upon protection by the government of our rights to private property--both material and intellectual.

8. Social: We believe that our children must have a full and complete American education, devoid of bias and cant, and that well-formed curricula must be presented to them in the depth and breadth that they deserve. Further, this direction must be carried forward through higher education as well. We abhor the idea of our children being brainwashed by teachers and professors force-feeding our children a liberal ideology, while denying them the understanding of American government, laws, and history.

9. Economic: We believe in tempering our mixed economy with greater freedoms as we go forward, since the operation of a free market is proven best for our economy. It is necessary, however, to have some minimal market regulation to thwart the ever-present human vices of greed and avarice, as we are currently being shown to exist.

10. Political: We believe that experimentation with new government structures, institutions, and customs must be severely constrained, since such experimentation with what has been successful and traditional for over 230 years may ultimately redound to our detriment due to unforeseen negative consequences. There is a well-proven path for changes to our Constitution; any other path must be stopped---in particular, legislation from the bench.

This tenet extends to the arena of international government, where we must not allow our sovereignty to be compromised by the UN or any other organization. Too many of the nations of the world are today far too hostile, amoral, or immoral to permit real democratic worldwide governance. However, it is apparent that we must assume a positive, proactive role in foreign relations in concert with other truly democratic nations.

11. Political: We believe that any person or group, any religion, or even nation that vows to overthrow our government or to harm our people has cast themselves out from our civil society and the protection of its laws, as well as the protection of accepted international treaties. We must therefore do what is necessary against these enemies of the state to ensure our nation from harm. America comes first. There can be peace through strength, and we must have the resolve to use that strength!

12. Economic: We believe in caring for our environment in a responsible and economic manner, but not in rushing to erect some fantastic approach to mitigate what has been termed Global Warming or Climate Change. We believe that proper scientific investigations must be completed in a timely manner by objective scientists, and properly peer reviewed, before spending billions of our taxpayer dollars for a chimera. That the current fantasy approach is not accepted science has been demonstrated by over 30,000 scientists, doctors and competent academics around the world signing up for dissent.

13. Economic: We believe in fair and moderate taxation that every citizen must participate in as a percentage of their purchases or consumption, not income. The Fair Tax is the right approach. The idea of progressive taxation and releasing a majority of citizens from their tax obligations, largely to redistribute wealth, is both undemocratic and toxic to our economy.

14. Economic: We believe in fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets, which is not easily done now, but we must begin to regain control of our financial house immediately. We must disabuse Congress and the President of the notion that money collected from the taxpayer is their money to spend as they see fit, such as in pork, or special entitlements or "stimulus" that are in reality disguised favorite democratic programs. The will of the people must be taken into account in all issues.We need to elect representatives that will further this objective.

15. Political: We need to elect competent citizens to public office that will further all of the above Conservative objectives.

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Friday, January 23, 2009


A Big Conservative Tent?

Litmus tests appear to be continuing

Many decry so-called social “litmus tests” for citizens to be included in the conservative movement. So do I. If you sign up to the core principles of conservatism, and support conservative politicians, that is all anyone should require.

The two litmus tests -–anti-abortion, and anti-gay marriage---however, are derived from religious tenets stated in or derived from the Bible, which many Christians sign up to and include in their conservatism. They do tend to resent non-believers or those who choose to ignore the tenets of the church or the Bible, despite their other tenets of good will to all men and the Golden Rule.

Obviously, for the 2% to 10% of the population that do not believe in Christ or a God, such tenets are onerous and wrong-headed, and it sets them apart from their religious Christian brethren, sometimes very vocally and nastily. So we have a fundamental religious belief based conflict that is rather difficult for some to pass over simply for the sake of the conservative movement.

When the federal government steps in and passes laws that enforce tenets that are diametrically opposed to the religious tenets of many Christians (RvW, for instance), some Christians see that as blasphemy and a direct challenge to their belief system. Litmus testing is one result; you are either with them, or against them, and they will not compromise their religious beliefs. Hence, we find that provisions in many states have been passed by large majorities that codify into law anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage statutes. Thus we have a state versus federal law conflict as well, where the federal position does not seem to be at all reflective of the majority will.

Conservatives must find the right answers to such conflicts, and others of similar gravity, if inclusiveness is to be achieved for the movement. If this was easy to solve, it would have been done long ago.

Perhaps we need to redefine what inclusiveness really means. What exactly are the minimum tenets of conservatism one must believe in to be accorded full status? What tenets of religion must you give up or sublimate in order to be inclusive? What kind of movement or party is it that in effect coerces its members to give up or sublimate some of their closely held religious beliefs in order to grow the membership? How do you secularize the current conservative movement? Is that a wise thing to try?

I am not encouraged that the conservative movement can resolve these conflicts in the few years before further elections take place.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Retreat is Ugly, Retreat is Deadly

Obama the Messiah enters into Foreign Policy

Seems to me that the collective wisdom of the “leave Iraq” crowd was that: a) we were a cause of unrest, death and terror; and that once we withdraw, if things go sour and genocide begins, b)we can always go back into Iraq to fix it once more.

