Thursday, January 08, 2009


Good and Evil

Some Good and Evil Ideas to Contemplate

There are, I believe, ideas that are weak and ideas that are strong. There are ideas that are evil and ideas that are good. Listed here are a few dozen or so ideas in these categories, and my rating of each; I will leave the “whys” to your judgment and understanding. (There is no question that many individual exceptions exist to these statements.)

1. Darwinian Evolution is a weak notion.

2. Intelligent Design is a strong notion.

3. Man-made global warming is a very weak idea.

4. Liberalism is not only weak but also prone to be evil.

5. Conservatism is strong and just, hence good.

6. Just War is a strong and good concept.

7. Proportionality in war is a weak and misguided concept.

8. Elitism that works against the public interest is evil

9. Communism, Socialism and Secularism are evil and unjust.

10. Atheism is prone to be evil (but notable exceptions exist!).

11. Islamic Jihad is virtually pure evil, from our point of view.

12. Seeing, hearing, and speaking no evil is weak.

13. Speaking the truth is good.

14. Believing man to be only good is delusional, hence evil.

15. Believing man to have the potential to be good--- is good.

16. Pornography is evil.

17. Charity and Love are good.

18. Defeating evil is good.

19. Preempting and foiling an attack on the US is good.

20. Unjust media bias and slanting the news to fit that bias is evil.

21. Harming the institution of marriage is evil.

22.Excess taxation is evil, especially when used for redistribution of wealth or personal gain.

23. Deceiving the public is evil.

24. Officials that do not serve the best interests of the nation in all that they do are evil.

25. Just punishment for crime is good.

26. Leniency in the face of horrible crime is evil.

27. Harming and assaulting children is evil.

28. Locking up sexual deviants is good.

29. Tracking sexual deviants is weak. (100% recidivism rate)

30. Keeping one’s word is good.

31. Keeping the Ten Commandments is good.

32. Maintaining the US as a moral, Christian nation is good.

33. Attacking Christianity in the public place is evil.

34. Following The Golden Rule is good.

35. Abortion on demand is murder, hence evil.

36. Dumbing down education is evil.

37. Taking personal responsibility for one’s life is good.

38. Politician’s election campaign promises are not kept---an evil that suckers-in voters at every election.

39. Hidden agendas to radically change the US are evil.

40. Defense of our freedoms and liberties is good.

41. Globalization of the world’s economies is a force for good in the long term, but how to achieve this end in today’s economic crisis is not clear—weak.

42. Our legislators do not understand or attempt to apply the law of unintended consequences—evil.

43. International corporations are a threat to peace and stability when they exploit poor nations for profit and are not accountable to any nation or government body for their actions—evil.

44. Bribery and corruption destroy the moral fiber of people and nations—evil.

45. Excessive government intervention in either private or business affairs is evil.

46. Free Market economics benefits all people in the long run—strong.

47. Greed and envy are evil.

48. Maintaining, increasing, and improving our armed forces is a stirling objective, and hence good.

49. Torture is evil, but some men in some situations will perform it for good reasons.

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