Was it Ramsey Clark that voiced this stupid idea on behalf of moonbats everywhere?

This is nonsense simply because we have done nothing to alter the multiple tribes and cultures within Iraq, nor could we, and we have not been able to proof Iraq from the gentle ministrations of Iran, which means that the current Iraqi government will fall apart in a short time once we depart.

Were we to stay longer with a reasonable force, a few years more, however, there would be a better chance of a stable Iraq emerging from the chaos that is just under the surface now. We made the choice to go in; now we are making the choice to go out, I believe, before Iraq can cope effectively with its internal contradictions and external threats.

Going back into Iraq would be nearly impossible to pull off, I suggest, because it would be in the face of Iranian and AQ infiltration, support and threats, which a basically pacifist government would be reluctant to challenge yet again.

What a memorial to our casualties, and especially the deaths, and our lost treasure, in that awful place. It is the retreat that pacifists order, out of totally misguided humanitarianism.

It would appear to me that a renewed insurgency and genocide is just around the corner; say, a day after our last combat troops leave, which day, in some 16 months from now, AQ and others will have marked on their calendar in red and planned for in detail.

Oh, it isn’t our responsibility then, is it? Smacks of how we abandoned Nam,”with honor!”, refused them financial support, and turned our heads away from the communist takeover and genocides that followed in Laos, Cambodia and Nam itself.

That is the false pacifism we practice.

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Obama Fault List--IIb
The things that concern me so far are:

1. His global warming push, now subtly renamed "climate issues", as exemplified by his staff appointments, which will probably end up massively increasing spending of dollars we don't have. All for a false conclusion that GW is largely caused by CO2 when it provably isn't.
2. His pushing, together with congressional dems, for yet another stimulus package of 850 billion dollars that we don't have on top of the 700 billion already thrown down the hole. It is apparent that no one knows how to cope with the downturn, least of all, Obama.
3. His hands-off policy idea on the piracy that is going gangbusters off the East Coast of Africa.
4. His share the wealth ideas, which means stealing from me to give away.
5. His poorly masked anti-gun stance, which will pop out very soon now.
6. His anti-military feelings, and desire to pull out of Iraq far too fast.
7. His amnesty push, which in essence is simply a political move to gain voters.
8. His socialistic ideas that will creep into view real soon now!
9. Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, which is welcomed by the resident lefties there.
10. Leon Panetta as head of the CIA: Send the little man to do a big man's job.
11. Appointment of gaggles of liberals to second and third level positions in the government.
12. The cultivation of worship of Barack Hussein Obama.
13. The huge inaugural effort that is largely a waste of money, and a crowning event for his Messiah image. A 45 million dollar boondoggle (Correction: it will top $170 million), and I don't care where that money came from.
14. Obama, in his first working day, is asking Congress to repeal DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act). Here we go!
15. Pro-Life changed to Pro-Abortion on the White House Website.
16. Obama's Government is buying preferred stock only, which will drive common stock out of the reach of common men, leaving the Government as the sole propriator of banks, and major industry.

17. Obama is planning to stop the offshore drilling and the oil shale mining that Bush ordered, in spite of the push for oil independence--somehow.
18. Now Obama is diddling into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in what appears to be favoritism towards Gaza and Hamas. Ignorance is telling, isn't it?
19. Obama orders Gitmo prison closed, but has no valid idea where to hold or prosecute the 245 prisoners remaining. Brilliant!
20. Obama is issuing an executive order lifting the ban on worldwide funding of abortions by the taxpayer. So, he is funding murder. Way to go!
21. I expect him to revive the "Fairness Doctrine" to shut down conservative talk shows such as Rush. There is nothing fair about it.
22. Obama set forth ethics rules for his staff, then excused the rules for one of his appointees, murmering later that he can violate his rules as he sees fit. My, my, your imperial magesty!

This list is growing far faster than I had thought it would. It may require daily updates!

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Thursday, January 08, 2009


Good and Evil

Some Good and Evil Ideas to Contemplate

There are, I believe, ideas that are weak and ideas that are strong. There are ideas that are evil and ideas that are good. Listed here are a few dozen or so ideas in these categories, and my rating of each; I will leave the “whys” to your judgment and understanding. (There is no question that many individual exceptions exist to these statements.)

1. Darwinian Evolution is a weak notion.

2. Intelligent Design is a strong notion.

3. Man-made global warming is a very weak idea.

4. Liberalism is not only weak but also prone to be evil.

5. Conservatism is strong and just, hence good.

6. Just War is a strong and good concept.

7. Proportionality in war is a weak and misguided concept.

8. Elitism that works against the public interest is evil

9. Communism, Socialism and Secularism are evil and unjust.

10. Atheism is prone to be evil (but notable exceptions exist!).

11. Islamic Jihad is virtually pure evil, from our point of view.

12. Seeing, hearing, and speaking no evil is weak.

13. Speaking the truth is good.

14. Believing man to be only good is delusional, hence evil.

15. Believing man to have the potential to be good--- is good.

16. Pornography is evil.

17. Charity and Love are good.

18. Defeating evil is good.

19. Preempting and foiling an attack on the US is good.

20. Unjust media bias and slanting the news to fit that bias is evil.

21. Harming the institution of marriage is evil.

22.Excess taxation is evil, especially when used for redistribution of wealth or personal gain.

23. Deceiving the public is evil.

24. Officials that do not serve the best interests of the nation in all that they do are evil.

25. Just punishment for crime is good.

26. Leniency in the face of horrible crime is evil.

27. Harming and assaulting children is evil.

28. Locking up sexual deviants is good.

29. Tracking sexual deviants is weak. (100% recidivism rate)

30. Keeping one’s word is good.

31. Keeping the Ten Commandments is good.

32. Maintaining the US as a moral, Christian nation is good.

33. Attacking Christianity in the public place is evil.

34. Following The Golden Rule is good.

35. Abortion on demand is murder, hence evil.

36. Dumbing down education is evil.

37. Taking personal responsibility for one’s life is good.

38. Politician’s election campaign promises are not kept---an evil that suckers-in voters at every election.

39. Hidden agendas to radically change the US are evil.

40. Defense of our freedoms and liberties is good.

41. Globalization of the world’s economies is a force for good in the long term, but how to achieve this end in today’s economic crisis is not clear—weak.

42. Our legislators do not understand or attempt to apply the law of unintended consequences—evil.

43. International corporations are a threat to peace and stability when they exploit poor nations for profit and are not accountable to any nation or government body for their actions—evil.

44. Bribery and corruption destroy the moral fiber of people and nations—evil.

45. Excessive government intervention in either private or business affairs is evil.

46. Free Market economics benefits all people in the long run—strong.

47. Greed and envy are evil.

48. Maintaining, increasing, and improving our armed forces is a stirling objective, and hence good.

49. Torture is evil, but some men in some situations will perform it for good reasons.

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009


A Few Observations

Number 1: Caroline Kennedy is not fit for the job of senator, she only has her family name and family ties going for her. This will be a perfect measure of how the liberals will bend the world to their wishes should she be appointed.

Number 2: Blago may well be within his legal rights to appoint a senator to replace Obama. But, his timing is rather bad, and his choice has significant baggage, notably championing reparations for blacks.

Number 3: More power to the Israelis in their effort to rout Hamas from Gaza.



We Support Israel

US-Israel Policy has been consistent for 50 years or more.

Lots of people seem to think they know how to handle the Israeli-Palestinian problems with a change of tack. Most of these people weren't even born when this conflict began in earnest, and do not have the insight or the memories to foster a solution.

Neither have a string of Presidents, diplomats, military men, well-connected civilians, and vast sums of US money dumped on, not only Israel, but also Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan and Egypt, to attempt a peaceful interregnum. We have proven to the Islamic world our ultimate commitment to Israel.

We support Israel because without our help they would be overrun and killed by the thousands, if not to the last man. Stop our support and Israel is dead. It is quite clear who have been the aggressors in this conflict for 50 years or more, and it isn't Israel. It is disgusting to me to see people trying to build support for the Palestinians, including the Hamas and Fatah murderers.

The US cannot be a truly honest broker in this conflict, and its past failures in trying are not due to lack of effort in every dimension, but to the intransigence of the Palestinians. We have been gamed at every turn for most of those 50 years to open our pockets, and back off from the defense of Israel. We want peace and have big pockets with which to pay for peace. As far as the world sees, the Islamics take our money, spend it on purchasing more and better arms, not humanitarian aid.

The nature of this conflict is a clash of Jews versus Muslims, and we are kidding ourselves if we think that we could intervene successfully with diplomacy in this Holy War. Islam speaks to this end, the end of the Jews, every day, and has done so for 1200 years.

Who are we to say that we can change this Holy War, this jihad, by peaceful means?

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Saturday, January 03, 2009


Israel is in the Right

After taking hundreds and hundreds of missile attacks by Hamas militants launching their weapons from Gaza, Isreal has had enough. In a big air and ground offensive, they vow to stop Hamas and the missile attacks . Hamas, on the other hand, fades into the civilian population and thereby puts civilians at great risk. The full blame for this conflict rests on Hamas, and I hope they get their full desserts.

I reject the idea that Israel must conform to someone's idea of proportionality of response. I merely ask the Israeli military to try to minimize civilian casualties if they can. If they cannot avoid such casualties, that is just too bad for the people that voted Hamas into power in the first place. I believe that the Israeli would allow civilians to flee from Gaza to Palestine, but I wonder whether the Palestinian Authority would admit them.

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